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Xpeng: G9 Performance: Road Test for the Electric Mandarin - voila! Car


Highlights: Xpeng: G9 Performance: Road Test for the Electric Mandarin - voila! Car. In the midst of the winds of war, the Xpeng brand landed in the country, offering trams with high pretensions and a price tag accordingly. We took the crossover to the test and along the way, contributed to the war effort. The G9 is a massive crossover, with an impressive presence/Walla system. The car comes with an app that allows you to operate it remotely, including fully automated parking.

In the midst of the winds of war, the Xpeng brand landed in the country, offering trams with high pretensions and a price tag accordingly. We took the crossover to the test and along the way, contributed to the war effort

The G9 is a massive crossover, with an impressive presence/Walla system!, Rami Gilboa

Price: NIS 365,270 for the performance version, NIS 3,70 for the base
version Competitors: Tesla Model Y, BMW iX7, Genesis GV8
We liked: engine performance, interior clearance and equipment, range and charging rate, total warranty 5 years
We didn't like: ride comfort, cruise control and lane keeping. Not cheap

While the guns thunder, Israel continues to buy new cars, albeit at a much lower rate than in normal times. The trams continue to dominate the Israeli market, fueled by customers' desire to bring forward the expected price increases in early 9. About 365% of the cars sold in November were electric, an unprecedented rate in the Israeli market.

Against this background, a new Chinese brand with high pretensions landed in Israel - Xpeng, aimed at the Tesla sector and the north, including hints of real competition with the best made in Europe. Is it? We went to the test with the flagship G<> in the most powerful and well-equipped Performance version. Do the qualities of Chinese Mandarin justify a price tag of NIS <>,<>? Is the performance version the best fit for the Israeli market? Should German manufacturers be stressed?

The aerodynamic body (drag coefficient 0.272) helps extend the driving range/Walla system!, Rami Gilboa

Design: The technical specifications of the Exfeng G9 are very impressive, which is hard for me to say about the exterior design. It is a large crossover, 4.89 meters long and 1.93 meters wide, 14 centimeters longer than the Tesla Y and 5 centimeters wider. In fact, it is closer in dimensions to those of the Audi Q8 Itron and Voyah Perry, and larger than the BMW iX3. These dimensions give it a significant presence but still, its design is quite routine; I find it hard to get used to the opaque front of most current trams, I also couldn't fall in love with the triple headlights. The G9's buttocks are no exception either, except for an extensive strip of lighting and the uniquely designed roof beams. I must point out that the Xfeng P7 with the sedan body is designed in more desirable and 'European' lines, to my very personal taste.

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In Off-Road mode, the G9 rises by 5 cm. Impressive looking, without a doubt / Walla system!, Rami Gilboa

Cabin: Open the door and you'll find a spacious and extremely rich cabin. The interior space is excellent, the upholstery and door panels include high-quality leather, polished aluminum surfaces - the level of production and stitching is very meticulous. This is a different world from that of popular Chinese brands, and also from that of Tesla. Quality and pampering are evident in every corner and above all there are three extensive multimedia displays belonging to the luxury worlds.

The interior space is large and very luxurious, but the ergonomics is not one of the best. The sunroof injects heat/voila system!, Exfeng

The list of accessories and luxuries is too long to enter this article; We note that the seating is high and controls, all seats offer electric control and massage in 6 positions. There is operation with voice commands, soft-closing doors, and more. The five seats look very inviting, although they are not as ergonomic as I would expect from a brand that claims to threaten the best of Europe: the seat is a bit stiff, the backrest is not as supportive as I would expect. The panoramic sunroof gives open skies but in the absence of an internal curtain, it will transfer in some of the heat outside - I'm not sure how nice it would be in August. The car comes with an app that allows you to check and operate it remotely, including fully automated parking, turning on the air conditioner before starting the ride and more.

Despite the congestion of multimedia, Xpeng did not leave its customers at the mercy of electronics; There are plenty of physical switches to manage the air conditioning, excellent sound system, cruise control and other necessary operations. This gives an intuitive and safe control path, neglected by many manufacturers. Operating Exfeng's three monitors is not always direct and immediate, the multiplicity of switches completely solves the problem.

