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"They made an imitation of us in the 'Great Country', maybe we should do some kind of provocation every month" - voila! culture


The surprising composition, the imitation in "A wonderful country" and the thoughts about the future ("We should do some kind of provocation every month!"). Interview with Kobi Peretz and Hanan Yuval after their joint performance last night

Interview with Hanan Yuval and Kobi Peretz Lavala!

Tarbut, before Peretz's performance hosting Yuval, Gray Club in Modi'in, March 21, 2023 (Sagi Ben Nun)

After it was published that Hanan Yuval refused to appear in the Knesset in protest of the rudeness of some members of the Knesset, Minister Dodi Amsalem offered to bring "the wonderful singer and composer Kobi Peretz" in his place.

On the way he didn't forget to poke Hanan Yuval and wondered "Who is Hanan Yuval?!".

Then there were posts on Facebook, clarifications that "no one will succeed in a conflict between Yuval and Peretz" - and yesterday, as mentioned, a circle was closed when Kobi Peretz invited Hanan Yuval to perform with him at Gray Modi'in - when a surprise guest arrived in the audience - Amsalam himself.

Behind the scenes, Hanan Yuval told Amsalem with a smile: "After you said what you said, I closed the cash register."

Hanan Yuval and Kobi Peretz jointly performed on stage the songs "May the sun shine on me" composed by Yuval, "Kama Ahava" by Kobi Peretz, and Yoval alone performed his hit "If this song sounds familiar to you".

When the two sang "May the sun pass over me" Minister Dodi Amsalem unexpectedly rose from the audience and sang with them to the applause of the audience.

Minister Amsalem,

You said mockingly, "Who is Hanan Yuval anyway?"

Do you already know who Hanan Yuval is?

"I always knew who Hanan Yuval was, don't worry. Basically, I also grew up listening to Hanan Yuval's songs. I know them all. 'Who is Hanan Yuval?'

There was a sting to Hanan Yuval, who wrote unkind things about me. Whoever mocks Amsalem - then Amsalem mocks him back. There are no debtors."

And now you apologized?

"I respect him, it's not something personal. I certainly like Hanan Yuval as a person, he's really charming, and also his songs. But I said, 'Amsalam David doesn't owe anyone - ever.'"

Hanan told you behind the scenes "After you said what you said, I closed the checkout."

"I'm happy, if I helped someone in the people of Israel earn a living - hello and hello."

Hanan Yuval, Kobi Peretz and Dodi Amsalem perform the hit "May the sun pass over me"

Kobi Peretz, Dodi Amsalem and Hanan Yuval singing "The sun will pass over me", Gray Club in Modi'in, March 21, 2023 (stills: Reuven Castro, video: Sagi Ben Nun)

Hanan Yuval and Kobi Peretz perform together Peretz's hit "Kama Ahava"

Hanan Yuval and Kobi Peretz perform together Peretz' hit "Kama Ahava", Gray Club in Modi'in, March 21, 2023 (stills: Reuven Castro, video: Sagi Ben Noon)

"We will win a prize in some ceremony for the great union?" Kobi Peretz asked with a smile in a joint interview with him and Hanan Yuval Lavala!

Culture last night, shortly before their performance began.

Yuval smiled and added: "It's a social union more than a musical union. I mean, the musical union is wonderful and exciting, but the very connection - is the story to me."

It is so heartwarming, especially at a time like this, when everyone is on fire, to finally see a connection between different people like you.

Peretz: "They say that 'human beings are equal to each other - but different from each other,' and that's fine, natural and legitimate. We're all here to make music, and music is something that unites and connects ethnicities, between peoples, between right and left, forward and backward, Up and down. This is both me and Hanan, throughout my career and his, we got to know and touch people who are from completely different ends, and God willing we were privileged and blessed that we make music. This came out of the sweet story with my dear uncle Amsalem, so thank you very much, uncle, Because a dare turned out sweet. I wish that these things would come out in all genres of music, because we as artists should be an example to each and every one, whether he is one politician or another or whether he is the neighbor's son or even our children, whether the son or the daughter My children will see free love and unity and not division and hatred, so they will probably also follow in Father's footsteps. And if they see a father who is anti, actually does and only looks for evil, then they will probably learn that from me, and that is not how I would want to educate my children." .

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Hanan Yuval to Minister Dodi Amsalem: "After you said what you said, I closed the cash register"

Hanan Yuval and Dodi Amsalem (photo - Sagi Ben Nun)

Minister Amsalem refers to his statement "Who is Hanan Yuval?"

Minister Dodi Amsalem at Kobi Peretz's concert in which he hosted Hanan Yuval, Gray Club, March 21, 2023, refers to his statement "Who is Hanan Yuval?"

