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When is Noa Kirel singing? How do you vote? All the questions and answers for Eurovision 2023 - voila! culture


When do rehearsals start? What are Israel's chances of reaching the Eurovision final? How do you buy tickets? How are the countries that advance to the final determined? We have summarized all the questions and answers for you

Noa Kirel (Omari Silver)

The most popular singing contest in the world is returning with the Eurovision 2023 edition that will be held in Liverpool, United Kingdom.

After last year Israel failed in the mission of advancing to the finals, which has not happened to us since 2014, this year the Public Broadcasting Corporation decided to stop with reality shows and inexperienced singers, and we are sending Noa Kirel.

What will happen this year, what will not happen, will Ukraine win again as it enters the second year of the war, will we return to Sweden, and maybe we can even fantasize about the unbelievable - a fifth victory for Israel?

Here's everything you need to know about Eurovision 2023.

Where will the competition be held?

Eurovision 2023, which will be the 67th edition of the competition, will be held in Liverpool, United Kingdom.

No fewer than 20 cities competed for the hosting, with both the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) and the BBC preferring not to hold the competition in London.

Not bad, London has already hosted the Eurovision Song Contest four times.

The two cities that reached the final stage were Liverpool and Glasgow, which surprisingly finished second.

Kalosh Orchestra, who won Eurovision 2022 (Photo: EBU / CORINNE CUMMING)

Why is the Eurovision winner not hosting this year?

The EBU has decided that Eurovision 2023 cannot be held in Ukraine for safety and security reasons due to the war on the host country's soil.

In discussions with the Ukrainian Broadcasting Network and other countries that offered to host the competition, it was decided that the British Broadcasting Corporation, the BBC, would host the competition.

Britain finished in second place last year and took over hosting this year's Eurovision Song Contest.

By the way, the last time a winning country did not host the competition the following year was in 1980.

Israel won in 1979 and the Israel Broadcasting Authority could not afford the expenses of hosting a second Eurovision in a row.

When will Eurovision 2023 take place?

The 67th Eurovision final will take place on Saturday evening, May 13.

He will be preceded by the two semi-final broadcasters, with the first semi-final taking place on Tuesday, May 9, with the participation of Israel and Noa Kirel.

The second semi-final will take place two days later, Thursday May 11.

All broadcasts start at 22:00 Israel time, 20:00 local time in Liverpool.

Eurovision 2023 will be broadcast like every year here on 11 with live reports in Walla!


Noa Kirel (Photo: Yehats)

Which countries are participating in each of the semi-finals?

15 countries will participate in the first semi-final, with Ireland, Latvia, Malta, Norway, Serbia, Portugal and Croatia competing in the first part, and Azerbaijan, the Netherlands, Moldova, Finland, the Czech Republic, Sweden, Switzerland and Israel in the second part.

The first part of the second semi-final will be opened by Iceland, Estonia, Armenia, Belgium, Denmark, Greece, Cyprus and Romania, and will be joined in the second part by Austria, Australia, Albania, Georgia, Lithuania, Slovenia, San Marino and Poland.

The order of the songs will be determined by the Eurovision 2023 production after all the songs have been revealed.

How do you vote and is it possible to vote from Israel?

During the first semi-final, the broadcasting corporation publishes the number through which you can send text messages to vote for your favorite songs.

You can also vote through the Eurovision applet.

Of course the residents of Israel cannot vote for Israel.

During the final you will be able to vote whether Israel will advance to the final or whether the worst of all will happen - and be eliminated already in the semis.

Israelis who live abroad and their country participates in the first semi-final can vote for Israel from there.

Is it possible to vote in the semi-finals in which Israel does not participate?

For the first time the answer is yes!

This year there was a change in voting and anyone can vote in any of the shows and from any country across the globe.

True, also from the United States, Nicaragua, the Virgin Islands, New Zealand, and also from Israel in the second semi-final.

The votes from non-participating countries are combined into the "rest of the world" vote whose weight will be equal to one country.

