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Arel Segal's band is disbanding. In the role of Yoko Ono: Sara Netanyahu - voila! Culture


Feuer announced that he could not make music with Segal in light of his statements, while Segal, like his entire camp, extends a hand for peace, while the other hand deepens the rift

Naj Hammadi (public relations)

On April 27, 1979, Ozzy Osbourne received an official message from his three Black Sabbath bandmates: "You're fired."

It happened after eight joint albums that forever shaped the world of music, including

The layoffs did not come out of nowhere.

Even then, the band known in Israel as "Black Sabbath" was considered the Beatles of heavy rock, but the last two albums the band recorded failed in every way.

At the same time, Ozzy's drug and alcohol use - suffering from a severe case of imposter syndrome - reached its peak.

When the band sat down to write their ninth album, Ozzy simply disappeared for weeks, and the band had to lie to the record company and say that the new songs were ready.

Finally, the members had to decide - either break up the band, or continue without Ozzy.

They went for the second option.

Osborne remembers things a little differently.

He does not argue the facts.

He knows he did a lot of drugs, he knows he disappeared for long periods, but decades later he still remembers the feeling of being thrown out of the band he founded.

Naturally, Osborne doesn't remember much about those years.

With the amount of drugs he consumed at the time, it's amazing that he's even alive, but there are feelings you never forget.

The pain burned deep.

"I'd be lying if I said I didn't feel betrayed," Ozzy wrote in his autobiography, "we were four friends who grew up together as kids a few blocks apart. We were like family, like brothers. They fired me because I was off drugs? What kind of hypocritical bullshit is that? We were all Drunk and on drugs! If you're stoned and I'm stoned and you tell me I'm fired because I'm stoned, how can that be? What, because I'm a little more stoned than you?".

Arel Segal's column:


There are many ugly stories about bands that were made up of good friends that broke up due to success.

The Beatles, Pink Floyd, The Smiths, Oasis and even Simon & Garfunkel.

Actually the breakup of Black Sabbath, in retrospect, was good for all parties.

Ozzy started an amazing solo career, the band found its sound again with Ronnie James Dio - and in the end the original group reunited to the delight of millions of fans around the world.

I am one of them.

I owe my love for Ozzy and Black Sabbath to one man: Arel Segal. In the days when he was not yet synonymous with bibist, he had a column in the Tel Aviv Hid newspaper, which I would read regularly on weekends as a soldier. The heart does not forget how Little musical anecdotes from his pen sent me to get to know artists and styles I didn't know, at a time when it was technically more complicated, and also expensive. One Friday he wrote about Black Sabbath with such passion that I had to experience this phenomenon myself. I bought the band's first album At the "Super Zeus" CD store in the central station in Tel Aviv. A week after that I already bought the masterpiece "Paranoid". I must have spent half of my military salary that month on Ozzy, Tony and friends. I don't regret anything.

The fact that Segal's name came naturally to my mind alongside some of the most beautiful riffs in history inspired me. This is what I wanted to do. Not to play or sing, but to write about music at a level that would make people go out and get to know new music. This is what I chose to do. This is what I'm trying to do Do it today too. Since then, by the way, I've seen Ozzy three times in concert, my ears still hurt from the time I stood in the front row in front of the amplifiers, but, as mentioned - I don't regret anything.

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Hanan Yuval: "This is not a political matter. Show me one person who says that this man, Almog Cohen, is fine"

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Dror Foyer (Photo: Nimrod Saunders)

Last night, Arel Segal revealed in his program on Channel 14 that he is the latest in a long list of frustrated musicians who were thrown out of their band. It is not certain if the band "Naj Hammadi" is a household name in every house in Israel, but it can be said with some confidence that they are the Beatles of Israeli journalist bands. The band which was composed of S.G.L., Dror Poir (Yediot Ahronoth), Dror Gloverman (Keshet 12), Or Heller (News 13) and Tal Lazar (Israel Today) started as a gimmick of "these celebrities from the news who drink a lot of alcohol on stage and also sing songs" but slowly They formed a unique musical line for themselves, and lived in an almost unique niche.