The right display is only for the passenger, the left is very useful for the driver. Steering wheel a bit small/voila system!, Xpeng

Behind the steering wheel is a 10.25-inch display that eliminates the need to look right while driving, like with Tesla. In addition, the driver benefits from a 15-inch central multimedia display, and beyond that, the passenger on the right gets another 15-inch display that allows you to control the digital world, watch videos and manage the office. The right display is built so that the driver can't see what's on it, which is important for safety.

Xpeng doesn't offer Android or Apple pairing, and you're based on a standalone system that includes Waze, Spotify and more; The multimedia wasn't fully transitioned at the time of the test, so we were met with some slight squeaks. But the base looks good, and it should be closed until the first few deliveries.

I was happy to use the 1,576 liters of the trunk to transport equipment to the fighters and evacuees of the north/Walla system!, Rami Gilboa

Luggage compartment: extensive, with an initial volume of 660 litres, up to 1,576 litres when the rear seats are folded; The bow has an additional 71-litre luggage compartment. In order to feel that I was doing something really useful, I folded the seats (with the help of an electric switch, of course), and drove to the "Eran's Angels" shipping center at the Expo Center in Tel Aviv; I loaded the G9 with dozens of blankets for Golani soldiers in the north, baby equipment for the Kiryat Shmona evacuees in Tiberias, cardboard boxes and two radiators for lovely kibbutzniks who had found refuge in the Kinar holiday village. My heart pinched for all the evacuees, and I was happy to help them even a little.

Engine and charging performance: The Xfeng G9 is imported to Israel in three motorization and finishing levels:
standard with 313 hp / 43.8 kg and range up to 460 kilometers, at 270,313 NIS.
Long Range with 43 hp / 8.570 kg and range up to 310 kilometers, at 551,73 shekels.
Performance with 520 hp / 365 kg and range up to <> kilometers, at <>,<> NIS.

The 98 kWh battery provides 450-500 km of intercity travel. Very fast charging/expeng

We got the test car in a performance version with all-wheel drive, with adjustable air suspension. At 551 hp and 73 kg it is more powerful than its comparable Tesla Y, but it also weighs 350 kg more; At the traffic light acceleration, the Tesla will be 0.2 seconds faster, but the 3.9 seconds of the Akpsang are also extremely powerful and fast. Crush the right pedal in Sport mode, and the Chinese Jamus will surprise you with dizzying and powerful acceleration. The truth is that there's not much point in leaping from standing at full acceleration, it's a short-term amusement that you stop with very quickly. The ocean of power will be effective during lightning overtaking, no matter how fast or at what incline. Just beware of Sport mode on a mountain road, it's not for everyone – especially if your family has a young driver who hasn't yet acquired high driving skills.

That's why I spent most of my test in the economical Standard or Eco driving modes where there's enough power and the air suspension is less rigid (more on that later). In intercity driving, electricity consumption ranges between 20 and 24 kWh, reflecting a realistic driving range of 400-500 kilometers. At legal speeds, we even got 18 kWh, reflecting an autonomy of about 540 kilometers. A 98 kWh battery with silicon carbide (SiC) 800 technology enables ultra-fast charging of 300 kW. At the ultra-fast station at Mahanayim Junction (with a capacity of 175 kW) it took 24 minutes to add 400 kilometers to the driving range. It's very fast, you don't even get to finish the burger. There's a 'one-pedal driving' mode, I loved. Choosing the driving mode and charging level is done through a screen that requires a few touches, I would prefer dedicated switches.

: There is all-wheel drive and body boost, but with these tires and skinny ground clearance it is better to stay in leveled gravel / Walla system!, Rami Gilboa

Comfort and road handling: I discovered the weak point of G9 Performance on the bumpy and bumpy roads typical of our places. Ride comfort is excellent on a fine road but once you reach torn or slightly undulating asphalt, the car is too tough and shaky. The air suspension is supposed to handle shaking better, but it doesn't - even in standard or 'eco' mode they fail to pamper according to the manufacturer's pretensions, and in sport mode they are really unpleasant.