(Stills: Reuven Castro, video: Sagi Ben Nun)

Kobi, after my uncle Amsalem said "Who is Hanan Yuval?", did you tell him who it was?

Peretz: "I'm sure and believe that my uncle knows who Hanan Yuval is, it's like they said about me quite a few times, 'Who is Kobi Peretz?' He said this in a so-called sting because Hanan did not agree to come, but I believe and am sure that each of the 120 members of the Knesset know Hanan more than Kobi, because what can you do, the majority there is from your generation, Hanan, or more or less your age He didn't say it in the part that he doesn't really know, God forbid, or in the part that he's mocking, he said it in the part of 'He didn't want to come? Who is he anyway that he doesn't want to come?'. And I think that even if I had been invited and I wouldn't have come , so they would also say about me, I don't know if it was my uncle or someone else, 'With all due respect, who is Kobi Peretz who doesn't want to come?' He has free time. I currently have time. So he passed the baton to me to go and appear."

Is it just a rapprochement of hearts or is it also a small PR round for both of you?

Yuval: "I admit that I never do things for PR.

PR comes later, or it doesn't.

It's a matter of doing.

My friends know me.

I am indeed of Ashkenazi descent, but sometimes I am more Moroccan than the Moroccans, my fuse blows, and I do not account to anyone, as everyone who works with me will testify." Kobi: "All my life I make a habit of

bringing hearts together as much as possible, kiddush Hashem, vindication of the many.

Even with couples I know, who want to get divorced, God forbid, so I immediately jump on this thing to unite and connect them.

Because I was almost out, and I know what it is to live a year without a woman.

Family is the most important thing a person has.

Wife and children and together.

And I learned a beautiful sentence from my wife.

When we were not together, she always told me: 'Together we will survive, apart we will fall.'"

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Hanan Yuval and Kobi Peretz (Photo: Reuven Castro)

Hanan Yuval and Kobi Peretz before Peretz's performance where he hosted Yuval, Gray Club in Modi'in (Photo: Reuven Castro)

This is what Subliminal wrote in the song "Separate and Rule".

Kobe: "It may be from Subliminal, but I know it from a completely different place."

You are very far from each other politically.

Kobi, you are a passionate supporter of Ben Gvir.

Hanan, you called Prime Minister Netanyahu a "rascal".

Peretz: "First of all, I hate and I don't like everything related to politics. I love my country. I'm a Zionist. What's really important to me is my country. How to live here as well as possible. I've been halfway around the world, and every time I've been to another country, I just landed in that country and I already missed my country. This is the best country we have. There have always been and always will be disputes. And that's okay. How do you say? It's human nature. Politicians change. The Land of Israel will never change. We should all be united, and as much free love as possible I think this is the best slogan for everyone, for musicians, for politicians, for both the right and the left."

Hanan: "I think this is democracy. In the notes I wrote to my friend, the producer, I didn't write to him about what, I wrote to him about how. And this is democracy where everyone chooses who to choose, who to follow, and that's perfectly fine."

Kobi: "Hanan reminds me of my father-in-law. My father-in-law and I have completely different opinions, I am right-wing and he is left-wing. But the bottom line is, I love my father-in-law as much as I love my wife. And I love Hanan as I love my father-in-law. It doesn't matter what his opinions are , who he chose, I don't care what his choices are on the issue of right and left or his opinions on this or that politician. I love him as a dear Jew, as a dear person. I think that Hanan Yuval is the beautiful Land of Israel."

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Kobi Peretz, Dodi Amsalem and Hanan Yuval (Photo: Reuven Castro)

Peretz, Amsalem and Yuval (Photo: Reuven Castro)

After this performance, will there be continuity between the two of you with some joint tour, like Shalom and Shlomo and like Ravid and Tona?

Hanan laughs: "Who knows?"

Kobi: "Who knows? Time will tell. I believe we will meet again and do things together, and with God's help - the sky is the limit."

What did you think of your impersonation in "Wonderland"?

Hanan: "I really liked it, I think they're both as talented as a demon. And sorry, Kobi, I came out high and he's low there."

Kobi: "He came out high, I came out low, and my stomach was made as if I had swallowed more. But it was funny, it was on the flip-flop."

Hanan: "Roi Bar Natan and Viniv Biton are so talented, they caught nuances."

Kobi: "Tell me, have you ever been imitated in 'Great Country'?"

Hanan: "Never. Thanks to you, you see?"

Kobi: "Thanks to me? Here, we won. We need every month..."

The encore question: If you both sit until white smoke comes out, can you find a solution to the huge crisis that exists now in politics, society and democracy?

Can you find a compromise?

Hanan: "You exaggerated. Do you think they know the difference between major and minor? No! Each in his own profession."

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