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"Shofar and greedy rabbit", "If I were you, I would be silent": the ugly quarrel between Gilad Sharon and Amit Segal - voila! culture


Highlights: Gilad Sharon, son of former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, wrote an article attacking Netanyahu's "feebleness and containment" vis-à-vis Hamas. A faculty colleague attacked him, claiming that he had "initiated the escape from Gaza" The confrontation erupted after Gilad Sharon wrote a long article in Yedioth Ahronoth titled "How to make sure it doesn't happen again" Amit Segal responded to Gilad's tweet: "I wouldn't have been involved if your father hadn't been involved"

After Ariel Sharon's son wrote an article attacking Netanyahu's "feebleness and containment" vis-à-vis Hamas, a faculty colleague attacked him, claiming that he had "initiated the escape from Gaza."

Rafi Reshef and Amit Segal/Screenshot from News 12 broadcasts

There was a sharp confrontation on social networks between Channel 12 News journalist Amit Segal and Gilad Sharon, son of former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. The background: An article written by Gilad Sharon on Netanyahu's failure.

The confrontation erupted after Gilad Sharon wrote a long article in Yedioth Ahronoth titled "How to make sure it doesn't happen again." Sharon tweeted the article and explained: "Years of weakness, weakness and containment of Netanyahu vis-à-vis Hamas. Foolish and irresponsible adherence to the concept that 'Hamas is deterred.' It's not Likud and it's not right-wing, it's the worst failure in the history of the state."

Amit Segal taunted Sharon when he wrote that he should be ashamed to write such an article while he was behind the disengagement plan: "A member of the Farm Forum who initiated the escape behind the fence promised that now 'we will turn to looking within, investing in the interior and education,' and that after threatening to respond 'with unprecedented force if only they shoot at us,' he was there when his father founded the genre of destroying the empty dunes after the Qassam rocket fire at the end of the disengagement. Silence is also an option. The justified criticism of the government to be voiced by a man with cleaner hands."

Faculty Fellow/Screenshot, Keshet 12

Gilad Sharon did not remain obliged and responded to Amit Segal, stinging him under his belt for being the son of Hagai Segal who was convicted of terrorism: "Amit, accept a friendly offer and do not involve parents. You know very well that this is entirely in your favor. After the October 7 massacre, you said, 'We are all to blame.' Since then it has passed to you. But the truth is that we are not all to blame, the guilty have a name and a role, chief among them who would run first to take credit if everything was okay.

"Did you say that Sharon attacked empty hills? I suggest you look at the list of Hamas leaders during the Sharon era: Shehadeh, Rantisi, Yassin and many other terrorists. They were eliminated one by one on Sharon's orders. Unlike Hamas leaders of the past 15 years, who received immunity and cash from Netanyahu. And that's without mentioning those Netanyahu released.
If it were up to you, a lot more money would probably go to Hamas.

"Unlike you, I was now in reserve duty in Gaza. Maybe you'll consider tweeting less and skipping less at paid lectures during this time? Come and see the situation in Gaza, as many of your colleagues did. Good eye sight from a chirp or two. Everyone knows that Sharon would never have allowed the reality in Gaza to deteriorate until the horror of October 7. Reminds you that on Passover Seder night 2002, Sharon ordered the IDF to launch Operation Defensive Shield to eradicate terrorism in Judea and Samaria. Not in words, not in slogans, in deeds. Hezbollah is far more dangerous than Hamas, so what do you suggest? Settle in Lebanon? Your level of arguments is low and childish. What is needed is to shoot every terrorist who approaches the border, and not count on the fact that "Hamas is deterred." And lastly, what will we become of you? Can't you criticize the prime minister when he fails? Even on the beach in Miami there is more criticism than yours."

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Even after this tweet by Gilad Sharon, the argument between the two is not over. Amit Segal responded to Gilad Sharon: "I wouldn't have involved your father if your father hadn't involved you. You are the one who sat with your brother in the Farm Forum, and you are the one who took pride in the proposal to escape from terror. If it weren't for that, you might not have had to put on a uniform and go in there. In short, if I were you, I would be silent. In the interrogation rooms, it succeeded you big time."

Sharon once again did not remain obliged and answered Amit Segal: "Amit, you are so much of a mouthpiece that you claim that Netanyahu had nothing to do but wait 14 years for the worst massacre in the history of the state? Do you really believe this folly? Netanyahu took credit for the quietest decade in Gaza, but when his failure came, he suddenly looks for guilty parties from 20 years ago, and you are the mouthpiece of his escape from responsibility. You don't have an ounce of professional integrity. With Sharon, it wouldn't have happened, he would have dismantled their shape a long time ago, that's what he did to terror all his life, unlike your master, who specialized in paying them protection.

"In the face of terrorism, we must be tough and firm, not weak and inclusive, and certainly not transfer suitcases of money. But it probably doesn't appear on the message page you're reciting. Everyone remembers who freed Sinwar and Yassin and who killed Yassin. Is Hamas deterred no longer on your message page? I repeat my suggestion, get out of the studio for a bit, put on a helmet and go into the field. Maybe you'll be able to form your own opinion instead of talking to Netanyahu. Lastly, since the beginning of the war, masses of Israelis have been enlisting and volunteering. Israeli artists perform voluntarily for the soldiers.
You? Shamelessly in wartime, he sells lecture tickets for money. Aren't you ashamed? What did the late Uri Orbach say? The good ones for the media or the greedy for the media?

"Not everyone has to think like me, I have no problem with people who think differently, but there's no point in arguing with Shofar. I left Gaza and wrote my opinion. You don't have to agree, but not a greedy rabbit like you, you have to criticize my reserves or give me grades."

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