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Actually the best friend?! Doreen's terrible mistake that cost her elimination - voila! culture


Doreen doesn't understand the sting of her tribemates, Sahar manages to slip under the radar time after time - and Gal makes a "abandonment anxiety" speech while she clearly feels betrayed by Mat

Survival - Elimination episode (Network 13)

what's up guys?

Calilio Calilai?

I cut for you, you cut for me, after that we will make a heart shape with our fingers, and we will meet for a fight in the council.

I want to say - what's going on with your life Olan tribe, you are all over the fucking place, get over your life please, otherwise Ben Gvir will come to order there, and you already know it won't end well.

The state of the forces in the tribe is like this: Gal is hot for Maya, Natasha and Alit agree with her, Dorin is hot for Sahar (but not in the part of revenge, "I forgave him"), and lied?

Well, lied like a pit bull with his jaw locked, still wants to kick Casey.

God has already forgotten what she even did to him seventy episodes ago, and he still gets an angry Transformer expression every time she's mentioned.

The council is in the evening, but first you have to pass the veto task - which this time is the sociometric one.

Questions are asked, and whoever answers correctly - the one most of the tribe members answered in the questionnaire they filled out in the morning - cuts a rope for someone else.

After three cut ropes, you leave the game, and the last one left wins the veto bracelet.

The questions are the usual "who survives the most..." style questions.

Basically, this questionnaire should cause the survivors to fight, enter each other as gladiators in the arena, and shed blood for their loyal viewers who are just eating potato chips.

Tal, Survival (photo: screenshot, from "Survival" Network 13)

It did not happen.

We must come to terms with the truth - the veto task was simply another half hour that slipped from our lives, without leaving even a shred of insight behind it.

The most surprising survivor is Aviran.

Who cares who the surprise survivor is?

What does that even mean?

Tell me who stinks the most, it's at least entertaining.

The most sensitive survivor is Casey - this piece of information didn't give us anything either/ the most irritable is Gal, the strongest is Tal, the most pampered is Maya, and the most strategic is Doreen.

Nice, production.

Tell Doreen, the girl who will say in a job interview that her only flaw is that she is an over perfectionist - that she is the most strategic.

Obviously, she won't understand that "strategic" is mainly their way of saying they don't trust her, and will take it as a huge compliment - confirmation that everything she thinks about herself (that she's intelligent, amazing, articulate, and good at acting as Indiana Jones) is completely true .


Now she walks around electrified in the tribe and makes "moves".

Protected by her own lack of awareness, Doreen flies in the air and tries to plan Sahar's downfall, when in her mind's eye she is sitting by Kobi Mehat and says "Sahar's impeachment is written on my name".

Sorry, S's.

To my surprise, she convinces Gal and Natasha the "rare elves" using "simple math" that they should kick out the strong ones before they kick out Maya and Casey, but instead of the word power she says "puerta".

Don't know why Doreen suddenly became Latina - maybe she ate something spoiled in the previous episode that I skipped.

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Hanan Yuval to Kobi Peretz: "I appreciate you, no one will succeed in a conflict between us"

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Survival (photo: screenshot, from "Survival" Network 13)

Every season I beg, and I'll ask now again, maybe someone will finally hear - eating too much food quickly is torture, eating things you're not used to eating for a reward - torture.

We are not interested in seeing people eating carrion and worms, and these missions must stop immediately, simply because they are immoral.

Just as bad, they are not interesting or good content, and the viewers will agree with me that during these hours sitting and snacking on something in front of the TV, there is nothing less attractive than an episode full of vomiting, preparations for vomiting, and sounds of vomiting.

Back to Doreen, who is trying to convince Tal to kick out the guy he is most connected to and she doesn't succeed, because there is no justice in the world.

If there was, then a guy like Tal should have been at least dumb, but no - he tells her fine, and immediately starts planning the elimination of the woman who, it turns out, is already planning the dress she will wear for the finale.

While she flatters herself in the testa that what she did is art, and announces that the queen is back.

There is no justice in the world.

If there was, a girl like Doreen should have gone for a comedic career, and not wasted herself as a "business woman".

I will point out that for the unknown number of times, Sahar was saved from being relegated, thanks to more luck than intelligence.

I'm not sure if it's on purpose or not, but he manages not to stand out too much in the new tribe - aside from functioning in missions, he's pretty much hidden in the tools - does what needs to be done, and makes sure to keep a low profile - he's so under the radar that his name doesn't come up even once As an answer to any "who survives the most" question.

Aviran, Survival (Photo: screenshot, from "Survival" Network 13)

We will continue with the sociometric task.

Yes, I know the chronological order is wrong, forgive me.

Maya is chosen as the most pampered and nervous survivor.

"You will not catalog me," she exclaims.

"We all stink here."

This cutie is so invested in proving that she is more than she seems, that every little thing immediately raises her anxiety of being thought of as a dumb blonde model.

But our soul Maya Kay needs to understand that there is no contradiction between being cute and spoiled and the fact that it is clear to everyone that she is also full of other things - and let go.

Or as Gal recommends - "Lakhil Kalilio Kaliliai".

It's a shame that Gal doesn't recommend Kalilio to Kaliliai herself and comes off as the betrayed woman every time Tal and Maya exchange a word or a look.

Relative to the strength she came to the council with after she also won the veto task, and relative to the strength she has been showing in the game until now, her weakness in the face of Tal and Maya's budding romance is especially noticeable.

The tribal council is dealing with this problem, and Gai Zo-Eretz is honestly trying to find out with Gal whether she can't congratulate her little brother for finding love in the game, and she gives a speech about abandonment anxiety that makes her not trust people, and when she already trusts, Aperantali, the object of trust should To be so grateful, to the point of being, well, a prisoner.

In this case, Tal, who won Gal's rare trust, should pay for his freedom, and narrow his steps against Maya in the game so that his mind won't be distracted.

After the game, she promises to be more generous and wish them to fly, the two stunning ones, because it is clear that she is all for them.

And she isn't.

She is neither in their favor nor in plaster.

Maybe she has abandonment anxiety, but that's not what causes the constant Rusting Beach Face she hangs around with, but a lot of bossiness, and a little passion.

She may never admit it, but at this stage in the game she treats Tal as an alternative partner who owes her her cover, food, and if not her season, then not the season of any other "Barbie".

But the main thing is that for the first time in the history of Israel's survival something is happening that has never happened before.

This season everyone who was eliminated from the game will be part of the jury of survival.

All except Maor (who?).

The jurors enter with hair make-up and full accessories.

Nir with a pirate's handkerchief, sapphire arched block mother of the bride, Vegas version.

She came to accompany Doreen on her last journey, and to carry the abbreviated "we will do and hear" prayer from the bottom of her heart for the downfall of all her enemies.

How nice that you came back, atonement, I missed you.

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