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A glimpse into the secret sex parties of high-tech executives in Silicon Valley - voila! technology


Highlights: Emily Chang's book "Brotopia: Breaking the Men's Club of Silicon Valley" about secret sex parties held in Silicon Valley. Sources say the so-called "Silicon Valley lifestyle" is not uncommon among a certain sector of tech executives and entrepreneurs in the San Francisco Bay Area. The parties are usually spread out all weekend and are held so often that they lose their importance. One of the top sex sessions for those involved in the tech world is a recurring swingers event known as the Bronze Party.

They may seem naïve and nerdy to you, but people who have attended the sex parties of the founders and investors of big tech companies tell you how far they are pushing their boundaries

– The show that peeks at the Hollywood Stars Sex Club (Naked SNCTM/Showtime)

When Emily Chang's book, designed to expose the whole truth about tech sex parties, was published way back in 2018, it sparked a media storm with allegations of exploitation of women for the sexual gratification of men in the industry. Chang, a Bloomberg News correspondent in California's Silicon Valley, wrote in her book "Brotopia: Breaking the Men's Club of Silicon Valley" about secret sex parties held in Silicon Valley, in which women employees are subjected to enormous pressure to take drugs and participate in that end up ruining their careers and becoming sexual objects in the eyes of executives.

After it was reported that Bob Lee, the founder of Cash App, had been stabbed to death on April 4, associates said Lee had become addicted to "underground sex and Silicon Valley drug parties" and that he was just one of the many tech executives involved in the free swingers scene. Sources say the so-called "Silicon Valley lifestyle" — meaning sexual openness, experimenting with drugs and a general sense of promiscuous behavior — is not uncommon among a certain sector of tech executives and entrepreneurs in the San Francisco Bay Area.

According to testimonies from men and women who attended the parties, the organizers are founders, investors and entrepreneurs – some well-known – in various luxury areas such as mansions in San Francisco's affluent Pacific Heights neighborhood, the suburbs of Atherton in California, Malibu beaches and even on yachts in Ibiza. The parties are usually spread out all weekend and are held so often that they lose their importance.

The murdered high-tech entrepreneur, Bob Lee, participated in underground sex and drug parties (Photo: documentation on social networks according to section 27A of the Copyright Law, Facebook)

One Silicon Valley executive recalled attending a sort of regular "sex ritual" popular with tech executives, which he said took place in what looked like a warehouse. "On the upper level there was a play space with mattresses inside and towels outside," the insider told the Post, "It was like going to a tech event, except that everyone took off their clothes at some point and went upstairs to have sex."

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The insider explained that at least for some attendees, it felt like a whole new world. "There's such a point of view that geeks who became millionaires have now opened their doors. They get opportunities for sex and drugs in a way they didn't have before," he said, "A lot of these people were nerds and felt rejected." Now, the insider added, "The nerds of yesteryear are the 'rock stars' in their industry: when there's money, access and power, the sky's the limit."

Invitation to one of the parties

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Emily Chang spent two years researching the sex parties of the male elite that are held on a regular basis near big conventions or when there is a reason to party – whether it's because of a capital raising, an exit or a successful investment. She says that sex parties attract the big elites of the high-tech industry – founders and first-class investors. She describes distinguished people who boast "about how they change traditional paradigms in their private lives, just as they do in the tech world they control," she says.

Chang's book revealed that daring activities usually begin with "hug puddles"—groups of people lying in close proximity, often releasing inhibitions through drug use. Eventually, she writes, they split into groups of two or three and move their intimate activities to private rooms.

Emily Chang's book reveals shocking details about Silicon Valley's sex parties (Photo: screenshot, POST)

Bronze Parties

Other reasons are not so discreet. "There's also a public and revealing side to it," Josh Powers, who runs a fetish club in San Francisco called Power Exchange, told the Post. "Participants might go there with one person and get other people to watch them. A lot of people from the tech world are interested in these parties." Powers added that some of the parties are aimed at high-tech executives and are very selective about who is allowed to attend: "Many of them will ask you to send pictures that show what you look like and who you are. Some of them are status-based, aimed at high-level people."

