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Introductions, matches and fights - and all this in an hour. Yes, "New Love" makes great TV - voila! culture


In contrast to "Hatunami" which is confident in its success, "New Love" behaves in episodes like an insecure single woman who tells everything about herself in the first half hour of a date

New love (Photo: Network 13)

The country is going up in flames in every sense, the leaders have abandoned their people and only the new season of "New Love" that aired last night on network 13 offers to provide us with the balm that the soul is asking for.

A sweet bubble of matchmaking, intrigue and quarrels;

A program stormy enough to be distracting but free from the shrunken shekel of "Survival" and "Big Brother";

A gem of pure escapism.

The previous season was very surprising - and positioned "New Love" as a worthy competitor to "Hatunami".

With characters that are crazy and unforgettable, dramas at a dizzying pace and a campy and addictive style, it seemed that for moments she even managed to make her older sister a school.

Now the question arises, will this season succeed in surpassing the bar set by its predecessor?

This year attempts at renewal and renewal were evident: we were greeted by three single women instead of four, while a mysterious surprise awaits us in the fourth apartment.

Meanwhile, no brilliance was recorded in the field of casting.

Noya Arieli, 27, is a model-naturopathic-pilates-instructor from Tel Aviv;

Daniel (Dani) Levy, 27 from Ramat Gan, is a workaholic lawyer who lives on the work-gym axis;

And Yuval Maor, 29, is an advertising manager from the McCann office, also from Tel Aviv.

New love (photo: screenshot, Network 13)

The claim of boredom in the casting is also starting to get boring, but it cannot be ignored: they are all beautiful by accepted standards, shapely, thin, say what is worth saying and are successful in their field.

After the previous season, which was crowned with success and brought a fairly diverse cast, it would have been desirable to see more boldness in this direction, but this time it seems that "New Love" followed a more conservative line, which is a shame.

Even if each of the chosen ones is completely inside her, according to the dry and cruel casting rules, they all fall on the Instagram bride slot.

Against the background of this mediocre news, the obscurity of the well-known apartments, which resemble IKEA showrooms, is even more debatable.

"Omigod wow," says Noya, or Daniel or Yuval (forgive me, I'll need at least five more episodes to tell the difference), against the backdrop of the well-remembered basic kitchenette-counter-living room from the previous two seasons.

What did change, apart from the build-up apartment of course, are the experts accompanying the process, but as is the best tradition in the program, they are also almost imperceptible, and maybe it's a good thing.

Not even 10 minutes have passed, and it's time to sponsor in the form of gift facial products, in order for the girls to prepare their skin for the match.

"I really need glue right now with all the crying," says one of the haters.

Does anyone even remember why we are here?

If so, the first episode of the third season opens with a faint fanfare, and a restoration atmosphere at best and low at worst.

But if there is something that can be attributed to the credit of the episode, as well as to the credit of "New Love" in general, it is its pace, which makes it an excellent munch for attention and concentration disorders.

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New love (photo: screenshot, Network 13)

It is evident that this season they did their best to give us as much as possible in as little time as possible, and for that alone she deserves the respect.

In an hour of an episode we got an introduction to the characters, a match of them all, a meeting with the experts, the beginning of the first mission and so much compressed drama, it could have been shortened by 20 minutes and left us wanting more.

In contrast to "Hatunami" which is confident in its success, "New Love" behaves in episodes like an insecure single woman who tells everything about herself in the first half hour of a date.

It can be exhausting, but it's definitely better than the other option.

Thus, from exposure and sponsorships - racing to matchmaking: Noya (the original) has to choose between Raz and children, and Dor Taub, a model copywriter who loves basketball and a hipster, and goes for the latter.

Daniel, who even before the first match is enough to fall apart on the wort sofa (and thereby marks herself as the goddess of the season), prefers Molly Segal, a former ultra-Orthodox and renovation contractor and son, over Ilan Givati, a man with a division name and a matching character.

I'm happy with the choice because Givati ​​will forgive me, but this season can't contain another protein shake.

Yuval Problems-Trust is required to decide between Meir HaCohen, 37, from a religious home, a boy of nephews, Tel Aviv, director of a hi-tech company, and Laban Sa'ar Caspi, hi-tech-Tel Aviv-manager-business-fitness.

She chooses nephews, which is probably the only biographical detail that sticks out in her memory from the pile of Tinder clichés.

If so, there was no excessive flight in the male casting either, and even so, under the cover of everyone's beauty filter, flaws and scratches from friction coefficients begin to emerge.

In my opinion, it is possible to start the countdown right now from the moment Dor flew over Noya in exaggeration until he fell off her completely, because he does not meet the obligation of walking together with the writer.

Already on the background of his question about her lips ("Yours are the lips?"), while he is painting her, a romanticist, it is clear that this is a lot of trouble.

Even if we are not headed for an iconic or particularly memorable season, it will be interesting here.

New love (photo: screenshot, Network 13)

This can also be credited to the participants, even if the three of them can probably be found at the same tapas bar in Eben Gvirol - they come bravely, exposed and sensitive, and place Laban Proosh on the operating table, with all his scars.

As viewers of reality shows, we above all want to meet real characters who face real problems in front of the cameras.

Even if in themselves they are not iconic like Dana-a-real-woman or two rabbis-in-sex, the dramas that will be born from their encounters with the men will provide a good income for the upcoming season.

Despite its shortcomings, the upcoming season of "New Love" appears to be a good dose of escapism at all.

Based on the pasta recipe episode and the promo for the next episode, intense drama is upon us, including a major scare surrounding the mystery knight from Apartment 4, who is, oh my, a man.

I stay to watch.

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