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[Interview] Big data alchemist Che Pinjue is most optimistic about this type of company: even financial difficulties will help


In the Internet era, every behavior of people will leave a "footprint" of data and eventually aggregate into big data. Data is gold, but not as much as possible, it will also cause doubts. Last year, the smart lamppost caused privacy concerns.

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Written by: Kuang Yueting

2020-06-29 07:30

Last update date: 2020-06-29 07:30

In the Internet era, every behavior of people will leave a "footprint" of data and eventually aggregate into big data. Data is gold, but not as much as possible, it will also cause doubts. Last year, the smart lamppost attracted privacy concerns.

Che Pinjue, former vice president of Alibaba Group, who worked for Alipay and Taobao's "Big Data One Brother", has been "circulating" with data for many years and is called a "data alchemist." He taught the way that if Hong Kong is to become a smart city, it can first start with small livelihood projects, such as using data to find buildings with higher risk of "bad lift", doing "warm up", and then dealing with some more needs. Data, privacy items. "If you lack trust, you can't do a big project!"

Che Pinjue used to be the former vice president of Alibaba. After leaving "Big Tree", he did not stop. He is now an expert partner of Sequoia Capital China Fund and is mainly responsible for discovering the "Star of Tomorrow". He once wrote "Enlightenment • Big Data", one of the "enlightenments" of data is that too much data will become a burden! He explained that not every data can bring benefits, and there is no truth in the world that the more data, the better. "When the data is more single and centralized, the results will be easier to measure, and the cost and time required will be reduced."

Car Pinjue said that the data can be used repeatedly, and the more it will be used, the more “lazy” it will be, and some of it can produce huge economic benefits. (Profile picture)

The most optimistic data encryption company

In the long-term "fighting" with data, Che Pinjue said that his best start-up industry is data encryption companies. "Even the general public must protect personal privacy information. Many companies have to use big data to solve problems. Countries also need to use data to prevent the next epidemic, and the most important thing is to gain the trust of citizens.

Car Pinjue takes the Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao mutual recognition health codes as an example of the plan that the Hong Kong government plans to launch, saying that the most important thing is how to use the blockchain to achieve the mutual recognition of the three sets of data, and to make these data anonymous, and ultimately make the data collectors It cannot restore data by itself. "The use of big data will become more common in the future, with a larger scope and more privacy. As long as more applications are used, the security of the data will be more guaranteed. Whether it is an epidemic or not, it will be a general trend in the future. If Qu哋 (data encryption company) has financial difficulties, I will definitely help!"

The Lands Department has previously developed a spatial data sharing platform. During the outbreak, the platform launched a "New Corona Virus Infection Local Map" based on the data provided by the Center for Health Protection to let the public know about the high-risk areas. (Website screenshot)

Under the epidemic situation, the Hong Kong Government has launched the "Interactive Map of New Coronavirus Infections", which lists the confirmed cases, the details of the confirmed cases, the locations and dates of the confirmed cases. Che Pinjue feels that this is just a good example of how the government uses public data to solve public problems. Especially, interactive maps visualize the data, and people who do not understand data analysis can also understand the contents of the pie, which is a good start. In the future, the Hong Kong government may open up public data in different areas. "The traffic and weather data are the most complete, concentrated, and most noticed, but later more sensitive data, such as medical data, will be more difficult."

Calling for small projects to gain the trust of citizens

The application of big data is often promoted by the government, but the key project of the smart city, the multifunctional smart lamppost, has caused privacy concerns earlier. Data encryption is of course important, but the key to Car Pinjue’s frankness is to gain the trust of the public. He suggested that the Hong Kong government should start with small projects related to people’s livelihood without involving personal privacy, and then open up different small projects to let officials Understand what steps are required to digitize something.

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The smart lamp post is equipped with a high-definition lens, which has the functions of collecting data and transmitting signals, causing public anxiety. (Profile picture)

As an example, he cited that the New York City Government has done a data project on the number of fires and the relationship between the aging of urban power lines to identify those areas that need to be replaced with new wires and reduce the number of fires. If applied in Hong Kong, the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department can also use the "bad lift", maintenance and repair data to find out which elevators have a higher risk of accidents. Flooding during heavy rains is usually due to garbage blocking the channel. If you can use the data to find out the black spots of flooding and remove the garbage beforehand, you can reduce the risk of flooding.

"The most important thing is to gain the trust of the public. With more and more data, you will need higher and higher costs, and it will take longer to prove its effectiveness. When people have confidence in the data, they will be willing to be patient. , And the lack of trust is not a big project (plan)." Che Pinjue said.

Che Pinjue believes that the level of data openness in various countries is similar, and Hong Kong is not far behind these areas. However, if you want to catch up, you must first resolve your personal privacy concerns. (Photo by Luo Junhao)

China's data trading platform is expected to become more active

For the first time this year, the mainland government listed "data" as a factor of production parallel to labor, capital, land, knowledge, technology, and management. The People's Daily wrote that the current global economic growth is weak, but the important role of data as a factor of production is increasingly prominent. The new economy represented by the digital economy has become a new engine of economic growth.

Che Pinjue said the move made the society pay more attention to data resources and even regarded them as assets. "Resources in the past are all physical, but in fact some data can also become resources, so that something can generate value and derive economic benefits. For example, Alibaba has refined the data into a system that recommends customers to buy goods, allowing customers to buy more products. "In the future, data will be financially like gold, and people can use them to trade and buy and sell. He expects that China's data trading platform will become more active in the future.

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