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Baburin: Washington should be forced to lift its coercive measures imposed on Syria


MOSCOW-SANA The head of the Russian Center for Jerusalem, Sergey Baburin, called for the lifting of unilateral economic coercive measures


The head of the Russian Center for Jerusalem, Sergey Baburin, called for the lifting of unilateral coercive economic measures imposed on Syria and Iran, especially with the outbreak of the Corona virus pandemic.

In response to a question to a SANA correspondent in Moscow on the sidelines of an event held by the RIA Novosti Agency on the occasion of World Jerusalem Day, Baburin said: “The United States and the countries in its passengers should have been forced to support Russia’s initiative to remove or reduce the sanctions imposed on Syria and Iran because it is not permissible to allow the transfer of everything Relates to health and medical affairs as a tool to achieve the ambitions of global domination and impose the dictatorship of certain countries on international issues in order to avoid a global tragedy with the spread of the Corona virus.

Baburin said that the US administration bears responsibility for the consequences of these measures on the Syrian and Iranian people, considering that politicizing the issue of medical aid to combat the Corona pandemic and preventing it is due to the internal situation in the United States, which is part of the political struggle between US President Donald Trump and his opponents, especially with regard to the upcoming presidential elections.

Baburin expressed his confidence in the ability of the Syrians to rebuild their country and revive their economy with the help of their friends and allies despite all that their country is exposed to, stressing the need to cancel the sanctions imposed on Syria and Iran "because the rights of peoples to struggle to achieve their legitimate interests cannot be removed."

For his part, Sheikh Nafiullah Asherov, co-chair of the Ifta Council in Russia, condemned the use of the Corona pandemic to achieve selfish, malicious goals by the United States and its allies, stressing at the same time the necessity to unite and concert the efforts of the global family as a whole to combat this epidemic that threatens the future of everyone without exception.

For his part, the Syrian ambassador to the Russian Federation, Dr. Riyad Haddad, affirmed that the unilateral coercive measures imposed by America and Western countries on Syria are "contrary to international law and are classified as a crime against humanity", especially in light of the spread of the Corona pandemic.

Haddad said that these sanctions represent a new type of terrorism sponsored and practiced by America against Syria, explaining that these measures affected the Syrian health sector and its reconstruction, calling on the United Nations and the World Health Organization to work to lift these unilateral illegal measures.

Source: sena

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