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A tram for less than NIS 120,000? Search the used market - voila! vehicle


It seems that everyone is buying BYD, Geely and Tesla, but what does someone who wants to join the electric trend on a limited budget do? We took NIS 120,000 and checked what the market offered

Clockwise from top right: Fiat 500, Renault Zoe, MG ZS EV and Nissan Leaf (Photo: Keinan Cohen)

Electric cars are more efficient in converting energy, cheaper for regular maintenance, often have better performance than a gasoline car and of course do not emit pollutants in our living environment.

They also come with a long warranty for their expensive battery, usually 7-8 years, or 150-160 thousand shekels, which postpones dealing with the question of their longevity.

But the new trams are still expensive.

So we set out to check which electric car can still be purchased at a price of up to NIS 120,000 used, for customers looking for a second car for cheap city traffic, and for those looking for a family car and willing to compromise on the range.

The supply, the prices

For each of the models we will give a brief overview of what the model is, main technical data about it and we will also present Yitzhak Levy's list price as of March 2023, a second hand price list and the price range in which the cars currently offered for sale are found in the sales tables.

And two notes before we get going, the supply of cheap used cars is quite limited at this point.

Searching for these cars and after filtering the price range and neutralizing the ads without a price (rule of thumb: if someone doesn't put a price in the ad - they are hunting suckers and you don't even enter it), we were left with a relatively limited list of 122 vehicles, so the selection is not large to begin with, situation It will go and improve in the coming years with the penetration of more and more used trams into the market.

Renault Fluence ZE, about 160 still driving on the roads - a few kilometers to charge, but driving! (Photo: Ronan Toppelberg)

Renault Fluence ZE: the pioneer

Who is it:

The Renault Fluence ZE was supposed to be the wheels that would drive the electric vehicle revolution that "Better Place" promised us.

The project itself went to a place that is all good, not before putting 998 units on the roads in its three years of operation.

Some of the cars that survived were bought back by the importer at the behest of Renault in order to destroy them, others died quickly, there were those that were disabled in accidents and declared a total loss due to the high repair costs, but there are about 160 cars that, at least according to the records of the Ministry of Transportation, are still circulating among a pious and cohesive community.

With a realistic range of about 120 km at the beginning of its life, Fluence ZE is an excellent example of how the electric world is leaping forward, today 300 km is considered short-range in new cars.

With battery packs that have already weakened, the realistic ranges will be less than 100 km. So it is mainly suitable as a short-range vehicle only and when you take into account that it is a gamble. Some of the cars had the battery replaced at a cost of NIS 35,000 for an improved one with improved length and range. We found in the

panels :

As of today, three units are advertised, one from 2012, the second from 2013 and a third that went on the road in 2014. In one of them the owner declares a battery with a capacity of 50 percent (and on the other hand claims a range of 100 km) and in the second ad it is clearly stated that the range is 60 km.

Price list:

According to the Levy Yitzhak price list, the "Expression" trim level offered from 2012 is priced at 19 thousand NIS, the one from 2013 at 21.6 thousand, and the one from 2014 at 24 thousand NIS.

In the second hand price list the numbers are 14 thousand, 16.7 thousand and 19.1 thousand, respectively.

What to ask for:

the prices are somewhat ambitious.

The first two cars are presented with a price tag of NIS 23,000.

The third increases to make and is offered for NIS 86 thousand.

Renault Zoe, unless it is a city car, it is recommended to skip the 2017 ones (photo: manufacturer's website)

This is the Zoe: Renault Zoe

Who is it:

Renault Zoe was Renault's first real foray into the electric world after the Fluence ZE adventure.

It was equipped with a round and cute look and did not pay too much in terms of space and usability for being electric.

It was marketed here from 2017 to 2021, however if you are looking at one it is very important to know.

During 2018, the car's drivetrain was replaced.

It went from an 88 hp engine and a 22 kW battery that offered an official 240 km range, to one with a capacity of 41 kW, a declared range of 300 km and a power of 92 hp.

