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Is Roman Zdorov guilty or guilty? This is not the story of the Tair Rada murder case for a long time - voila! culture


It is not certain that in this era, where the truth has become a controversial concept, it does not matter at all whether Zdorov won like snow or whether he managed to outwit everyone and escape from prison

On video: "I knew the truth would win": Roman Zdorov returned home after being acquitted of the murder of Tair Rada (Niv Aharonson)

In the last 17 years, there have been about 10 major military operations in Israel in which thousands of people have died.

In this country there is a person accused of crimes who was elected prime minister, and is trying to carry out a coup d'état in the country, partly to escape justice.

In between there were also good things.

Leonard Cohen performed at the Ramat Gan Stadium, Neta Barzilai won the Eurovision Song Contest and two charming young men from Rishon Lezion named Linoy and Artium won gold medals at the Olympics.

However, with all due respect to all these historical events, it seems that there was no news event that managed to make the Israelis completely disengage in front of the media like the horrific case of Tair Rada's murder.

17 years of coverage, articles, films, podcasts, books and Facebook groups that have turned almost all Israeli citizens into experts in criminal law.

We all know, thanks to the sentence, the difference between a stab and a stab.

It seems that there is no Israeli who does not know the difference between a serrated blade and a smooth blade.

In fact, there is probably no other nation in the entire world that has so many people who are familiar with the term mitochondrial DNA.

Roman Zdorov (photo: Reuven Castro)

The last event in this long list of obsessive coverage of the sad affair reached another peak yesterday, with the acquittal of Roman Zdorov in the District Court in Nazareth.

This was the fifth time (!) that the court has ruled on Zadorov's case, and if the prosecution decides to challenge the acquittal, the case in his case will come to court for the sixth time.

Is this what will bring justice for Tair whose life was cut short so early?

Will this bring peace to her mother?

No, but it will surely provide a lot more material for the TV channels to pump up the continuation of the most mysterious affair in Israel's history.

The slightly obsessive media coverage of the Zadorov trial managed to easily push to the margins of the edition the fact that the State of Israel - which last time I checked is still surrounded by too many enemies - is still functioning without the current Defense Minister knowing whether he is fired or not.

An important issue, but not as exciting as Zadorov's acquittal.

I'd be lying if I said I didn't understand it.

But beyond the news coverage, the television was filled with appendages of the affair.

More in Walla!

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Zadorov and his lawyer (Photo: Reuven Castro)

Barhano Tagnia conducted a "stormy interview" with Roman Zdorov on News 12, in what turned out to be only a promo for a whole series of articles that Tagnia conducted from the period of Zdorov's house arrest.

Channel 11 aired the movie "Lights and Shadows", the channel's second movie (after "Heavy Shadow") that focuses on the story of Ola Kravchenko, better known as AK. And of course, they were waiting for the timing of the acquittal to reveal the fifth and last episode (for now) of the docu-series "Shadow of Truth", under the name "The Decision". I'll give you a spoiler: the creators of the series did not apologize for making Karavchenko's life hell. Another spoiler: even in the movie in the corporation, they did not mention the words of the judge Asher Kola, who determined Because the confidential testimonies of Kravchenko and Havni "had real flaws.

Contradictions and doubts that must be explained."

All of these created a kind of excessive inflation in information about a rather horrifying matter: the murder case of a girl.

As of the time of writing these lines - an unsolved murder case, at least officially.

Watching all the new materials (most of which are recycled anyway) became depressing and anxiety-inducing.

There is no good script.

What truth will let you sleep better at night: that the state and its law enforcement systems worked hard to incarcerate an innocent man for 17 years?

Or maybe you would prefer to know that a manipulative murderer managed to garner tremendous sympathy from the public, which slid into the walls of the trial and convinced judges to set a psychopath free?

This story does not have a happy ending, no matter how you look at it.

Roman Zdorov (photo: Reuven Castro)

And yet, judging by social networks and the media - this is a kind of holiday.

This is how it is, a country that is used to wars from inside and outside, that has been torn for months around its very existence as a democracy and is facing more difficult days in which the internal rift, division and incitement will continue by bloodthirsty politicians - suddenly a verdict in a murder trial feels like a particularly heartwarming episode of Ted Lasso.

This is a particularly strange escapism.

This also explains the Israeli sentiment in Zadorov's favor.

A foreign Ukrainian citizen, who speaks broken Hebrew, who managed to unite so many people around him.

Right or guilty?

Not sure that in this age, where truth has become a controversial concept, it even matters.

There is no debate about only two things: the first, the murderer is outside the prison.

The second, a beautiful 13-year-old girl was murdered in cold blood in a bathroom stall.

Let's also remember her in this whole carnival.

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