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Scorsese, De Niro and DiCaprio did it again: What a huge movie - voila! culture


Highlights: Martin Scorsese returned to the Cannes Film Festival to present his new epic, Killers of the Moonflower. The film turned out to be his most critical film and one of the best films of the year. The epic will make the rounds in theaters in Israel and around the world in mid-October, and then premiere on Apple TV Plus. It's not every day that there will be a star like Robert Niro, who does the role of his life here, and demonstrates the tragedy of this story.

Martin Scorsese returned to the Cannes Film Festival to present his new epic, Killers of the Moonflower, which turned out to be his most critical film and one of the best films of the year

Killers of the Flower Moon Movie Trailer (Forum Film)

Martin Scorsese is one of the oldest senior directors active today, and a regular guest at the Cannes Film Festival for fifty years. He first came to it in the early 2023s as an unknown young man with his first films, and later that decade won the Palme d'Or with Taxi Driver. He then showed other films, from "King of Comedy" to "Gangs of New York," and this week he returned again, this time with his new and particularly ambitious film, "Killers of the Moonflower," which stars two actors he knows well, Robert De Niro and Leonardo DiCaprio.

The film did not participate in an official setting. According to the American media, the reason for this is this: Apple and Paramount, which are responsible for its production and distribution, were impressed by the success of "Top Gun: Maverick" and "Elvis," which screened last year at Cannes outside the official competition and used it as a springboard to box office success and a slew of Oscar nominations, and decided to adopt a similar strategy. That freed up room for other films on the podium, because if Killers of the Moon were to compete here, it would surely win a major prize, and maybe even win Scorsese the second Palme d'Or of his career. This is a huge and wonderful piece of cinema, which will go down as one of the highlights of <>.

This epic will make the rounds in theaters in Israel and around the world in mid-October, and then premiere on Apple TV Plus. We will review it in the plaza when it is available to the general public, and in the meantime we will settle for a brief review.

The Three Musketeers. De Niro, Scorsese and DiCaprio at Cannes (Photo by Getty Images, Lionel Hahn)

The film deals with the Osage murders, one of the most shocking stories in contemporary American history: the systematic murder of Native Americans that took place in Oklahoma at the beginning of the last century, in an attempt to take control of the Osage tribe's oil royalties. Scorsese presents the story through three central characters: a ruthless businessman played by De Niro; his easy-to-maneuver nephew, played by DiCaprio; And who becomes his partner and therefore also a victim of his schemes, played by Lily Gladstone.

It may not be Scorsese's best film, simply because the competition is fierce, but it's certainly his most cynical and critical film. On the weight of "they shoot horses too", it can be said that in this film they also shoot horses, dogs, women and children. According to the film, white America had one goal. The end was money and the end sanctified the means. "Killers of the Moonflower" presents the history of America as a history based on three pillars: deception, extermination and theft, and it does so in a stunning way.

The film lasts more than three hours and also has less powerful moments, but it is soaring to tremendous cinematic heights. The lines for the screening were endless, the theater was packed, and no one came out in the middle, looked at the clock or wished the movie would end. On the contrary, we just wanted more and more of this goodness.

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Lick your fingers. From "Killers of the Moon Flower" (Photo: Cannes Film Festival)

It's not every day that a director like Martin Scorsese will be born, who at his age continues to innovate and surprise and manages to maintain suspense, drama and momentum here through a variety of brilliant artistic and narrative means. It's not every day that there will be a star like Robert De Niro, who demonstrates here that he is one of the greatest actors of all time. It's not every day that there will be an actor like DiCaprio, who does the role of his life here, and above all is Lily Gladstone, whose expressive face contains the unimaginable tragedy of this story. It's just a shame that her screen time is relatively low and her dialogue is even fewer. From his first films to the present, Scorsese continues to silence and marginalize women.

Cannes audiences don't like streaming services, which they see as enemies of the film industry. So when the screening began and the Apple logo came up, some of those present booed him. Of course, this doesn't bother the giant corporation: they must be happy with the bet on "Killers of the Moonflower," which, given its quality, content, stars and the gushing reviews it rightfully receives, appears to be the favorite to win an Oscar. If that happens, it would be Apple's second Oscar win in the last three years, having already done so with "Coda." Netflix can only be jealous.

One of his generation. Martin Scorsese at Cannes (Photo by Getty Images, Lionel Hahn)

After the screening, a press conference was held in the presence of Scorsese, De Niro, DiCaprio, Gladstone and an unusual guest on the Riviera - the current leader of the Osage, Chief Standing Bar. All these were late in arriving, and those present waited for them in the room in complete silence and awe. It felt like we were waiting for God, Taylor Swift and LeBron James to come in together.

Eventually, Scorsese and his gang walked in and were greeted with applause. So, after all the fuss, the conversation itself was short, lethargic and devoid of interest - nothing to write home about. Even the one interesting moment was quite predictable: De Niro called Trump "stupid" and stated that "it's crazy that there are other people who believe he can do a good job," something Michael Douglas said here just a few days ago. In any case, both the actor and the former president will be very busy in the coming year — Trump in the presidential race, and De Niro in the Oscar race.

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