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Chery Tigo 8 or Skoda Kodiaq: who preferred the 7-seat Jeep? - Walla! vehicle


The new Chinese crossover is already taking the market by storm, loaded with accessories and boasting the cheapest price tag in the group. But is it also the best vehicle for large families? We checked

Tigo 8 Pro (right) and Kodiak.

The first one looks expensive by tens of thousands of shekels, even though its price is the cheapest of the two (photo: Walla! system, Keinan Cohen)

Children are joy and in Israel they love cars that can drive a lot of children.

And still the rapid entry of the Cherry Tigo 8 into the list of the ten best-selling models in Israel in less than six months from its local launch was a surprise.

Nevertheless, a Chinese car, an old manufacturer there but unknown in the world.

And yet: the Tigo took sixth place in deliveries at the end of the first three months, with 2,960 units, far ahead of any other seven-seat vehicle.

The Tigo is well equipped, and it is the cheapest on the market by a considerable margin: while the competitors' prices are already close to NIS 200,000, its price starts at NIS 182,000 due to the cessation of imports of the base version of the discounted Kacheri.

So the price and equipment advantage is his.

But is it the best and recommended seven-seater car now?

We met him with the one who was, at least until today, this car for us, a Skoda Kodiaq, whose price starts at NIS 195,000.

The Chery is impressive, the Skoda versatile (Photo: Walla! System, Kenan Cohen)


Tigo 8 looks very respectable, even a bit luxurious, with extensive use of nickels, and a badge that is very reminiscent of that of Infiniti, Nissan's luxury division.

It is similar in dimensions to Kodiak, but looks at least like some kind of Hyundai Santa Fe.

The Skoda is more solid, as is the best tradition of the manufacturer, and after six years on our roads it does not turn heads.

Next year a brand new model will be launched that will have to bridge the gap.

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Rich driver environment but poor human engineering (photo: Walla! system, Keinan Cohen)


A simple but effective driver environment (photo: Walla! system, Kenan Cohen)


The driver's environment of the Chery is very modern, with a 12.3-inch floating multimedia screen, and a digital dashboard of the same size, but with not clear enough displays.

The design is clean, with aluminum-like surfaces, and the use of glossy black plastic that easily absorbs fingerprints and dust.

The seats are equipped with leather-like upholstery, quite high quality.

Skoda has a cabin with a purposeful design that even at the time of its introduction was unexciting, and is not starting to do so now.

It looks simpler and more old-fashioned and in the basic finish level we tested, Business, it is indeed like that, with only an 8-inch screen.

But to his credit, avoiding gimmicks works in his favor because he also does not present a look that is subject to fashions and trends.

And it also means a well-engineered driver's environment, where the air conditioning vents are where they should be, the air conditioning controls are clear and large, as well as the volume dial.

In the back, the cherry is also colorful and rich, but less spacious, and access to the third row is more cumbersome (photo: Walla! system, Keinan Cohen)

The Skoda is grey, but more useful and spacious (photo: Walla! system, Kenan Cohen)

The seating in the Tigo 8 for the driver and passenger is high, but the support for the lower back is not enough.

The space in the second row of seats is flexible, because it moves on a rail, so it is possible to reduce the space in it in favor of the third row.

A third passenger will suffer from a floor that is not flat, and a short and narrow seat.

At least there is an air conditioner outlet and a USB socket.

The third row is intended, as is customary in the genre, only for children or short adults.

Access is convenient only from the right side of the vehicle, and cumbersome from the left, probably to encourage entry from the sidewalk.

And what about we parked in a parking lot, or in a private parking lot?

At least the third row also has an air conditioner outlet.

The human engineering, on the other hand, is less impressive: the vehicle continues to warn of unbelted passengers even when the driver is driving alone, the operation of the climate control and other systems is carried out from touch buttons that require a dangerous averting of one's gaze from the road, and the central mirror is a type of panoramic mirror, which distorts what is reflected in it and blurs distances.

The Kodiak manages to be a little more spacious, as its data suggests: a wheelbase of 2.79 meters, length by 8 cm, and a width of 2.88 meters, an increase of three cm.

Both in front, and in the second row that moves on a rail to allow access to the third row of seats.

It is a bit more spacious than Tigo, and access to it is more convenient and easier.

In the more equipped versions, Skoda also has an air conditioner outlet for the third row occupants, but not in the Business and Ambition above it.

The third row in the Tigo is also more crowded (photo: Walla! system, Kenan Cohen)

And the Skoda is really spacious.

For children or boys who are willing to compromise on the distance in order to stay away from their parents (photo: Walla! system, Keinan Cohen)

Cargo compartments:

Chery only has 193 liters left when all the seats are in use, less than an average mini car today.

Kodiak has a little more, 233 liters.

Not what will save you from loading the roof in the case of traveling with a full family.

An absolute advantage in accessories for Chery.

At Skoda, you will get all the electrification and pampering for only an additional NIS 50,000 (Photo: Walla! System, Keinan Cohen)


a big advantage for the Tigo 8. The "Novel" version, which is now imported, offers, in addition to the pair of 12.3-inch screens, light 18-inch rims, a large panoramic sun window, wireless charging for mobile phones, electrically adjustable driver and passenger seats, cameras and 360 parking sensors Ma'alot, electric trunk door, keyless entry and drive.

There is also voice activation for most systems and heating for the front seats.

Kodiak has plenty of accessory versions, we will focus on the two basic ones that are relevant for comparison.

As mentioned, the basic Business only has an 8-inch multimedia screen, an analog dashboard, 17-inch rims and a start button.