Not part of the indie scene, but not really mainstream either.

Those who have previously watched "Arel's Report" on channel 14 know the Fox-News tone of the show. Tucker Carlson, but with even less patience for reality. Segal stands in front of the camera and presents a theatrical monologue about the affairs of the hour, from a very conservative angle.

A kind of very extreme and edgy answer, but not completely devoid of humor, to Lior Shlain's monologues.

Yesterday's monologue was different.

Segal revealed internal correspondence from the band's WhatsApp group, in which the band's vocalist Dror Foyer announced that he could no longer work with Segal, due to their political differences.

Feuer's text was emotional and personal.

It is likely that he did not intend for it to be made public.

There was a fury there that was reserved only for the closest.

It is likely that this outburst of emotions did not come because Feuer suddenly realized that Arel Segal had stopped voting for Meretz (which he did do in the past). In the 18 years that the band existed, the political debates were always in the background. The band always joked, even on stage, about the differences the ideologies of her friends. This was part of her charm.

You can understand why Segal took the matter to heart.

Dror Feuer is not another leftist who can be fended off with a little fake news.

It's a fight between brothers.

Morrissey vs. Johnny Marr.

Roger Waters vs. David Gilmour.

Gallagher vs. Gallagher.

All in all, a few kids who managed for years to be friends and make music against all odds, and in the end blew up over a small matter.

In the role of Yoko Ono: Sara Netanyahu.

Ozzy Osbourne (Photo: Ross Halpin)

Segal's monologue was not without cynicism. His choice to address Feuer with the blessing of reconciliation and to inform him that he loves him and for him the candle is still lit felt quite disgusting after long minutes in which he crucified him in front of the audience of his show (which recently began to gain respectable ratings) and even compared him to talkbackists Anonymous on the "Haaretz" website. That's how it is when Alex Jones is invited from Ali Express. Foyer's problem, as emerged from the text, is not Segal's views, but the aggressive way in which he tries to promote these views.

Yesterday it seemed that S.G.L. was really trying to prove to Foyer that he was right.

The beautiful words (really) about not letting different opinions separate friends and family members were appropriate, certainly in days like these. But the fact that these words are spoken on a channel that is all mobilized to fight against Israeli democracy makes them Segal's choice to air his band's dirty laundry in front of his viewers was clearly intentional:

It is difficult to separate this quarrel, and the unsuccessful attempt at reconciliation, from the political agenda. Arel Segal is no different from Simcha Rothman and Rival Levin who seek to reach talks with members of the opposition.

Let's sit down and talk about the way we want to change the regime in Israel.

Borax is upon us.

There is also whiskey and cigars in the drawer if you flow.

Behind the smiles and the desire to talk, the steam train of the swift and predatory legislation, which ignores all the advisors and experts, continues without stopping even for a moment.

You can't maintain democracy that way, and it turns out that you can't do rock and roll that way either.

Major General Arel (Photo: Reuven Castro)

The band has not yet issued an official announcement about any personal change in the lineup, but as of now it seems that the rift between its members is too deep.

Her future is still unclear.

Will the band break up?

Will you continue without Aral?

Even the band members don't know how to answer these questions yet, but Naj Hammadi can already feel like another brick piled up in the wall of bullying that has engulfed the Bibist right in recent times.

Segal did not offer an apology for the things that hurt Foyer. Instead, he chose to repeat the claim (amusing in its way) that Hannah Arendt was a narcissist who was sexually attracted to Nazis, which in his eyes indicates the entire Israeli left - instead of, perhaps, saying that there were some exaggerations for dramatic purposes In that controversial monologue.

He could have said "I am still in favor of legal reform, but I may have exaggerated the way I presented the Israeli left."

This is what we would expect a friend to do.

Apparently, even to save his band he will not forgive his honor, or the honor of his master.

Ozzy Osbourne got kicked out of his band because he was drunk all the time, Arel Segal kicks himself out of the band he started because of drunkenness of an entire camp.

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