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"Survival": Guy Shikar came back with blood in his eyes, and now Casey is in real danger - voila! culture


Shikar comes back at the right moment, when everyone is weak and he is the crazy card - he has a window of time when everyone will want him by their side, and he takes advantage of it. Not sure it will help him oust Casey

Survival (Photo Network 13)

We'll talk more about him today, but first of all - what comes comes around - officially the union week started the season.

Yesterday's episode was the most interesting yet, and judging by the promo, Tribal Council will be the first time all these influencers forget they're being photographed, even for a moment or two, and act natural.

The Haida

In the previous episode, all the evicted reached the knock out competition for one remaining place in the union.

I don't know if you noticed but there was one scary moment when the sky darkened, the birds stopped chirping for about half an hour and meteorologists around the world didn't understand why.

So this time it was because Sapphire bowed back to "survival" for one minute of airtime.

You may have felt it too.

Symptoms: anxiety attack, chills and uncontrollable blinking.

The main thing is that it passed, and Shikar returned to us.

Yes, I don't like to admit it, but the goal was achieved, Guy lied - personally, I forgot about the whole story with the head of the Mossad and the flight attendant.

Were you somehow related to it?

God I missed Tempit.

But what - he's back grumpy, a little over the top, turbo revenge mode and immune to elimination and now - he wants to screw my love Casey in the next elimination and a court won't help.

how does he say

"Man differs from an animal - who does not repeat a mistake twice. The well-known sentence."

I don't know if he's laughing or not, because his face looks not only serious at that moment, but also full of pathos and pleased with himself for knowing how to quote the wisdom of our sages at the right moment.

came back furious.

Guy Shikar, "Survival" (Photo: screenshot, Network 13)

Shikar comes back at the right moment, when everyone is weak and he is the crazy card - he has a window of time when everyone will want him by their side, and he takes advantage of it.

The first to catch him for a conversation was Gal, Tal and Maya's newly betrayed, who walks around with the justified feeling that she is next in line for the grill.

She doesn't even know how justified her feeling is - she only finds that out when Natasha tells Tal, who remembers wearing the chain of immunity.

Immunity or not, what matters to Tal from now on is Maya Kay.

Not a wave, just a drop of the game.

These two went on a date in the bushes the second the union started.

Tal can tell himself what he wants, but from the moment Maya enters his environment, he is not really able to do anything except impress her, and therefore Gal is completely right that every move with Maya weakens them.

There is a situation that this is the reason why the united Olan tribe sleeps only with a tarp and without a sukkah - because all of Tal's resources were devoted to carefully courting this little fairy.

Let's acknowledge for a moment, before we continue - with absolute justice.

Anyway, put the cute doll look aside - she's a real babe in every way.

She's witty, she's smart, she's funny (I recognize my own humor when I see it) and she's also a good person, and above all, balanced.

I don't know if she is taking medication or what, but if so, please share your story with us, Mayosh - we all want to too.

Anyway her mission was accomplished - she wanted to prove she was more than a pretty blonde?

proved huge, and no matter how much Tal wants to be on Shikar's side and participate in the impeachment that he initiates - in my humble opinion, under no circumstances will Maya take part in the plot to impeach Casey, the world will die, the tarp will collapse, God will take away from Guy the ability to say the words "Get started!" .

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You can understand why he follows her.

Tal and Maya, "Survival" (Photo: screenshot, Network 13)

The situation in the clan is very complicated, and the life and death mission between Tal and Sahar in exchange for the power to cancel the participation of another survivor in the mission - certainly does not help.

The battle of the gladiators ended with the victory of Tal and the rapprochement between him and Sahar, due to similar life circumstances.

Tal convinces Sahar Sagi is the one who should put the bracelet on him.

But Shiker is locked on Casey, and Guy Rosen is not a sucker, and recruits Casey for a mixing mission - they go to Tal who is friends with Shiker, and try to convince him that Abern has offered her an alliance.

Although Guy Rosen and Casey think (and say) that Tal is not the sharpest pencil in the pencil, but he immediately sees that she is lying to him and sends Guy Rosen to watch another season of "Survivor".

The genius Casey perceives that the lie didn't go down smoothly and raises the stakes, as if sacrificing herself to buy trust - she offers Tal to put her aside in the veto task, and thus also makes a gesture that inspires trust, and also directs Guy to take the bracelet for them.


A very serious mistake on Tal's part, and all the endorphins of the shopping did not help Gal - she immediately realizes that they are in serious trouble.

In the first Nagla what was feared happened, Guy Rosen advances to the next stage together with Natasha, who defeated the two women next to her, Doreen and Alit, with three functioning limbs.

There is nothing to do, in the end the best survivors in the game are those who have real life survival experience.

Otherwise, with all the good will - they don't have the mod in their body's memory that allows them to commit suicide over something for real.

Along with Guy Rosen and Natasha, Tal and Maya also go to the final stage of the puzzle.

Tal is shocked that Maya preceded him, and he looks in the new clothes "like the manager of Caesarea Golf Spa, and I am the children's opera".

The surprise has not yet sunk in for Tal when he finds himself defeated, and the little blonde walks around with the veto bracelet on her shapely arm, after she puts the puzzle together in three and a half seconds without breaking a sweat.


It's not good for Guy to lie, because Maya will not silence Casey under any circumstances.

The truth - it's not good for anyone.

Except for us, because no matter what happens, one thing is certain - there is going to be a mess at the first united tribal council.

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