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"Big Brother": Yanky proves that Autumn's breasts are not what will upset him - voila! culture


Highlights: The new season of "Big Brother" currently feels like a crossover episode. Stav Katzin stirs up more artificial fights than her lips, Snir wastes water trying to hide tears. Yuval Ma'atuk still does not distinguish between Kohlrabi and Shomer. Avivit Bar Zohar has only one and even she begins to tire on her own. The autumn wind doesn't challenge me. And the one with the crazy story: this is what we thought of the Big Brother house.

A tangled web of love stories is slanted in the "brother" house, Stav stirs up more artificial fights than her lips, Snir wastes water trying to hide tears, Avraham Shuntz and Rabbi, Guy Researcher A

Big Brother (Photo: Network 13)

If there's a slim chance that fans of "New Love" haven't gotten over the obviously memorable season finale of this story, I'll say two things: First, get out of the house, it's really not good for you all these screens. Secondly, the new season of "Big Brother" currently feels like a crossover episode, during which in less than a week the tenants not only managed to fail at a not-so-complicated task - but also began to weave a tangled web of forced love stories. In my mind, I'm even making amends here about Yankee, a sweet and captivating creature that seems to have been created in an of wild knees and naughty teddy bears. But unfortunately, we also have to summarize what happened this week at home.

Here's the latest pairing map: Roy and Lynn tighten up because he has Mama Ishioz and that Lynn for some reason doesn't think she needs to connect with the other residents of the house. Stav turns out to be a treble maker who comes to commit suicide on screen time and, yes, on Guy's face - who pretty much does it to Sapphire. At the same time, Shay is most into Snir even though she says he's not her taste, while he and Nicole snack on flirting crumbs at Nest. And only Yuval Ma'atuk still does not distinguish between Kohlrabi and Shomer. Which is kind of like I still don't really differentiate between the men in the house.

The autumn wind doesn't challenge me

As mentioned, Avivit Bar Zohar has only one and even she begins to tire on her own. So it's not clear why we got Stav Katzin on another reality show, which at the moment is mostly about squeezing artificial fights more than her lips. In principle, there is no doubt that this is a brilliant casting for the Israeli version of "Hot, Boiling, Hot" that will never be produced because we are a puritanical nation in crisis. But come on, we're tired of this cheap plastic.

As you may recall, in the previous episode, Stav gathered all the residents of the house to tearfully tell her that she had to fabricate her age and marital status in front of them (and discovered that no one really cared), later she cried because she lost her comb and then also complained that everyone judged her because of her excessive preoccupation with appearance. Perhaps the irony was that she tried to commit suicide by jumping out of her tangled hair, but was delayed when she couldn't decide whether to say "Ripunzel" or "Rapunzel."

We're tired of this plastic. Autumn, "Big Brother" (Photo: screenshot, Network 13)

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admitting that even her swimsuit saga – which is actually her insistence on wearing a tiny swimsuit at dinner – did not leave a very great impression on me. Her fashion choice succeeded in arousing the ire of many residents of the house, who threw Yanky as an excuse under the wheels of their moral bus - and asked her to cover up because it ruined their food. In fact, Yanky (my life) is the only one who managed to look Stav in the eye and communicate with her respectfully. When asked about the clash with her character and lifestyle in the face of Stav's need to expose a tuft, tufts and large areas of her breasts in front of him, he nonchalantly replied, "I don't feel challenged" and proved that he doesn't need to be protected from his relationship with God and that a pair of boobs are definitely not something that can undermine her.

It's important to say - is a leather swimsuit my favorite outfit around a dinner table? Probably not. Is a woman in a swimsuit offensive? Come on, you duplicitous gluttony - after all, you've all eaten skewers and kebabs in bikinis and speedos at a social event. And there's a chance that you stuck more grapes there than Yuval Levy on her ID card. You won't work on me. Sure, imitating Gucci may hurt your eyes, but it hasn't been proven to be related to your taste buds.

On the other hand, Stav grinds provocations like Avraham sews napkins - so I don't have the energy to form a reasoned opinion on the subject. In the end, it's another exhausting move to squeeze attention, pity and screen time, and so far it's working for her. But how does Yankee atone for him say? Pierre, I didn't feel challenged.