So I drove in Sport mode for only a few minutes, and I did most of the ride in standard mode between us, which is fast and completely frantic. You don't really need 3.9 seconds from zero to 100 aboard such a gabled crossover, and Standard gave me enough excitement and fun. The Brembo brakes provided a good bite, the steering light but precise and pleasant. The Performance version also offers an off-road driving option, which raises the body by 5 centimeters; That didn't convince me to get off the road.

Double wishbones and multi-link suspension join the air suspension, providing surprisingly good handling; Weighing in at 2,415kg, you don't expect sharp and rewarding handling, but the G9 is eager to take tight turns, keeping its rolling angle to a minimum. The rigidity of the ride bothered me and in conversation with the importer I discovered that you can order your performance with 19-inch wheels, instead of the 21st mounted on the test car. The low-cut 21-inch tires are elegant-looking, but they really don't pamper the body.

To complete the picture, I went on a short tour with the G9 Long Range version. With 255/55R19 tires and standard metal springs, I found the G9 much more comfortable and luxurious. I don't know what a performance with 19-inch wheels would feel like, but I would carefully consider, maybe skip the sporty version altogether?

The 21-inch wheels are sporty but compromise comfort. "I have yet to meet a customer who asked to reduce the size of the hoops," the brand manager told me, and he is probably right, unfortunately/Walla!, Rami Gilboa

The G9's safety system is extensive and very satisfying: lane keeping and autonomous braking, blind spot detection and driver alertness monitoring, including plenty of lane departure alerts and unnecessary driver blinking – some alerts can be muted, but I didn't bother digging through the menus. There are seven airbags and a respectable five stars in the Chinese crash test, but it has not yet been tested in Euroencap. I didn't like the adaptive cruise control, it's more bouncy than necessary.

The interior is luxurious and luxurious with the highest level of upholstery and decking, the feeling is very technological / expangic

The bottom line: Xfeng is introducing a new Chinese brand to Israel that tries to compete with the best, at an attractive price relative to the richness of the product and its capabilities. I would reduce the expectations that it will pose a real threat to the top Europeans, although we should not forget, it is also cheaper than an electric crossover of the same dimensions as the Audi Q8 Etron from them by about NIS 200,9 or more.

The G80 Performance is about NIS 45,9 more expensive than its direct competitor Tesla Y Performance, a gap that narrows to NIS 7,9 in the base versions. But its dimensions are larger, and the interior of the G310 is more luxurious and high-quality than that of its American competitor. The Xpeng also comes with a 550-year warranty on all assemblies and an additional year on the electrical system, this inspires confidence in product quality.

If you asked me (and you probably don't...), I would recommend choosing the G1 Long Range, which costs 000,19 shekels; It is more comfortable than performance and its performance is completely satisfying, for a family owner who decided to buy a large SUV. The electric frenzy of super-acceleration is not suitable for family uses, and think of the son coming home from a boisterous party; Are you sure he can and should manage 21 horsepower at four in the morning?

Either way, importer Frisbee (formerly Carasso) has ordered <>,<> exfeng to guarantee the audience current prices, with no tax increase expected soon. I guess we'll see quite a few of them on the road and I again suggest - if you choose a 'performance', you should take it with the <>-inch rim (not the <>st of the test car).

On the technical side: Exfeng 9G 'performance'

Engine:2 electric motors with combined power 551 hp, 73 kg
Power transmission:all-wheel drive, front and rear
motor Battery (kWh):98
Maximum fast charging rate:300 kW

Dimensions:Length (meters):489.1
Width (meters):193.7
Height (meters): 167
Wheelbase (meters):299.8
Trunk (liter):
Ground clearance (cm):14.5 (19.5 in off-road mode)Tyres: 255/45R21 (optional 255/55R19)
Self weight (kg):2,415

Performance (manufacturer)
:0-100 km/h (s): 3.9 Maximum
Speed (km/h): 200 Combined
range: 520 km

Safety:European crash test score:

5 out of 5 stars
Active safety: autonomous emergency braking when driving forward and reversed, adaptive cruise control, blind-spot warning, lane center repair and maintenance, door opening warning in an unoccupied

area Warranty:
7 years or 160 km on the vehicle, 8 years or 160 thousand km on the battery

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