During 2019, the power increased to 109 hp, and the range to 306 km.

If you are not looking for a car for a very limited and short term - go for a more advanced one.

In all versions you will have to give up advanced safety systems.

They are equipped with only 4 airbags and the furthest you will go in terms of safety is a passive Mobileye system installed locally.

This gap resulted in that while in her first round of crash tests she came home with 5 stars, when retested with the current standard she failed to earn even a single star.

Important: Zoe is not equipped with the possibility of fast DC charging, which should improve the life of the batteries, which are not exposed to increased heating that characterizes fast charging.

In its place it has semi-fast charging: an AC charger with a capacity of 22 kWh. If you find a public station with such capacity, or install one at home, it will fill the battery in about 2 hours, instead of 5-7 hours of AC charging in most other streetcars. We found on the boards:


cars Of the model, half of them (more precisely 13) of the early and short-term versions are advertised

in the plates.

According to Levi Yitzhak's price list, the Zoai price starts at NIS 68,000 for 2017, the improved model with 92 hp (also known as R90) from 2018 is priced at NIS 82,000 and the 109 hp version (also known as R110) starts at the same price for the year 2018 and NIS 91 thousand for 2019.

These are price differences that do not reflect the fact that with the arrival of the improved model in November 2018, Zoi prices were cut at once and overnight the improved version was sold here for NIS 19,000 less (125,000 instead of 144,000).

In Yid 2, the price list for Zoe starts at NIS 54 thousand for one from 2017, the 92 hp version from 2018 is priced at 53.5 thousand, but the 109 hp version from 2019 already jumps the price to NIS 82.5 thousand.

What are you asking for:

In practice, the market prices better reflect the real situation as far as the basic versions are concerned and not really, when the weak and short-range versions from 2017 are asking between NIS 45,000 and NIS 58,000 for those with extremely low mileage.

The two units from 2018 are priced at NIS 69.9 thousand and NIS 85 thousand.

In the case of the 109 hp model, things lose touch with reality when the absolute majority of car owners ask for prices above the list price.

The opaque front will give it away - Hyundai Ioniq EV (photo: manufacturer's website, manufacturer)

You are not like everyone else: Hyundai Ioniq EV

Who is it:

In addition to the Ionique hybrid that was sold in thousands of units to fleets, its electric versions will also be imported to Israel starting in 2019, initially the GL version with 120 horses, a 28 kWh battery and a range of 280 km and from 2020 the premium version, with 136 Horses, 38.3 kWh battery and 311 km are declared, but this is expensive and exceeds the limit of 120 thousand shekels.

This is already a modern family car, with active safety systems, and the possibility of fast charging of the battery.

We found in the boards:

currently there are 6 electric Hyundai Ioniq cars from the 2019-2020 model years.

Price list:

In the Levi Yitzhak price list, the GL version from 2019 is valued at NIS 108,000, one from 2020 is already on the budget limit - NIS 123,000.

The 2nd hand price list puts it at 103.7 thousand shekels for one from 2019 and 111.9 thousand for the one from 2020.

What are you asking for:

The price lists range from NIS 105 for one from 2019 to NIS 109,000 for one from 2020.

The ZS was the one that broke the Great Wall of China (Photo: Keinan Cohen)

The main vanguard: MG ZS EV

Who is it:

The electric version of MG's crossover was one of the pioneers of the genre of Chinese electric cars to land here in 2019 and marked the components that will also turn its domestic competitors into those that wink at the Israeli customer.

The package he offered included equipment, a high level of safety for its time and an attractive price that, based on his dimensions, height and performance, brought him good numbers as long as he was the only player on the field.

Most of the years it was marketed in Israel in two levels of finish, the net S and the net up S. Most of the items in the market that were sold to individuals are from the higher finish level.

