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Valentine's Day: five romantic movies you should watch on Netflix - voila! culture


The Israeli hit, the movies that remind of the good old days of Eddie Murphy and Ashton Kutcher, the classics that don't need to be shown and the surprising movie. Five viewing recommendations for Valentine's Day

The trailer of the movie "Spider-Man: No Way Home" (Film Forum)

What are your plans for Valentine's Day?

Let's hope they are related to democracy, which is a supreme value also and perhaps especially on a day like this.

If not, let's hope it's a romantic dinner with your loved one.

But even if this option is not on the table, here are five romantic movies that you should watch on Netflix.

And why home viewing recommendations?

Because in the cinema, as we know, almost no romantic films are distributed anymore, with the exception of exceptions such as "Good Guys" and "Ticket to Heaven".

The only outstanding romantic movie currently on the screens is "Maybe a Wedding", and it is not a masterful hit that we will take responsibility for.

So what do we recommend on Netflix?

First of all, let's start with the movies that we *don't* recommend, even if they are hot from the oven.

We will not recommend "Yours or mine?"

Starring Reese Witherspoon and Ashton Kutcher, the lack of chemistry between them has already provided quite a bit of water in the last week.

It's a puzzling film, which can only be seen if you cover your eyes and plug your ears.

Yours or mine?


We will also not recommend "Some People", a film that is hard to watch and devoid of romance as well, which is bordering on anti-Semitism.

On Valentine's Day, there is certainly no reason to watch hateful movies.

Therefore, we dived into the Netflix catalog and extracted five less recent films from it.

Incidentally, it is interesting to note that if you write "romantic movies" in the search bar of the streaming service, you also get the Holocaust movies "Reading Boy" and "The Boy in the Striped Pajamas."

The algorithm works!


From "What People" (Photo: Netflix)

No Strings Attached

Those who nevertheless watched "At your place or at my place" must have been amazed by the extraordinarily horrifying quality of the film, and by the fact that Ashton Kutcher today resembles Gil Tamri.

Those who want to remember the better days of the actor, are invited to re-watch this romantic comedy, which was released about a decade ago.

Kutcher starred in it alongside Natalie Portman as a pair of Yazimis - a subject that was relatively new in the commercial cinema of that time.

At the same time, "Just Friends" starring Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake was also released, which was also ordered by Netflix, who know that there is nothing like this subject to make the audience happy.

And if you're looking for another attraction while watching, look at Portman and try to imagine what she thinks about the current government and legal reform.

More in Walla!

"I never dreamed that this character would become such a big icon. Ya baby! It warms my heart"

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beautiful days

From "Non-binding relationship" (Photo: Netflix)

Discovering America

Ashton Kutcher had better days and so did Eddie Murphy, whose role in "Some People" is another of the film's flaws.

In "Discovering America", on the other hand, there are no spoilers - this is an example of a perfect film.

Murphy, as I remember, was at his peak at the time, and played an African royalty who comes to New York to escape his golden cage, starts working at a fast food restaurant and falls in love with a local girl, who is unaware that the frog is actually a prince.

The result is a school for writing, acting and style.


It's no wonder that "Discovering America" ​​became one of the biggest hits of the late eighties, and repeated viewings of it show that it hasn't gotten old.


From "Discovering America" ​​(Photo: Netflix)

pass the wall

Netflix recently began adding films made in Israel to its catalog, including two by Rama Burstein - "Fill the Space" and "Pass the Wall".

Both deal with marriage in ultra-Orthodox society, and both became hits - "Going through the Wall" was also the basis for a stage production that is still being successfully performed (including today).

Both are excellent, but "Over the Wall" is more recommended on this particular evening, simply because it's a little lighter.

Among its other virtues, it was also Noa Kohler's breakout film, in the role of a repentant woman who plans her wedding in detail even though she still lacks a groom, but she believes with all her heart that this too will come.

From then on, the film develops in a charming and inspiring way, proving that the true Valentine's Day is not on Valentine's Day, but on the eighth candle of Hanukkah.


From "Passing the Wall" (Photo: Courtesy of those photographed, Sasha Tamarin)

Notting Hill

One of the plot lines of "Going through the Wall" describes how the heroine, a girl from the settlement, begins to have a surprising relationship with one of the biggest and most handsome musical idols in the country, played by Oz Zahavi.

This story was somewhat reminiscent of the plot of Notting Hill, whose climax also seems to have inspired the climax of Good Guys, the big local hit of the year.

In short: the legacy of "Notting Hill" continues to star in international and local cinema, and this is another reason to recommend this film, which in fact should not be recommended and certainly should not be shown.

If on Christmas you watch "Isa Haim Wonderfull" and on Passover Eve you watch "Ten Commandments", then on Valentine's you watch "Notting Hill".

Julia Roberts, Notting Hill (Photo: Giphy)

Spider-Man: No Way Home

And we'll end at the starting point.

We said that romantic films are almost no longer distributed in cinemas, and it is true.

"Discovering America" ​​would probably be streaming directly today, as was the case with its horrifying pledge, as were "Unbound" and "Notting Hill".

The only exception are effects-heavy comic book movies that are actually romantic comedies in disguise.

"Venom 2" was like that in its twisted way, and "Spider-Man: No Way Home" is like that too.

After all, the main engine of the film is the relationship between Peter Parker/Spider-Man played by Tom Hollander and his sweetheart MJ played by Zendaya, and the end result is much more like "Eternal Sunshine in a Clear Mind" than any other comic book movie.

The chemistry between Holland and Zendaya is so strong, it's no surprise that they became a couple following their appearance in this film series.

Happy Valentine's Day to them and to everyone who watches them and is jealous.

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