Eurovision presenters (photo: BBC)

How are the countries that advance to the final determined?

Six countries qualified for the finals automatically, the winner Ukraine, and the five largest nominating countries of the EBU, which are Italy, Great Britain, Germany, Spain and France.

The 10 countries that finished in the first places will qualify from each semi-final.

The finalists are determined by 100% audience vote, without judging teams.

The judging teams will return to the finals, where the winner will be determined by a division of approximately 50.67% audience and 49.33% judges.

Why not half and half?

Because the "rest of the world" vote is added in the audience.

How do you buy tickets for Eurovision 2023?

Information on the sale of tickets for Eurovision 2023 has not yet been published, we will update the information here when it becomes available.

We do know to say that, as always, there will be nine shows: a press rehearsal the day before each show, the judges' rehearsal for the semi-finals becomes the backup judges' rehearsal and backup photography the evening before the show, the judges' rehearsal before the finals, and the three shows themselves.

3,000 tickets will be given away at a cost of £20 to Ukrainian refugees in the UK over the nine shows.

Who hosts the Eurovision Song Contest?

The 2023 Eurovision Song Contest to be held in Liverpool will be hosted by the comedian and host Graham Norton, the actress Hannah Waddingham ("Ted Lasso", "Game of Thrones"), the British singer Elisha Dixon and the Ukrainian singer Julia Sanina.

Here you can read about them in detail.

Graham Norton has been interpreting the Eurovision Song Contest for British viewers since 2009 continuously.

A little trivia for fans of various cosmic proofs: the last time Britain hosted the Eurovision Song Contest, it was hosted by Terry Wogan, who was then the contest's legendary commentator.

The winner was a small country in the Middle East called Israel.

Both Wogan and Norton are Irish, so there are those who claim that an Israeli victory is already written in the stars.

Who will be the commentators in the Eurovision live broadcast?

The live broadcasts of Eurovision 2023 at Khan 11 will be accompanied by the voices of the corporation's presenters once again, Assaf Lieberman and Akiva Novik.

The two will narrate between the songs and give the viewers information.

Those who wish to watch a speech-free broadcast can do so via the Eurovision YouTube channel.

What are Israel's chances of reaching the Eurovision final?

In the meantime, it seems that the chances are high, Israel is constantly ranked in the top ten and has been moving in the last few weeks between the 9th place and the 5th place.

The one that was ranked for many weeks at the top was Ukraine, but recently it was overtaken by Sweden.

The Swedish song will only be chosen on March 11, but it is already known that Lorin, who won Eurovision 2012, is expected to win the local prelim in a big way.

If it does happen, she tops the Eurovision betting charts, and it's possible that for only the second time in Eurovision's long history we'll have a winner who has done it before.

The last was Johnny Logan, who won in 1980 and 1987 as a singer.

When do Eurovision rehearsals start?

Where can you see them?

Rehearsals for Eurovision 2023 will open on April 30.

From that day until May 6, each of the countries will take the stage for two rehearsals.

Rehearsals are closed to the public and the European Broadcasting Union will release samples of the songs and only then will we be able to understand how the direction of the Israeli song is expected to be.

On Sunday, May 7, Eurovision Week will officially open with the traditional red carpet event.

On Monday, May 8, two dress rehearsals will be held and a third rehearsal will be held on Tuesday, May 9.

That evening at 22:00 the first semi-final will be held with the participation of Israel.

On Wednesday, May 10, two general rehearsals will be held for the second semi-final, a third rehearsal the next day, and on the evening of Thursday, May 11, the semi-final itself will be held.

On Friday, May 12, a general rehearsal for journalists will be held at noon, and at 10:00 p.m. the general rehearsal will be held where the judging teams vote.

On Saturday May 13 at noon, the families' rehearsal will be held, and at 10:00 pm we will all hear the sounds of the Te Daum with bated breath, and we wish for Noa Kirel to be there and reach as high as possible.

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