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Daniel Grant: "All my life they talked about my parents all the time. It's an inseparable part of me" - voila! culture


The actor Daniel Grant, son of Tzufit and Avraham, releases a first single for a debut album and an interview with Walla! Culture He talks about life in the shadow of endless rumors

Daniel Grant (Photo: Almog Heller)

Actor Daniel Grant (29), son of Scout Grant and Abraham Grant, releases his first single, "When I am reminded (of what I can be)", in preparation for a debut album to be called "I don't need anything anymore".

The song was written and composed by Grant and Ben Chopin, who also produced music, and it features the guitars of Geva Alon.

In the new single, Grant deals with his struggle with anxiety.

"It used to be less talked about and there was less awareness, but in the world we live in today there is greater awareness of anxieties, fears and stress," says Grant.

"This song is about all kinds of anxieties I've been through. Dealing with all kinds of fears from illnesses and life. Daily anxieties about what will happen. Lately I've had anxieties about the whole process of music, this is something new to me, and with all the excitement it's a little scary because it's terrible bare".

There are all kinds of ways to deal with anxiety, including psychological therapy, drug therapy, creative expression and sports.

How did you deal with your anxieties?

"When I had anxiety, I put on my headphones, listened to music, entered my own world - until I calmed down. Or I would play a Messi video to change my state of mind and my friends would laugh at me. Or I would go out and sit with people I like like my friends or my girlfriend or my family. I looked for my calming points. I was very aware. At some point I realized that anxiety, like everything, it passes. In this song specifically I talk a lot about anxiety but I also talk about the thought of the future and the fear of what will happen. It's a kind of questioning Like that. No one really knows where their life will develop, but it interests everyone."

The line "I have lost too much in life already" appears in the chorus.

"In 'I've already lost too much' I'm a recipe for fear and pressure preventing you from doing things. At a younger age, sometimes I said no, and it prevented me from doing things. But most of the times in life it was precisely when I was afraid of something - I deliberately did it and followed it."

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Scout Grant and Shuli Rand (Photo: Rafi Deloya)

In addition to anxiety, what will the songs on your debut album be about?

"This entire album is a personal journey with lots of stories from my life and my world view. There is a song on the album about a letter I wrote to myself, in which I asked what will happen in 20 years. And there is a song about my family and the media."

Detail, the sword and the explanation for the song that deals with your family and the media.


"Wow, wow. You know, I grew up in a house where rumors and headlines were an awfully normal thing. Especially at a younger age. It was just something that happened, an inseparable part of mine and my sister's life. I once ran away from it and sort of apologized for all kinds of things. So I wrote about The fact that there is another rumor and another rumor and another rumor and the way of dealing with it and whether it is interesting or not interesting and if it is interesting then how interesting it is."

Avraham Grant (Photo: GettyImages, Sebastian Frej/MB Media)

Did you get musical help from mom's husband, a guy named Shuli Rand?

"First of all, his very presence, his desire to help and his genuine support - it already helps. In terms of the writing and making itself, I didn't get much help from him. I started working on it even before Shuli was in our lives. It was difficult for me to talk about my work. I was terribly ashamed and embarrassed And I didn't tell anyone at first. It took me a long time before I told my mother. But Shuli is always ready and willing to help me, asks and is interested non-stop. And you know, just knowing that I have Shuli here already gives me peace of mind."

What artistic or creative advice did he give you?

"Both he and my mother told me to be very authentic and to keep it. With my mother, you will get the truth inside, whether you like it or not."

Your mother was severely verbally attacked by Michal Rand, Shuli Rand's ex-partner, and won half a million shekels in a defamation lawsuit against Michal.

How did you feel about that?

"I grew up in a family where there was always some kind of issue. I learned to ignore it. And this is one such case. I grew up in a house where the media, the one talking about your mother and your father, was an integral part of life. Sometimes it's more pleasant and sometimes less pleasant. But we are aware To be honest. We have all the data that the media doesn't even have 40 percent of. As long as I know the truth, I'm less concerned with it. And there's always something."

Daniel Grant (Photo: Shay Franco)

A little over a year ago, an investigation was broadcast on the show "Exposure" on Bequest 12, in which testimonies of several women were brought who accused football coach Avraham Grant of sexual harassment and assault while taking advantage of his position in football.

In response to the question of what he thought after watching the investigation on his father, Daniel says: "Once again, we know the whole truth from the inside. We know all the data. My father suffered a rather great injustice. I know that. Maybe one day I will also talk about it But right now I'm busy with my music. And my dad and my mom are absolutely my biggest fans and my first supporters. And as far as these things go, I'm only 29, and if I'm still upset about it I'll live from tantrum to tantrum."

Where do you see yourself at 40?

"The dream of music was a fantasy quite far from reality. I am completely fulfilling a dream. I hope that at the age of 40 I will still be involved in music and acting. I wish I would continue creating. I wish I would be already after a fifth album. I will never give up acting. I am happy that it is starting to happen."

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