The Ambition level, with an additional NIS 12,000, adds keyless entry, a driving mode selector, upgraded front seats, a USB socket and a unique 230 volt socket for charging larger electrical appliances.

The Kodiak only has a two-year warranty compared to five for the Tigo 8, you can purchase a third year for an additional NIS 1,000.


The Tigo 8 received the maximum five-star score in the Chinese crash test, which usually corresponds to the score in the European test, but has not yet participated in the latter.

The active safety package is complete, including autonomous emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, lane departure correction, vehicle monitoring in the blind spot in the mirrors, warnings of cross traffic from behind and a passing vehicle when opening a door.

Kodiak has 5 out of 5 stars, but in the 2016 test format, easier than the current one.

The Business has safety equipment similar to the Chery, with 7 airbags instead of 6, without warning of a vehicle in a dead zone and when its active systems are unable to detect a pedestrian and a two-wheeled rider, because they are older.

The Ambition also has automatic high beams like the Chery, and autonomous emergency braking even in reverse, which the Chinese car does not have.

A slow and hesitant gearbox hits acceleration at a traffic light in a Tigo (photo: Walla! system, Keinan Cohen)

The Kodiak manages to be faster at traffic lights, but not indirectly (photo: Walla! system, Keinan Cohen)


with 186 hp from a 1,600 cc-turbo engine, the Tigo is stronger than the 1,500 cc Skoda Kodiaq (150 hp), with both having a 7-speed dual-clutch robotic gearbox.

The drive is front.

Despite the inferiority of the power, the Skoda damages faster than the place, thanks in part to a more efficient gearbox and tires that flutter at strong accelerations due to insufficiently good suspension calibration.

It is only around 100 km/h that the Chery overtakes it. At intermediate accelerations the Chery's power advantage takes its toll and it is more agile. It is not that the Chery is slow, the Skoda is certainly agile relative to the size and volume of the engine. The Chinese gearbox is less good and shifts more gears than Fuel


: The Tigo 8 finished the test with 10.6 km/l, compared to 11.5 km/l in the Skoda. In cruising, the difference was even greater. You can achieve better figures in both with relaxed everyday driving.

In the facelift, the Tigo needs an improved suspension calibration (Photo: Walla! System, Keinan Cohen)

Comfort and handling:

As long as the road is straight the Tigo is fine, but once the turns start it is less impressive.

Soft suspensions and lack of restraint to body vibrations make the ride uncomfortable enough, both in the city and on the highway once the road is a bit undulating.

Not to mention a somewhat quick entry into the turn, which will quickly make the passengers sick.

The unknown "Batman" tires don't really show super skills, and they also have some of the noisy ride.

In Skoda the situation is better.

It's not the fun Peugeot 5008, and it's still a well-calibrated, more comfortable crossover that inspires more confidence in curves.

On any type of road the Kodiak is more comfortable and pleasant.

Driving it is quieter, both in terms of noise isolation and suspension and engine noise.

The bottom line:

Skoda, which has always been the best value for money, switches seats with Chery here.

For the cheapest price tag in the group, and by quite a margin, the Tigo 8 Pro offers a lot of accessories, at a level that other crossovers can only get for an additional tens of thousands of shekels.

It is respectable in appearance, has a powerful engine and good performance, and a significantly longer warranty.

But the Kodiak is better and worth the extra price.

It is neither pampering nor flattering to its owner, but it is more useful, more pleasant for the driver and passengers and more spacious.

The human engineering, like its suspension calibration, is precise and well made.

It is also more fuel efficient.

The Skoda is a proven, mature and higher quality vehicle.

Not the cheapest buy of its kind, but the best right now.

Chery Tigo 8 Pro


NIS 182,000

We liked:

presence, design and materials of the passenger cabin, accessories, value for money

We didn't like:

human engineering, gearbox, comfort and road behavior

Score: ****

Skoda Kodiaq Business/Ambition


195-207 thousand NIS

We liked:

useful and friendly, spacious, comfortable and quieter.

Fuel consumption

we didn't like:

price and accessories, mainly in business.


**** and a half

17: Cherry Tigo 8 Pro

Engine, drive: 1,598 cc, turbo gasoline, front-wheel drive

Power/torque: 186 hp, 28 kg

Gearbox: robotic double clutch, 7 gears


length/width/height (meters): 1.71/1.85 /4.72

Wheelbase (meters): 2.71

Trunk: 193 liters

Performance (manufacturer):

0-100 km/h: 9.1 seconds

Top speed: 190 km/h

Fuel consumption: 12.3 km per liter

Fuel consumption (test): 10.6


mileage :

European crash test score: not yet tested. Received 5 out of 5 in the corresponding Chinese test

Active safety: emergency braking, cruise control, lane keeping, blind spot and rear crossing warning. Automatic high beams on the expensive model.

Air pollution :

Rating 13 out of 15


5 years or 150 thousand km

17: Skoda Kodiaq

Engine, drive: 1,498 cc, turbo gasoline, front-wheel drive

Power/torque: 150 hp, 25.4 kg

Gearbox: robotic double clutch, 7 gears


length/width/height (meters): 1.68/1.88 /4.70

Wheelbase (meters): 2.79

Trunk: 233 liters

Performance (manufacturer):

0-100 km/h: 9.8 seconds

Top speed: 205 km/h

Fuel consumption: 14.2 km per liter

Fuel consumption (test): 11.5


mileage :

European crash test score: 5 out of 5 stars

Active safety: emergency braking, cruise control, lane keeping, blind spot and rear cross warning. Automatic high beams on the expensive model. Air


14 out of 15 rating


two years or 100 thousand km

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