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Maya Kay felt taken advantage of, offended to the core. It is not clear how she forgave Tal after such a betrayal - voila! culture


It would have been better for Gal to have Maya stay, even at the cost of giving up Tal as an ally. It would have been better for Gal to be the victim of this triangle and to be a bit in the vibe of a rejected woman

Philippine Survival: Aviran's surprising move (Network 13)

The survivors wake up to sunrise and we know the end is near, because their hunger hallucinations are already making them see Donald Duck in the sky.

There are only four more days on the island, and this is the situation - Maya was eliminated, Tal holds the veto bracelet, Gal won the advantage in the immunity task, Elit is in the spotlight, and the immunity task will positively affect the fate of the winner.

The immunity task this time is a bit complex.

It includes crossing bridges, slides, puzzles, a carpentry course, a ceramics class, a scented candle workshop and piloting some sea fish.

I don't know what was there exactly, but by and large, the survivors had to perform all types of work, and Gal's advantage gives her a significant advantage over everyone.

Very quickly Tal, Sahar, and Aviran narrow the gaps.

As Gal, Sahar, Tal and Aviran begin the final task of building the tower, Casey and Alith are still far behind.

but what?

It turns out that this tower is much more complicated to assemble than it looks, and while Shalit and Casey catch up and can actually close gaps and take the immunity.

It almost happened - at one point both Casey and Gal had two floors out of three, head to head, and then Gal, who didn't rest for a moment - again took immunity, for the third time in a row, securing her place among the last five survivors.

It's nice for Gal to sit on the toughest council since the beginning of the season calm, with a chain of immunity, but even that didn't protect her from the waves of stinging insults that came from Maya Kay, who entered as a juror for the first time after her removal.

They didn't know what condition she would end up in, but very quickly everyone realized that the damage she experienced was much deeper than they thought - and unfortunately for Tal, the preliminary talks they had made towards the moment when one of them would have to choose a game over the other - did not help at all.


Maya Kay (photo: screenshot, Network 13)

"Maybe in the game he won," Maya said with a trembling voice, "but for me, in real life, he lost."

Throughout the council she did not look at any of her clan members, because if she had looked at them, she would have cried for sure.

At this stage, she really means it: she feels taken advantage of, thinks that everything between her and Tal was a show, and that their relationship ended at the moment of the dismissal.

And once again we got the winning proof that the words that are said most times in every season of survival - "it's just a game" - have no meaning in the moment of truth.

In the end survival is the exact opposite of "just a game".

It's an event that revolves around popularity and emotion, and rejection by good friends, and even more so by a partner, is a betrayal of everything.

Maya's side is very understandable.

In a game where passing an immunity chain or a statuette to prevent elimination is likened to saying "I love you" - her elimination by Tal, Sa'ar and Casey is a heartbreaking and trust-shattering betrayal.

Tal, like any typical man, is sure that if Maya agreed that the emotion and the game are theoretically two separate things, then everything will be fine.

That's why he "expected" her to be more "mature" and to understand his move, in which he chose the wave, the money, the game, and everything - over her.

I would be very interested to hear how he was able to get her to forgive him, in retrospect, and it wouldn't surprise me at all if it turned out that she was sleeping at her parents' house the night this particular episode aired.

Tal undoubtedly made a serious mistake, and the fact that he is still making claims and is sure that he is actually the injured party only makes his situation worse.

Gal's side is also completely understandable.

For her, there is nothing more justified than Maya's elimination, starting with the fact that she should not sit next to her in the final, and ending with the fact that let's admit it - Maya drank Tal, who was her close partner, to her with a straw and did not leave Gal a drop to quench her thirst.

It doesn't matter now if what happened between Gal and Tal was romantic, playful or a combination of the two, Maya disrupted the array of forces and the plans, and therefore she has to go so that the game can continue as planned.

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How did he make her forgive him?

Tal Mord (photo: screenshot, Network 13)

The problem is that it didn't solve anything - quite the opposite.

Ironically, Maya's biggest blow to Gal's game lies in the fact that she was able to convince Tal to oust her.

It made them look cruel and heartless, and she came off as petty, jealous and cold.

It could ruin her final.

Gal saw it from the beginning, told Tal immediately, and in hindsight was also right.

Tal's relationship with Maya ruined their joint game.

Except for this moment when he deposed Maya due to the pressure put on him, Tal preferred Maya over Gal, and there is no debate about that.

From Gal's point of view, this is both insulting and puts her million at risk.

It doesn't matter how much he calls her big sister (by the way - the insulting peak if you're interested in someone), and it doesn't matter how cute Maya is to her (when someone is cute to you it's because you're not a threat), and it doesn't matter how many times Gal wishes them well and says They are sweet - from Gal's point of view, Maya had to go, and no less important - Tal had to oust her.

It may even be that Gal should have given up in advance, and realized that in the case of Tal and Maya, she would lose in any case - she would lose if Maya reached the finals, she would lose if Tal pushed her away to keep Maya, and she is losing even now, when the goal was supposedly achieved.

After all, there is nothing worse than her position now, when she is the jealous and evil monster who ruined Barbie and Ken's happy ending of their perfect relationship, and let Maya eat a poisoned apple with an immunity chain around her neck that she "doesn't pass on to anyone".

For the jury, there is no worse comparison for her when she sits opposite the perfect angelic Maya, with her glowing skin and eyes sparkling with tears.

In Mama, it would have been better for Gal to have Maya stay, even at the cost of giving up Tal as an ally.

It would have been better for Gal to be the victim of this triangle and to be a bit in the vibe of a rejected woman.

Any other result would have brought her closer to a million than this magnificent performance in which she is Cinderella's stepmother, and Casey Vesher as the evil sisters.

Evil sister?

Sahar, survival (photo: screenshot, network 13)

There is nothing to do, every season there is a saint, and this season it is Maya Kay.

Strategy is beautiful, but only to the extent of Maya.

You can curse in the Knesset plenum as much as you want, but even if you are the most reasoned and polite member of the Knesset in the world, if someone catches you kicking a labrador puppy from a toilet paper commercial - you're gone.

You will never be forgiven.

And especially in this season, where the audience at home also has an influence on the selection of the last survivor, this move hurt her more than it helped her.

And having said that, the only one from whom we haven't heard any pretense or an excuse or a hypocritical apology of any kind, and in a reformed world should take the million, is Gal Rubin.

She deserves more from Tal, who was mainly the executor of her plans, more than Maya who hardly made any moves, more than Elit, who was dragged most of the way, more than Ebern who woke up only recently, and more than Casey who, apart from the beginning, made a maximum effort to play the game as little as possible.

So with all the love for Casey and Byrne, and with all the sympathy for Elit's financial situation - if there is any fairness in the world, the mother of six, the evil beast, this strong and beautiful woman, who drove almost all the moves in the game, will win the million.

No matter how Gal Robin is, I fly on her and her eggs.

Oh, I forgot to say - Alit was kicked out, then came back.

Her destiny stone or as it is called "some lie" was not burned.

After Sahar cheated on her, the only one she can still team up with is Aviran - who didn't vote because he was wearing the veto bracelet.

But it all depends on who will be disqualified first in the task tomorrow and will be the next and penultimate eliminated until the final event on Saturday.

I bet on Alit.

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