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Elon Musk disappointed, Tesla shares plunged by 3% - voila! vehicle


Elon Musk unveiled plans at Tesla's investor day for a new platform for future models and a new factory in Mexico, but provided very few details about them

Tesla's future models, next to the new Cybertark: this is all Elon Musk had to see about them (photo: from Tesla's presentation at the investor event)

There were many expectations from Tesla's "Investor Day", the event where Elon Musk reveals new plans, technologies and products.

And tonight, after returning to being the richest man in the world following the surge in the company's stock in recent months, Musk took the stage at the Tesla factory in Texas with a new presentation.

The result: Tesla shares closed the day down 3%.

So why weren't investors really impressed?

The expectation was that Musk would reveal Tesla's future platform at the event, which would allow it to produce cheaper electric cars, and perhaps even actually present the Tesla Model 2 that the world is waiting for.

So Musk did "reveal" the platform: he announced that the company was working on one, and even presented a simulation of two models covered in his plans for 2030 - and that's it.

No production schedule, no technical details, no word on the models themselves, whether it's a small car, a crossover, or another sedan.

The paucity of details hinted that the new model would not really be launched soon.

Simulation of the new factory in Texas.

Here too, without a schedule and additional details (photo: simulation: Tesla)

Musk said that in 2030 Tesla will produce 20 million cars a year.

This is a very significant promise, and also very challenging.

Toyota produces about 10 million cars a year, Volkswagen about 9 million.

Tesla produced only 1.3 million cars last year, and in recent days produced the 4 millionth car since its establishment.

To meet this goal, it will have to increase its output 15 times within seven years.

As a first step towards realizing this vision, Musk announced the establishment of another Tesla factory, this time in Mexico, which will be its fourth factory in North America after California, Nevada and Texas, and sixth in the world, after China and Germany.

But here too, apart from a simulation of the factory, Musk did not provide details regarding the opening date, the scope of production, the number of employees and the size of the investment.

He did say that at the same time the production capacity of the existing factories will increase.

What Musk did present was the "master plan": his vision to transition the entire world to clean energy by 2050. Not just the vehicles, but also ships and planes.

For this, according to him, we will need batteries with a capacity of 240 terawatts of electricity, to store electricity and use it during the hours when there is no sun or wind.

Extensive use of heat pumps should store heat for future use, instead of producing it.

Musk's vision is primarily electric.

There is a place for hydrogen, but only as a means of generating energy for factories, not in cars.

The Tesla people promised at the event a more efficient production process, which would be both faster in time, and would also require less space, which would enable a reduction in the area of ​​future factories, and a dramatic improvement in productivity.

The promise is for a process in which the car will be built quickly from a few ready-made parts, without the need for prolonged welding and screwing work.

Here again, Tesla did not present a simulation or full details of the process.

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Musk on Investor Day.

In general, after such events, the stock flew up, this time there were decreases (photo: Tesla)

To make future cars cheaper, they will have fewer computer chips, and less expensive raw materials.

In addition to meeting the demand for supplying more electricity to the vehicle systems, Tesla will switch to 48 volt systems, which are supposed to ensure that no driver gets into the car and discovers a dead battery, which does not allow him to drive - even in electric cars, the separate electrical system for driving the vehicle systems is kept, and the large central battery is only used for energy supply Prevent.

Tesla has reiterated its promise to improve its Autopilot system so it can provide fully autonomous driving, allowing Tesla owners to profit from their cars by turning them into driverless taxis when they're not in use.

But the promises looked less serious when they were made as US authorities barred Tesla from updating its cars with a new version of its autonomous driving system because of defects, forcing it to recall more than 300,000 cars.

At the event, Tesla promised to open thousands of new charging stations in the US and Europe in the coming years, and stated that they would also be opened for cars not made by it.

Musk also showed a video of two humanoid robots being developed by Tesla, the Optimus, that are building one more, but did not announce a date for their sales to begin. or for their use in the company's production lines.

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