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First drive in Via Ferry: China against the Germans - voila! vehicle


The Germans wiped out the Italian and British luxury cars, but now the Chinese are coming. Voyah Free is a surprising, agile and sophisticated electric crossover

Dimensions and accessories that the competitors cost NIS 200,000 more (photo: Walla! system, Udi Etzion)


NIS 400,000.

We liked:

space, equipment, performance and price.

We didn't like:

charging rate, unknown brand.



. Like a sale at a store in Madina Square, or a discount for a room at the Carmel Forest Hotel, even with luxury products, customers are always happy to find a deal.

And now a new car manufacturer is coming to Israel, presenting a prestigious positioning, and a price tag that is 100-150 thousand NIS cheaper than similar models from long-standing luxury manufacturers.

The luxury car market has been dominated for several decades by Mercedes, Audi and BMW.

The British manufacturers that reached their peak in the 1960s went bankrupt (Rover) were sold to the Germans (Rolls Royce to BMW, Bentley to Volkswagen), and even to Indians (Jaguar Land Rover).

The Italian manufacturers live on their past, who is better (Alfa Romeo) and who barely (Lancia).

Cadillac is a pale shadow of what it used to be, successful mainly in the US, Peugeot has been building the DS for 20 years while Volvo was sold to the Chinese (Geely) who are doing a good job developing it. Like Hongqi which was the first luxury manufacturer from China to land in

Israel , VOYAH also comes from China. Unlike Honjitsi, which is a government company that grew out of the production of limousines for the country's top government officials, VOYAH is not one of the automotive start-ups established in the last decade by technologists to produce another Chinese Tesla, such as Eways and Skywell, which are already in Israel, and NIO, which is not yet .

Waya belongs to Dongfeng, one of the four largest car manufacturers in China, also state-owned, which long before the era of streetcars specialized in the production of popular cars.

Two years ago it established a luxury division, and today it already has three models: a large crossover, the fruit that is already sold in Israel, a large mini van called Dream, which will arrive at the end of the summer, and an electric sedan.

The importer is Metro Motor, the largest two-wheeler importer in Israel, which in recent years has been expanding into the automotive sector, and already markets the Chinese Leap Motor and the American Karma.

But is Via a luxury car?

And is it a good luxury car?

The grill is somewhat reminiscent of a Maserati, but the design is moderate and conservative, not flashy (photo: Walla! system, Udi Etzion)


A large chrome grill and the angle of the rear part that remind a bit of a yacht give the fruit a presence on the road.

The character is more sporty than luxurious, and the design is quite conservative overall.

The dimensions also help the presence: with a length of 4.90 meters, a width of 1.95 meters, a height of 1.64 meters and a wheelbase of 2.96 meters, the fruit is a large crossover, larger than the Audi Q8 Itron and the Mercedes EQC.

More in Walla!

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in collaboration with Kalit

We haven't had one like this before: not another screen that goes up and down, but the entire dashboard (photo: Walla! system, Udi Etzion)

The driver environment

is much more advanced, including a feature that we have not seen until today.

Across the dashboard are 3 12.3-inch screens, the left one is used as a dashboard, and the other two for multimedia and system operation, while the right one is accessible to the passenger in front, who the manufacturers tend to neglect.

And the feature?

Upon starting the entire dashboard rises a few centimeters up.

When the vehicle is put into performance mode, it goes back to the initial state, and the screens go into a suitable display mode.

We have already seen cars where the multimedia screen was removed, when starting, but when the entire dashboard was removed it was not yet.

There is also a switch that allows raising and lowering according to the driver's play.

It's cute and will provide material for many web videos.

Others have two 12.3 inch screens?

Viaya has three and also a night vision system (Photo: Walla! system, Udi Etzion)

Despite the abundance of control options, many items have several different operating options from several screens, the displays are clear and easy to operate.

Via also didn't give up physical operating buttons for the climate control, and that's a good thing.

The materials are definitely of high quality, such as the artificial but soft leather that wraps the seats.

Generous space, but there is no possibility to control the temperature of the air conditioner in the back, which you should have in a car at this price (photo: Walla! system, Audi Etzion)


very good in front, the seats are electrically adjustable, heated and ventilated.

In the back there is even more space, including an air conditioner outlet (without temperature control option), and two USB sockets, standard and C.

The trunk has a generous volume of 560 liters, and there are also hooks for hanging bags.

And there is another small trunk, with a volume of 72 liters under the "hood".

Folding the rear seats takes place immediately in the trunk, like in American cars.

the rear trunk.

A handsome 560 liters in volume, the rear seat is folded immediately in the trunk, American style (photo: Walla! system, Audi Etzion)

The front trunk, which is hidden under the "hood" (photo: Walla! system, Udi Etzion)


The list is longer than the Haggadah.

Take air: an effective night vision system in the driver's display, air conditioning outlets and separate climate control for the rear seats, wireless charging for mobile phones, electric seats, acoustic windows, a panoramic sunroof with electric dimming, heating, cooling and massage for the front seats, a perfume system for the passenger compartment, a tailgate Electric, an option to activate some functions with hand gestures, such as answering a call on a mobile phone, and facial recognition using cameras that are also used to stream video for calls, photograph and video of the back seat to show the children how they slept while driving, DYNAUDIO audio system, compatibility with Apple and Android, air suspension and system Active noise cancellation.

