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"You are one of the best singers in Israel," Static said to Yael Elkana. It is not clear whether he is belittling us or himself - voila! culture


The hints were far-fetched, the performances - unrelated to reality, but despite the criticism, this season of "The Masked Singer" also won its broadcast nights

The singing spider in a mask (photo: Yehats)

And the winner is... she... they... Tal Forer!

sorry, who?

Yes, even after three seasons, the essential problem of "The Singer in the Mask of Israel" remains as it was and may have even worsened.

As long as the performances that we and the judges hear are superbly produced studio versions and there is not even a hint of live singing in them, the program is not really a musical format in which we find out which of our celebrities has hidden a hidden talent and needs to retrain in hula and who is better off refraining from singing even at karaoke nights.

In the end, it is an amazing studio work by the program's music producer - yes, the talented Tal Forer - who manages to get excellent performances from the program's participants with the help of many years of experience and a lot of sophisticated studio equipment.

It is no coincidence that the two previous winners of the show - Tzachi Halevi (the Rooster) and Shai Gebso (the Gorilla) - did not use the win for a musical comeback, the audience does not perceive the show as related to music and as proof the performances from it are also not listened to on the streaming services.

This was especially noticeable in the final broadcast last night in which the fish (Adi Beatty) who finished in second place performed Adele's "All I Ask", while the spider (Yel Elkana) who finished in first place performed Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" - two songs that few professional singers are able to perform them live without faking.

As you can see, even when Adele performs "All I Ask" live the result is often not completely clean.

And in the performance of the catch?


God forbid, I don't intend to detract from the size of Beatty and Elkanah's achievement, but between this and the songs they "performed" yesterday in the final there is a gap and it is not small at all.

Hedge Adi Beatty (Photo: Shay Franco)

The dissonance between what we were promised we would get (celebrities who turn out to be singers) and what we actually got (talented music producer and celebrities with self-humor), is especially painful in light of the fact that even the professional judges on the panel - Zadi French and Static, ignore the elephant in the room.

When Static tells Elkana that she is one of the "best singers in Israel" even though he has never heard her sing live, it is not clear whether he is underestimating our intelligence or his own professional experience.

In any case, as a tribute to the judge on my side - it's not serious.

If it's achievements, then the season finale was won by a woman for the first time and also by someone who is not a singer by profession.

In fact, the best-known singer and musician in the cast only came third.

Yes, the slug turned out to be Assaf Amdorsky as expected and we need to talk for a moment about the considerable hypocrisy in his conduct.

On the one hand, for years he has been broadcasting condescension and disdain for everything that smells like reality ("Have you watched the previous seasons?", Ido Rosenblum asked him last night. "Do you think?!", Amdorski answered in astonishment) and on the other hand, he receives a continuous income from the same thing itself.

This is especially embarrassing because this is without a shadow of a doubt one of the best musicians in Israel, a talented performer, an accurate songwriter, a producer with supreme grace and also an excellent performer.

And that's before I saw him appear as a slug.

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Transmits arrogance but feeds on reality.

Amdorski (photo: screenshot, Keshet 12)

Okay, so "The Masked Singer" is not really a music reality show, but it is an intense show where viewers are required to puzzle and decipher clues.

Well, we have a problem here too.

Here, for example, is the deciphering of a clue about the identity of the hippopotamus (who was discovered to be a countryman) as published on the official page of the program on the Mako website: "The hippopotamus approached a shoeshine station. The security guard polished his shoes for 25 dollars. Channel 25 is the Mediterranean channel. At the age of eight, Artzi appeared in a music video Famous for his father's song 'under the Mediterranean sky'".

And this is really just one example out of many.

Does anyone in the production of the show really think this is a hint?

I doubt.

The clues this season felt more like a Rorschach blob of autobiographical facts thrown into AI and turned into short clips.

Attempts to decipher the identity of the participants based on the clues alone are destined to end in failure and the best way remains to try and identify fragments of natural sound among the studio stunts.

What we are left with is an entertainment show - colorful, happy, self-humored (especially in everything related to the French side) and casting that ranges from the delusional to the brilliant.

Yes, the participants this season were particularly eclectic, from Mashrit Polak (the robot) who participated in the show before her relationship with Static ran aground, through Boaz Bismuth (the cat) who came to enjoy a little more exposure on Channel 12 which he and his party work overtime to slander and couples who appeared on the show and did not know On top of each other (Elek) like Ilanit Levy (The Sweet Cotton Wool) and Eliraz Sde (The Mosquito).

The final was also marked by another couple that broke up - Static and Ben El.

You don't have to be a sharp-eyed owl to recognize that Ben El was not present in the final and that is because, unlike the rest of the season, the show was filmed after the negative echoes made by the recording in which he was heard shouting at his ex Ortal Amar.

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The spider (photo: screenshot, Keshet 12)

After all the criticism, say that there is no arguing with success and you are right.

This season of "The Singer" also won the evenings of its broadcast by significant margins and it seems to me that this time too the explanation is related to the Israeli reality.

After the first season was broadcast at the height of the Corona epidemic and found a people who are locked in the house and just need a large dose of escapism, the third season was broadcast at the height of daily protests, terrorist attacks and violent discourse in the street and on the screen and there is nothing like an artichoke in sports clothes to make us escape to more pleasant places.

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