The electric MG has a power of 143 hp, which gives it decent performance, but a declared range of 263 km, far from what it is customary to offer today in a crossover for family use.

You can use fast charging to extend the range.

We found on the boards:

about 40 cars of this model appear on the boards, significantly higher than any other model in this review and naturally given its seniority and distribution.

price list:

According to Levi Yitzhak's price list, the electric MG in the NET S trim level starts at NIS 97,000 for a 2019 model and goes up to NIS 120,000 for one from 2022. The higher trim level, NET UP, starts at NIS 110,000 for the 2019 year and goes up to NIS 120,000 for the 2020 year The NET UP LINE S starts at 118.1 thousand shekels for the 2021 year, and that of 2022 is 125.5 thousand, above our budget.

The second hand price list starts from NIS 102.6 for NET S from 2019 to NIS 113 thousand for NET S from 2020.

What to ask for:

Among the famous models, prices start at NIS 100 thousand for NET UP S from 2020 to 120 thousand Shekels for the same level of finish and the same year.

Leftovers from "that" China, this time it didn't work (Photo: Rami Gilboa, Rami Gilboa)

Did not rise: GAC GE3

Who is it:

Before it released the "Bingo" with Geely's Geometric C, Union Motors had a previous attempt to introduce a Chinese swallow of the GAC brand.

But compared to the dedicated and advanced electric models from the AION series of the Chinese manufacturer, the GE3 was a modified version of a gasoline car, and not a particularly successful one.

With the exception of a lot of equipment, a good range for its time of about 300 km and a powerful engine with 177 hp, it mainly presented mediocrity in ride comfort and noise isolation, the lack of advanced safety systems and the inability to charge it at the fast charging stations that exist in Israel.

A promise by the importer to establish a special fast charging network for it that would match the Chinese standard system in which it was equipped was not fulfilled.

In addition, the fact that it did not carry European standards limited the import to 400 units per year.

We found in the tables:

the minority of cars sold in Israel in the two years of marketing is also reflected in the second-hand market.

12 units from the 2020 and 2021 yearbooks.

price list:

According to the Levy Yitzhak price list, the price range of the GE3 ranges from NIS 105,000 for one from 2020 to NIS 115,000 for 2021. In Yid 2, the price list ranges from NIS 83,000 for the base version from 2020 to NIS 116,000 for an equipped one from 2021.

What is being asked for:

In practice, most of the published ads are aimed at the higher price range, with the lowest price being NIS 97,000 for a 2020 model and reaching NIS 120,000 for a 2021 model with 8,000 km.

The Leaf was basically a good car, the importer chose to market it in a version that did it an injustice (Photo: Nir Ben Tovim, Keinan Cohen)

I was before: Nissan Leaf

Who is it:

Among all the Chinese crossovers and Teslas, we forget that Nissan was here long before with the Leaf, its electric compact family car that also held the title of "the best-selling electric car in the world" for years.

But when it arrived here in the second generation in 2019, it was not cheap, at a price of NIS 165,000, with a modest official minus minus 270 km range because it was only imported with the small battery on offer, it did not really become a hit. Despite good performance and ride comfort and the existence of Active safety systems.

We found on the boards:

13 cars of this model are advertised with an interesting distribution - only 4 of them by private customers and of the 9 that were left to handle the sale to someone else, 6 of them are offered by the trade-in arm of the importer. The price list: Levi Yitzhak


the Transfer between NIS 110 thousand for one from 2019 and another NIS 124 thousand for one from 2021 that is relevant to us. In hand 2 the numbers range from NIS 13.2 thousand for 2019 to 139.6 thousand for the one from 2021.

What are you asking for:

We found the cheapest Leaf at the importer - NIS 106,000 for one from 2020.

The most expensive on the board in the budget we defined is one from 2021 with 38 thousand km for 120 thousand shekels.

Yes, for less than NIS 110,000 for the 320 km version (Photo: Keinan Cohen)

La Dolce Volta: Fiat 500e

Who it is:

When Fiat entered the electric world with the 500e, it did so with two of its strengths - the Fiat 500 and small cars.

