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Hanan Goldblatt will "talk about everything" in the show and in a documentary: "I won't let it happen, he didn't apologize" - Voila! culture


Actress and former "New Love" participant Ronnie Nadler will follow the actor and convicted sex offender Hanan Goldblatt in a new docu, in which he will appear on March 3

Hanan Goldblatt (Photo: Avi Cohen)

"Hanan Goldblatt talks about everything" - so announced an advertisement that appeared on the network about a show by the actor and convicted sex offender Hanan Goldblatt.

According to the publication, the show is expected to take place on March 3 at the Mishkan Hafis for the Arts in Nes Ziona and the one who is producing the show is actress and former "New Love" participant Roni Nadler.

In the show it is written that "the show will be filmed for a documentary".

When Mia Bar Shalom noticed the ad, she didn't miss a beat.

Bar Shalom was the first woman to testify against Hanan Goldblatt, revealing that he had sexually assaulted her when she was 15 and a half years old, first in the press anonymously in an investigation by Naama Lansky in Yedioth Ahronoth published in 2005, and later when her name was revealed in the media.

Bar Shalom also testified against Goldblatt at his trial and he was convicted of rape and other sexual offenses that occurred over many years against women and girls whom he taught acting.

He was sentenced to six years in prison, but was released after serving four years.

Bar Shalom published a post on Facebook in which she wrote: "Last November, I was approached by Roni Nadler - a reality TV actress and the daughter of the convicted sex offender Benny Nadler who confessed to indecent acts on two of his students. Roni excitedly told me that she had found her calling and was about to shoot a documentary film about sex offenders and their rehabilitation with an emphasis on Hanan Goldblatt. What I have to say to Roni I told her and I will tell anyone who wants to hear it. I promised her. But this sick idea is joined by the municipality of Nes Ziona which allows the convicted sex offender Hanan Goldblatt to go to a free show on 3/3 where he will talk about everything. And all this Of course for the purpose of Nadler's documentary. I was 15.5 years old when I met the bastard who did to me and dozens of other girls (if not hundreds) what he did. Please(!!!!) don't let him stand on a stage ever again!!!!! Ronnie Nadler, I really feel so sorry for you. But this is not the way to take care of yourself. Really not."

Roni Nadler (Photo: Noy Dekel)

Bar Shalom, 49 years old from Ramat Hasharon, told Walla!

Culture: "Roni met with me last November, and told me that she was going to make a 'documentary about rehabilitated sex offenders,' and said that Hanan Goldblatt would appear in it, among other things. Then I realized that it wasn't 'among other things,' but that it was going to be about him. She said that she Investigating why a rehabilitated person can't go back to the only thing he's good at. She gave me some kind of parallel with a carpenter. I told her, what's the connection between a carpenter and an actor who returns to the scene of his crime? After all, that's what he did, he reduced his victims through his talent , through the stage, through the power he had and the betrayal he had. I told Roni that she was hurting me and in dozens of girls, if not hundreds, I know there are so many women he hurt and they didn't go to complain. I told her, I have to tell you that if you decide to go On that, I will stand up to you and not let it happen. It's not a threat, it's what I have to do for my daughter and for other women. Roni wanted me to be interviewed in the film and for me to say my things.

"I'm not a psychologist, but as a victim, I think that the man does not recover. When a person acknowledges the terrible and terrible thing he did, he feels a strong need to apologize, to strike at sin, to do everything to be forgiven by the people he hurt. This man did not ask for forgiveness. They told him to ask Sorry so that it will help him in the commission and that's what he did. His friends still keep saying that the girls were in love with him, that they did him, that they hurt him. This man doesn't think he did anything wrong. He feels like an eternal victim. This is not a man who is rehabilitated. A man who is rehabilitated is not He will return to the scene of the crime again and again and again. One more time to put on a show. This is not how a rehabilitated person behaves. A rehabilitated person would want to go to high schools and lecture teenagers about sex offenders, tell about himself as a sex offender, tell about the vile acts he did, tell him what not to do, like drugged up and junkies who go and lecture. He never did that.

"When I was 15 and a half years old, I came to audition for the band and he offered me a lead role in the film, talked to my parents and said he was going to make me a big star. And that's where it all started, he did what he did to me - and you can read about it at length anywhere on the Internet. Now I fight to keep him from returning to the scene of the crime."

More in Walla!

Exclusive: Hanan Goldblatt's rape and sexual assault victims are shocked by his return to the theater

To the full article

The advertisement for Goldblatt's show, which should be filmed for a documentary (photo: screenshot, screenshot)

People claim "he paid his debt to society".

And you say - he didn't pay his debt, and didn't even ask for real forgiveness.

"It's bullshit to say 'he paid his debt to society'. What society? I don't know who this society is. What, he raped the society? What is this nonsense? He really didn't pay his debt. He didn't apologize. He didn't rehabilitate us. We continue to be imprisoned in this disgusting saga that will haunt us for the rest of our lives."

"As far as I understand, she is doing this show in honor of Nadler's documentary, in which he is going to 'talk about everything'. When I saw the ad for the show, I was moved by it. I don't understand why every year he tries to return to the stage and there are those who are willing to give it to him."

No response was given on behalf of Hanan Goldblatt and Roni Nadler.

In a joint response by the Cultural Women's Lobby, the Forum of Filmmakers and Television Creators in Israel, the Producers' Union, the Union of Directors, the Documentary Forum in Israel and the Forum of Theater Creators stated that they "stand by every victim. We choose to listen and be there for those whose voices have been silenced by force , whether in the form of sexual assault or harassment. The publicity that Hanan Goldblatt receives in what caused us great shock and disappointment, we believe that the person who hurt so badly, was convicted of rape and never apologized to his victims, should not be exposed. A person who caused serious injury does not deserve to be looked up to from the public on a stage as a person of culture. Accepting the stage legitimizes sexual abuse and prepares a space where we, the women, are excluded and silenced again. We call on the Ness Ziona Lottery for the Arts and the Ness Ziona Municipality not to allow a hostel for sex offenders in the past, present or future."

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