One of the top sex sessions for those involved in the tech world is a recurring swingers event known as the Bronze Party – one of the rules of which is that voyeurs are only allowed to whisper or not talk at all. Ben Fuller, the man behind the Bronze Parties, was once a tech entrepreneur himself. According to CNN, he sold his first company for "just under $5 million."

Lori Siegel talked about the parties in her book Special Characters: My Adventures with the Titans and the Crazy Tech Ones. She recalled bumping into a sex party deer who had a tech clientele — including, he bragged, a key member of the iPhone's development team. In addition, he revealed, "The guy who created our check-in software actually built Oracle."

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"At some parties, Ecstasy pills appear with the company logo."

As for drugs, Powers — who noted that they shouldn't be used in Power Exchange spaces — confirmed that "some sex party attendees are drug-oriented. Some feel they need it and that things won't happen if people aren't on drugs."

Chang confirmed the regular use of drugs, adding that parties can only be entered by invitation, with invitees hearing about them mostly by word of mouth or on social media. The invitees are usually men of status: initial investors, prominent entrepreneurs and senior managers - and the women are usually young, employees of the company. The alcohol flows like water and after a meal the drugs are distributed - usually ecstasy, which is known to remove inhibitions. At some parties, Ecstasy pills appear with the company logo. After drugs comes sex: party organizers take care of more women than men to allow men to have sex with more than one woman at the same time and fulfill fantasies. In most cases they have sex in groups of two men and three women.

Chang says many guests come to parties with their wives, husbands or partners with whom they are in an open relationship. Women, employees of society, are not obligated to participate, but those who choose to attend are under tremendous pressure to drink, take drugs and cross their boundaries. "The women who come and participate in can forget about their careers: company executives will look down on them and they will lose their respect in the industry. "If it's an entrepreneur, none of the investors will give her their money," Chang said, "Plus, she'll find out that men who come to these parties will try to sexually harass her at work. So why come at all? Because women who avoid attending or taking part in activities are immediately marked as problematic and excluded from the clique."

One participant told Chang, "If you choose to attend these sex parties, never try to start a company or reach out to investors. These doors will close to you. But if you don't participate, you're locked out. You eat it either way." Another added: "It's impossible to make a personal connection with an investor and if you succeed, it's because he's attracted to you. He will think that you are part of the inner circle. In San Francisco, that means you're invited to some kind of."

Emily Chang exposes the exploitation of women at Silicon Valley sex parties (Photo: Getty Images, Bloomberg)

According to the Wall Street Journal, Cash Up founder Bob Lee attended underground parties with Kazer Momeni, the sister of Nima Momeni, the man accused of Lee's murder. Sources said Li and Kazar had sex and that Lee feared he had gotten into trouble with criminals. Nima allegedly confronted Lee about the party and his sister's involvement in the early hours of April 4, then stabbed Lee multiple times, prosecutors said.

Kazer Momeni, sister of Nima Momeni

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"Data-driven approach to sexual relationships"

Despite all the debauchery, a Silicon Valley insider told the Post that for some, it's a "mathematical approach." He explained: "People who are engineers look at the number of failed relationships and wonder how they can be streamlined – including by having multiple sexual partners. This approach is unique to Silicon Valley: If something fails X several times, let's optimize it by doing Y. There's an element of people applying a data-driven approach to sexual relationships." He added: "It's not like they're constantly celebrating. They take microdoses of mushrooms and ketamine and embark on ayahuasca experiences. It's an intellectual approach to tough parties. It's normal in Silicon Valley to experiment with drugs and sex. Going to sex parties is one of the things they do – along with visiting exclusive wineries and participating in raves."

Besides, the insider added, "There's no shame in doing drugs in the high-tech world. Silicon Valley is less of a judge than New York and that makes sense because people think outside the box there. They are still inventing the future. These people have a propensity for risks. Burning Man is part of the culture. You can walk around naked and bump into a colleague who is also naked and it won't be a big deal. A lot of people who succeed in Silicon Valley are experimenting with all sorts of things."

Chang added that the male tech elite sees itself as more influential than well-known actors and athletes, "We have a bigger reputation than a random rich guy because we make products that touch a lot of people," one of the founders told Chang. You create a product and it touches people's lives for years."

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