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"You" loses herself and becomes addicted to the lies of her main character - voila! culture


The hit Netflix series lost its feminist social commentary in the first season. After that, she tried, not very successfully, to produce a kind of psychological thriller trash with criticism H

Trailer for season 4, part 1 of "You" (Netflix)

"You" started as a very different series in the landscape.

She took the plot conventions we knew all too well from thousands of romantic comedies and broke them down into parts.

Her protagonist is not in love, he is obsessed, he creates for himself an imaginary image of the object of his love, and as soon as it no longer corresponds to reality, he becomes dangerous.

In this sense "You" was a spiritual continuation of films like "500 Days of Summer" and an answer to romantic movie writers who accustomed us to heroes who do terrible things for love.

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The second and third seasons of "You" tried to explore an interesting idea.

What will happen when Joe meets his mirror image?

When he experiences for himself the discovery that his lover is a murderer.

The expectation that this mirror image would bring him new understandings about himself quickly disintegrated, Joe dug deeper and deeper into self-justification and the lies he tells himself.

The problem is that the series lines up with him.

Throughout her entire life, the entire series is accompanied by the soundtrack of the thoughts of its twisted protagonist, Joe Goodlberg.

For certain moments we are tempted to believe him - after all, he does not kill because he wants to, he has to, these are the circumstances, he is actually not such a terrible person.

And then we remember, oh right.

He is a psychopath.

In the new season of "You", it seems that the writers also began to believe Joe Goldberg's inner monologue, and are beginning to be convinced that he is actually a good person.

The show's cynical view of Joe is starting to disappear and now it seems to be asking us to applaud him every time he doesn't murder another partner.

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All in all, a guy on the hook.

"You" season 4 part 1 (photo: Netflix)

To justify her protagonist, every season "you" surrounds Joe with more and more horrible people, and also more and more rich.

Each season the entourage that Joe is "forced" to hang out with becomes more and more spoiled, horrible and wealthy.

And therefore, we feel less bad when those full-grown babies die.

The series probably follows the pattern of "Joe falls in love with someone until he murders her again" and this time presents us with a game of "Who did it?"

With a new killer character - a "eat the rich" killer.

The series connects to the slogan of socialism that runs on social networks and tries to bring a new kind of social criticism, against the rich elite.

And where is a more spoiled elite than in England, where every spoiled boy has a title of nobility and the money is really "old money".

The fourth season makes a special effort to surround Joe with the most insufferable people we've seen so far.

Detached mega-rich who spout statements like "it's the poor's fault they're poor", or "if only we could kill all the common people".

Just like "Emily in Paris", here is another American fantasy about the European experience.

And in this horrible setting, Joe Goodlberg, the serial killer of spouses, seems in comparison to be a pretty good person overall.

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Another American fantasy about the European experience.

"You" season 4 part 1 (photo: Netflix)

The series lost its feminist social criticism in the first season.

After that, she tried, not very successfully, to produce a sort of trash psychological thriller seasoned with social criticism of the beautiful and the rich.

And in her new season she abandons any desire for criticism and simply indulges in trash.

The first five episodes, which landed on Netflix on Thursday (the first five will arrive on March 9), manage to generate interest by cracking the mystery of the new killer.

But now that his identity has been revealed, it is not clear where he will go next.

After a relationship with another female murderer did not bring Joe to the realization that he himself is a terrible person, it is not clear how this time dealing with another murderer will lead to this realization.

"You" is trying to reboot itself.

She realized that her hero is too terrible to be forgiven, and now she is trying to forget it from us and turn into a detective series a la Agatha Christie.

As such it's still a fun trash series, but nothing more.

"You" has lost its edge and is now trying without us to become a new series.

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