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"Third Party" shone far and wide in the television wasteland of the commercial channels - voila! culture


Thanks to a sensitive direction that did not lag behind the flood of over-dramatic moments in the script and thanks to the brilliant acting of Rotem Sela, Gal Malka and Yehuda Levy - Keshet 12's "Third Person" became a wonderful drama

Promo for the series "Third Person" (Arch 12)

Everything closes on Eli Abrahami.

In the two season finale episodes of "Third Body" that aired this week, Rotem Sela's character had to pay not only the price of the mistakes she made throughout the season but the mistakes she made for a lifetime.

Ido (Yehuda Levy) lost the little trust he still had in Ali after she signed the documents that would give him custody of their future son and preferred to fly to London with Tomer (Lior Raz) to write a series with him.

Tomer (Raz) who experienced his own "birth" with the launch of the book he worked on together with Eli throughout most of the season, chose to use the moment to thank his mother and not Eli, which again emphasized to Eli the importance of mothers in our lives.

And while her sister Roni (Yal Eitan) is in the delivery room, we see the confrontation between Eli and her mother (Nurit Galron who should get more acting roles) for growing up in a children's home.

"You can think, there are other things in the world," Eli's mother says about couples who fail to become parents and in one moment she cancels years of difficulty, frustration and disappointment that Eli and Ido experienced.

If that's not enough, she also admits that children were never her desire and she doesn't even apologize for it.

Eli, who as mentioned is at a crossroads that all lead to a bad place, sees this as a sign that maybe she is not meant to be a mother.

It's not just her uterus that isn't functioning, it's the universe that is signaling to her that she doesn't have it.

For an entire season Ellie had her eyes on Chen (Gal Malka), the surrogate of her future son, and even though the latter does not have the money, career and partner that she has, she still saw her as a model to admire thanks to the motherhood that came so naturally to her.

The final chapters also challenge this equation.

From the final episode of "Third Person" (Photo: screenshot, Keshet12)

Chen, who with her life experience alone has proven throughout the season that she is much more capable than the privileged Ido Vali, turns out here to be a little more childish than we thought.

This is especially noticeable on Uri's birthday (the talented Ido Seelam) which turns into a battle of egos between her and her ex Yaniv (Iti Turgeman).

When Uri, who is still hurt by seeing his mother get physically close to Ido, prefers to celebrate his birthday with the father who abandoned him and then returned, Chen can't take it anymore and lashes out.

In a short but moving monologue, she explains to him that his birthday is not his day at all, it is her day, the one who carried him in her womb for nine months and took him out of her womb (she was about to use a more blunt word but stops herself at the last moment).

This confession by Chen comes not only from her frustration with Uri's choice of his father, but also from her fear of the upcoming birth and the fact that after she reluctantly became part of Eli and Ido's family, she will celebrate the birthday of the child in her belly alone.

Eli and Chen both come to the end of the season torn and shaken, as the weight of the pregnancy has left many marks on them.

Even Ido (Levi) who thought he knew the world better than anyone, reveals his weakness and runs into Chen's arms instead of trying to do damage control with Eli.

You can understand him.

The relative speed and ease with which Eli gave up her dream, pulled the rug not only from under Eli and Ido's feet but also from under the feet of the entire series, it raises the question - can it be someone who suffered so much to fulfill the dream of motherhood, including five years of horrible treatments and nine months of a strained and charged relationship with her surrogate, give it all up for the potential of writing a series?

And since when did Eli even dream of a series?

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From the final episode of "Third Person" (Photo: screenshot, Keshet12)

"Third Body", which was renewed this week for a second season following the success in the ratings and winning the actress award at the "Siris Mania" festival (Rotem Sela and Gal Malka), provided a first season that shone far and wide in the television wasteland of the commercial channels, but if we admit the truth it was not uniform.

As the season progressed, more and more moments in the relationship between the couple Eli and Ido Abrahami and Chen Ben Atar felt less logical and almost telenovela: Eli and Ido's involvement in Chen's family life seemed more than once to be illogical and not suitable for a couple of balanced and calculated careerists like them.

Also the speed with which Chen's suspicion towards them turned into almost total devotion felt like something that was rushed for the sake of drama and was contrary to the character's character.

Two things managed to save "third party" from becoming a promise that disappointed.

The first is the reliable and consistent performance of the entire cast, with an emphasis on the three main stars: Rotem Sela, Yehuda Levy and Gal Malka.

Each and every one of them provided believable, sensitive and exciting performances and managed to make Eli, Ido and Chen feel less like characters and more like people.

As the scripts went on and threw less logical situations at them (Chen's move to Beit Eli and Ido), the challenge that stood before them only grew and they met it bravely.

If Gal Malka proved here that she is not only an excellent comedic actress (for those who remembered her from "The Commander"), but also an excellent dramatic actress, Rotem Sela established her position as one of the best television actresses in Israel, with a series of excellent roles in "Hatabah" and "Bloody" Mori" and now also here.

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From the final episode of "Third Person" (Photo: screenshot, Keshet12)

The acting performances of the cast would not have passed without Shay Capon's sensitive direction that did not drag after the flood of over-dramatic moments in the script and kept "Third Person" as a series that gives its actors time to develop and does not shout what it has to say.

With the birth of Eli and Ido's eldest son, it seems that "Third Person" could have ended here and left us with some intriguing questions about the future of the characters, but with success, as mentioned, there is no arguing and I hope that the creators of the series (Shira Hadad, Dror Meshani and Kapon) will be able to give us A second season that will go more in the sensitive and restrained line and less in the telenovela path.

Excessive dramas we have enough in life itself.

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