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Apparently created in an of wild and teddy bears I care about naughty. Yankee, "Big Brother" (Photo: screenshot, Network 13)

Come on Sulha

Our angel giants, we will be called into the Big Brother room to decide between a pampering budget and messages from home for the tenants who participated in the impossible mission that really, as I mentioned, was very possible. While Nicole sobbed when she realized she wouldn't receive photos and letters from her parents until the end of the season, Snir breathed a sigh of relief when he realized there was a possibility that he would get both peace from home and extra food all week.

Um, "Big Brother" and the concept of keeping promises isn't something that goes together and Snir justthoughthe wasn't going to get a message from home. I mean, he didn't get a message. He got a decent delivery in his face, in the form of Sapir - his older sister with whom he is at odds (and the reason they let him into the house in the first place) and who becomes a permanent resident and, yes, the best thing that has happened to his screen time. True, he received her with a cool hug that reminded me that I'd seen exes who were happier to see each other, and immediately went to hide in the shower to sob like a real man who shouldn't show emotions. It is not clear why he needed the open tap and the water that flowed endlessly and for no apparent reason. Snir Memi, at this rate they will have to bring in Renana Raz, angry and dehydrated.

That someone would wake Abraham up

There is no choice, every season there must be this one tenant. The sociomat who is very angry when he is disturbed not to be considerate of others. Not surprisingly, Abraham is called to the banner of narcissists with over-motivation and drawn fists that meanwhile mostly pound in the air. When I write punches, I of course mean the drowsiness he knocks in the middle of the day, accumulates fines, increases denial, lies and blames other tenants, and then also dares to mow down with anyone who scolds him. Finally, he concludes the performance with a dramatic acting display, covering himself with a blanket and, of course, complaining about how much he feels like sleeping.

But let's dwell for a moment on petty fights, after all, this is the bread and butter of this plan (later on it's the bread and margarine because they'll run out of budget). As is well known, a fight strategy is the survival outlet of those who are unable to organize a relationship at home. And it seems that both Avraham and Shai are at war for this slot. Nevertheless, tenants' reactions to this pattern of behavior always, but always reveal a certain degree of latent misogyny.

After all, it is not clear why Avraham and Guy's aggression is revered by men and is perceived as an expression of charisma and excess testosterone, while at the same time - Shai's assertiveness comes badly to them. They said she wasn't nice (she also said that about herself) just because she stood up for herself and wasn't really interested in turning on a makeup-bursting cheek when trying to flip flop her. So just informing you that you are being shown the double standard.

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Assertiveness comes badly to boys. Shai, "Big Brother" (Photo: screenshot, Network 13)

Yuval develops dialogue

I'm not a big fan of Guy, who seems to be a handsome, proud and curious primitive. Still, when he suggested Yuval "open a conversation" when he tried to understand all the personalities with the hair in her armpit, I can't help but be amazed by this spectacular choice of words, as a woman of word and that. As for Yuval's aesthetic choices, they are already less interesting to me because everyone is welcome to do whatever he wants with his body. And excuse me, if anything, there's a collection of tasteless tattoos this season that should bother us all a lot more.

However, I have a feeling that these two, with or without dialogue, are going to wear each other down and someday convert it into sexual tension, as in the script of a Netflix romantic comedy - at the end Guy becomes a feminist and Yuval learns to quietly fart. Admit you were watching it.

Slander speaks to me the most

Leave me fighting. As long as Etty, a pedagogical gossip and yes, the woman with the most TV R since Danny from "My Wedding," pats people in the fireplace - that's all we need as a society. The trinity of Shai, Gal and Nicole is also very delightful to watch at the moment. From me you will see and you will agree.

What is it good for?

Two other occupants entered the house. The first is Alon, a man I don't know how to take seriously after agreeing to live inside a humiliating billboard in Rishon LeZion just for the right to enter the house. Then came the "replacement", who is actually a 24-year-old architecture student and her name is Maya. She has a lot of self-confidence about nothing and opinions about everyone, having watched them over the past few days. To stay in the house, she'll have to choose a tenant she thinks she can replace and face in audience votes.

In the next chapter: We discovered that Idan is still alive because of a fight over food.

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