There is no other Corsaover that offers such a list as standard equipment.

Apart from an elite data display, nothing is missing here.

I didn't like the surveillance camera after the driver, for every small yawn I immediately received a fatigue warning from the vehicle and a recommendation to stop for coffee.

With the purchase, the importer also offers an extensive service package at no extra charge.

Three free annual treatments, one every 20,000 km, with a pick-up and return service from the customer's home, and a service center that is available 24/7. This is not unusual in the luxury market, but it certainly meets the standard.

The Chinese crush test, which today is almost identical to the European test


the list of active safety systems includes autonomous braking, lane departure correction, automatic, adaptive cruise control, driver fatigue warning with the possibility of a combined warning with the odor distribution system and the air conditioning, vehicle detection in "dead space", 360 degree cameras, warning against forgetting children and more .

However, the vehicle has not yet been tested in the European crash test.

In Sinai it received 5 out of 5 stars.

In sport mode, it is able to overtake anywhere that is allowed (photo: Walla! system, Udi Etzion)


two electric motors with a combined power of 489 hp, one for the front wheels and one more powerful for the rear provide dual drive. A very generous battery with a capacity of 106 kWh allows an official range of 500 km. On paper, one of the longest in the group

Despite a curb weight of 2.4 tons, the fruit is a fairly fast vehicle, with the speed changing depending on the drive mode, economical, in which only half of the power is available, normal (50%) and performance (100%), in order to reduce electricity consumption and extend the range. Even in the economical mode, the fruit


In the test from 80 to 120 km/h in 5 seconds, but in the sport it does it in only 2 seconds.

4.4 seconds from 0 to 100 is the official figure, but it does not tell the whole story of the ability to overtake wherever it is allowed, and to be first at every traffic light.

When you switch to sport mode, the dashboard is not the only thing that lowers, the air suspension also lowers the car, and the interior space shrinks from 17 cm to only 12 cm.

Beyond the drama, this is well felt in the curves, where the vehicle exhibits good control over the roll angles for a heavy and tall vehicle, tighter than in the normal suspension settings.

The good ride comfort is hardly affected.

It's no Porsche Cayenne in terms of handling, but the Vya doesn't do shame like other big crossovers.

On the other hand, in off-road mode, the belly space increases to 21 cm, which gives confidence on the paths, and unlike other vehicles with adjustable suspensions in their high position, maintains good driving comfort. It's just a shame that without a spare wheel, as is common in most streetcars, it's quite scary to get off the asphalt.

As mentioned, the official driving range is 500 km. With mainly intercity driving, and most of the time in economy mode, the average consumption was 24 kWh per 100 km. This means a range of about 430 km in practice.

Driving only in economy mode and with fewer accelerations will exceed the limit by 450 km. The fruit is capable of fast charging with a power of up to 125 kWh per hour, not much compared to the size of its battery, which means 45 minutes to charge from 20% to 80% .

AC charging is done at 11 kWh per hour. Which will require about 10 hours of charging for an almost empty battery. The price includes a charging station.

It still doesn't have the pedigree that car brands have, some of which have been with us since the invention of the car, but the performance and value for money are very good (Photo: Udi Etzion)

The bottom line: at a price of NIS 400,000, it's hard to talk about value for money.

But to get the specifications of the fruit you will have to pay another 100-150 thousand shekels in the showrooms of the German competitors, and you will get crossovers that are less spacious and less fast.

With the level of equipment and workmanship, the fruit is definitely a luxury vehicle.

The human engineering is not yet at the German level, the charging rate could be faster, and the Q8 Itron or BMW iX more sporty.

Only in the price gap between them and the fruit can you buy a new Tesla Model 3.

It is only slightly more expensive than the Audi Q4 Itron, BMW iX1 and Mercedes EQA, but it is much larger, significantly more powerful and with a longer range between charges.

Levia still does not have the pedigree that the Germans have in decades on the racetracks, and it will take more years for her to star in the car museum like the classic models of Mercedes, Audi and BMW.

But if you measure it according to the current capabilities, the level of investment and execution, it has nothing to be ashamed of in front of brands that have been with us since the invention of the car.

And when you add the equipment and the price to the equation, it does something uncommon in the local luxury industry: it gives fair value for the price.

The Germans may have succeeded in defeating the British and Italians in the luxury market, but against the Chinese the battle has opened anew.

On the technical side: Via Perry

Engine, drive:

electric, two engines, dual




106 kWh


auto, direct transmission


length (m):


width (m):


height (m) '):


Wheelbase (m)

: 2.96

Cargo compartments (liters):

560 rear, 72 front


0-100 acceleration (seconds):


Maximum speed (km/h):


Electric range (manufacturer):


Electric range (test):



Not tested in the European crash test, 5 out of 5 stars in the Chinese crash test

Active safety:

Autonomous emergency braking, correction of lane deviation, adaptive cruise control, traffic sign recognition, vehicle warning in "dead zone", reminder to prevent children from forgetting, emergency steering assistance, warning of opening a door to an unoccupied lane Air pollution: Group 1 of




Vehicle: 3 years/100 thousand km

Battery: 8 years/160 thousand km

Warranty: 5 years unlimited km on the vehicle, 8 years or 160 thousand km on the battery


Audi Q8 Itron, b. BMW iX3, Lexus RZ, Hongqi E-HS9

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