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Where is the media that will burst Netanyahu's bubble of lies? Must be busy with another headline about "The Siege of Sarah" - voila! culture


The saga of Sarah and the hairdresser in "Day of Disruption" is definitely suspicious, but the truth is much simpler: the Netanyahu family is so cut off. The problem is that the media colluded with her

Demonstrators in front of the hair salon where Sara Netanyahu is (Yotam Ronan, Sagi Ben Non)

Well, was it worth fighting for democracy?

Go to blows with cops?

block roads?

Almost run over by Tzipi Shavit?

Hell, a man lost part of his ear in the name of protest.

It is a sacrifice that does not fall from fighting against an enemy on the battlefield.

That's how important the country is to the patriotic protesters.

The war for democracy, it turns out, is a war for all intents and purposes.

And finally, how will this day be remembered in the annals of the State of Israel?

This day when cavalry battalions were needed to "rescue" the besieged Sara Netanyahu from a hair salon.

This is of course nonsense.

Netanyahu was not in danger at any point.

The intelligence information about fixing the lady's expensive hairstyle ran in the WhatsApp group, and curious Tel Avivians came to watch the play spontaneously between dinner and a Netflix binge.

No one in the State Square had any intention of harming them.

All of them came with the purpose of protesting in front of who is considered according to foreign publications to be one of the most influential women in the country.

The conspiracy writes itself.

The Prime Minister sent his loyal wife to get a haircut in the heart of the city that is leading the demonstrations on the "Day of Rage" of democracy, in order to divert the conversation from Ben Gabir's hostile takeover of the police force earlier, which ended in blood in the streets. His tweets on Twitter that his government is strong and stable The depot smells pungent of sweat. He's under pressure. Everyone sees it. So here's a clear conspiracy: instead of getting a haircut at home, in Jerusalem or just any other day - just yesterday the lady came to Madinah Square, to see and be seen. What a genius this baby is.

Suspicious, definitely suspicious.

But the truth is much simpler: the Netanyahu family is so cut off.

Neither genius nor shoes.

Sarah Netanyahu just decided to go get a haircut and the world will explode.

Yes, this is the Israeli royal house.

They hear about the "aliens" in the streets but are sure that these are inventions of the hostile conspiracy.

I saw with my own eyes a post by a bibist on Facebook who says that he walked the length and breadth of Tel Aviv yesterday and did not see a single protester.

This is not mind engineering and not even a lie, they just live in a separate reality.

No protest, no smolins at all.

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The Netanyahus (Photo: Reuven Castro)

About a thousand demonstrators stood on H. Bayer Street - some symbolic - and shouted "democracy".

That's it, that's the whole story.

Sara could have gone out with her security guards, gotten into the car and driven to Jerusalem safely.

In fact, she could have gone out and talked to the protesters, and no one would have touched a hair from her head.

After all, the protesters are the ones who paid for the haircut with their tax money, what interest do they have in harming something they fund?

However, the Netanyahu family succumbed to their constant sense of victimhood, and the wife of the criminal defendant, who is afraid that he will be taken to prison, decided on fortification.

"Sara is besieged," said the Israeli media, who will not miss any opportunity to get carried away with the populism of Topaz Luke and the media team of the Prime Minister's House, who properly fulfilled their role as the tail that wags the dog.

The Israeli media, which is supposed to be the watchdog of democracy, has returned to being a ratings poodle.

More in Walla!

Hanan Yuval: "This is not a political matter. Show me one person who says that this man, Almog Cohen, is fine"

To the full article

Below: a real victim

In the video: an injury to a protester from a stun grenade that was thrown at the demonstrators in Tel Aviv (spokesperson of the Israel Police, documentation on social networks according to Section 27 A of the Copyright Law)

Everyone in the media played their role faithfully in this story, including the writer of these lines who had to take time off to write about the much commotion that was not, like about a vending machine.

This is the situation in the country.

No one is talking about personal security, the cost of living, the dying health care system, the collapsing education system - instead, we are all dealing with the populism surrounding the legal revolution.

Hundreds of police officers cordon off a barber shop in Tel Aviv, as if crime in Israel is over.

And here, no one is talking about the Prime Minister's speech, which invented an alternative reality in which he was in the opposition to secession, while history remembers how he voted three times in favor of secession - and later offered to hold a referendum on secession and promised to vote for it.

The historian's son will probably never stop rebelling against history, we've gotten used to it, but where is the media to burst his bubble of lies?

Apparently they were busy making another push about "The Siege of the Barbershop".

And at the end of another day in the twilight of Israeli democracy, the real shame is that we didn't see Sarah's new haircut.

A bit insulting, certainly as the one who paid for her.

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