The modern incarnation is larger than the outgoing 500 but designed in the same retro lines with a hint of futurism.

It comes in two battery and range versions.

The basic one with 95 hp, a 23.7 kWh battery that claims 190 km and will be suitable for short-term suburban use, the more senior version with 118 hp, a 42 kWh battery reaches 314 km, not something to cross with the country, but already more useful.

We found in the tables:

"our" budget included three cars, one of the short range and two of the longer range.

But the offer, which includes 26 cars, extends up to NIS 185,000, including the more expensive cabriolet versions.

price list:

In the Levi Yitzhak price list is the short-range 500e from 2021 for NIS 104,000 and one from 2022 for NIS 115,000.

For the basic trim level of the "Fashion" long-range version, Levy Yitzhak sets a price that starts at NIS 115,000 for 2021, that of 2022 already rises to NIS 126,000, above the budget.

Yad 2 is less expensive for the electric 500, with them the short-range version from 2022 is priced at NIS 90.8 thousand.

For some reason, the fashion with the longer term gets a low price - NIS 88.2 per one from 2021.

What are they asking for:

As mentioned, of the three that are in the budget range we defined, we have the action from 2022 for NIS 109 thousand.

Above it for 119 thousand shekels you will find the fashion, with the longer range.

For exactly 120 thousand shekels there is the interesting "Ikon" which comes in a chassis configuration with an interesting door arrangement of one door on the driver's side and one and a half doors on the passenger side to facilitate entry and exit.

Smart Fourfour, the range is limited, the price is not really (photo: manufacturer's website)

Really smart?

Smatter EQ Purpur

Who is it:

As part of Renault's collaboration with Mercedes, we got the Smart Fourfour in its second generation, which was actually a Renault Twingo.

Unlike the first Samar Furfur that was not imported to Israel, and grew to be a super mini, the Furfur in its second generation kept the dimensions of a mini car.

Smart and within it the purple was rebranded in 2019 as an all-electric manufacturer when the Smart brand became jointly owned by the Chinese Geely and Mercedes.

The Furfur also returned to being a car with an urban purpose.

An engine with 82 hp, a 17.6 kWh battery that provides a range of only 130 km. The production of the Purpur stopped at the end of 2021 with the transition of the brand to production in China for the next generation of its cars. We found in the panels: four units of


Purpur electric from 2021, in one of them the seller insists that it is from 2023. If you want to narrow down even further, there are also two Portos with two seats in the budget range.

Price list:

According to Levi Yitzhak, the price of the electric Furfur is NIS 128,000.

In the second hand price list, the price is NIS 102.5 thousand.

What they are asking for:

The prices in the ads are between those of Levy Yitzhak's estimate and second hand prices - they start at NIS 108,000 and go up to NIS 115 and 119,000.

If the small car makes you feel claustrophobic, you can switch to the cabriolet versions, but you'll already be out of budget.

Peugeot 208 electric, first hand from a teacher (driving) (Photo: Keinan Cohen, Keinan Cohen)

And those on the list too

So far we've touched on cars that were natural candidates for this review, whether due to the high numbers in which they were sold, their low prices to begin with, their suitability for wider audiences and more.

But there are a few cars that made it in that are very rare on the boards, and fit the budget frame due to their special circumstances.

For example, the Opel Corsa e from 2021, a modern and successful super mini, for NIS 98,000 per car with a 50 kWh battery and a range of 350 km.

The catch?

Someone did not rest for a moment and drove 78 thousand km in it. And there is also its twin sister, the Peugeot 208e, it is offered for NIS 99.9 thousand, which is only a little more than the kilometers it did - 97 thousand as a driving learning car. By the way, it was first published in NIS 110,000, went down to NIS 85,000 and went up again to NIS 99,900 as mentioned. Maybe you should wait for a good price day.

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