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Söder announces new corona measures - and threatens all skiers: "Anyone who goes to Austria must ..."


The partial corona lockdown has been extended. Markus Söder announced the new measures for Bavaria on Thursday afternoon.

The partial corona lockdown has been extended.

Markus Söder announced the new measures for Bavaria on Thursday afternoon.

  • There is now clarity until the end of December: The lockdown will be extended, deepened and in parts also tightened for Bavaria.

  • You can find an overview of the Bavarian special rules under the update from 3:01 p.m.

  • This news ticker is updated regularly.

  • Here we offer you the current case numbers in Bavaria in a map *

3:01 p.m.:

Here again a short summary of the Bavarian

lockdown rules


Corona lockdown rules for Bavaria - overview

  • Hotspot 300:

    Söder has discovered a new hotspot.

    The hotspot 300.

    From this incidence mark, even stricter rules should be possible - up to exit restrictions.



    restriction, also regionally restricted, would be a complete novelty as an anti-corona measure.

    So far the policy has been limited to contact restrictions.

  • With a 7-day incidence of 200 or more,


    switch to hybrid teaching from the 8th grade onwards.

    The mask requirement remains in place at all schools.

  • Contact restrictions:

    As decided nationwide yesterday.

    Only five people, private and public, from a maximum of two households.

    Christmas to New Year's Eve: ten people, from any number of households and with as many children as you like.

  • Ski areas: Should remain closed according to Markus Söder's wishes


    With tension and growing desperation, the winter sports regions in Bavaria are looking to the December date of the federal and state governments, in the great hope that something will still change.

    Anything else would be fatal for ski areas, restaurants and hotels.

2:57 p.m.:

What is surprising at the end of this press conference: There is actually no special Bavarian route.

Söder had said for days that New Year's Eve had to be restricted more.

But nothing is being implemented now.

The relatively loose

ten-person-plus-X-children rule applies.

Only the hotspot is more strictly regulated.

Especially in schools.

Hotspot 300

is just as new

, where exit restrictions

and complete school closings are possible.

2.48 p.m.: When asked,

Söder confirms again that the lockdown will in all probability last the whole of December, even if December 20th is mentioned for legal reasons.

2.46 p.m.:

Melanie Huml describes the already known vaccination strategy, which "possibly as early as December" could start, as the Minister of Health says.

All vaccination centers should be operational by December 15th.

2,400 doctors have registered for this.

Corona lockdown in Bavaria: Aiwanger contradicts Söder in ski areas

2.34 p.m.: It is

interesting that



his boss

a bit

when it

comes to



“When it comes to skiing, I don't see the problem.” There is distance and always fresh air.

Aiwanger therefore hopes for the December meeting between the federal government and the federal states and for a signal that “we can get off to a flying start at the end of December and in the new year at the latest, also with the gastro.” In any case, there is great anger on site in the ski areas. *

2.24 p.m

.: Söder is ready.

Now Aiwanger speaks and explains the restrictions on business, especially retail.

Attention skiers: Even day-trippers have to be quarantined for ten days afterwards

2.20 p.m.:

So nothing new so far.

Now Söder comes to the ski areas.

The lifts stay closed.

“Unless the numbers drop below 50”, which nobody currently assumes.

With regard to Austria, which is planning to open its ski area for Christmas, Söder says: “We are relying on the international initiative.” And Söder threatens all skiers:

“Anyone who goes to Austria has to be quarantined for ten days afterwards.

This is the new federal law.

This also applies to day trips. "

Bavaria is hardly tightening lockdown resolutions from MPK for the time being.

New Year's Eve: until further notice 10 people.

School: in hotspots (I> 200) from 8th grade onwards, changing model requires

universities / VHS: generally only digital

- Christian Deutschländer (@CDeutschlaender) November 26, 2020

Corona lockdown in Bavaria: Söder largely adheres to the Berlin decision

2:17 p.m.:

Now Söder is talking about the holidays.

“Our fears were confirmed during the summer vacation.” During the vacation, the number of contacts and thus the infections increase.

"During the holidays themselves, it makes sense to allow more contacts." As decided yesterday, the following applies in Bavaria at Christmas:

10 people maximum - no matter how many households.

Children under 14 are not counted.

The ministers had long discussed whether New Year's Eve should be more strictly regulated.

“I'm not a fan of firecrackers myself.” Nevertheless, the decision was made to keep the number of people allowed as at Christmas.

Corona lockdown in Bavaria: own hotspot rules

2:12 p.m.:


hotspot areas

there is a

ban on alcohol

in city centers and a

ban on weekly markets

(except for food




should also be greater restrictions


schools in hotspots


In all hotspots (from an incidence of 200) there will be hybrid lessons from the 8th grade (half stay at home, the other half come in).

The mask in all schools remains.

Another new feature is that in the event of an infection, the entire class does not have to go into quarantine for fourteen days, but only five days.

Daycare centers and primary schools as well as lower grades remain open.

2:11 p.m .:

"Why does Bavaria have particularly high numbers?" - Söder justifies this, among other things, with the proximity to the border with Austria and the Czech Republic.

2:06 p.m .:

Söder wants to

straighten out and reduce

: “That in the inner city area.” One person on 20 square meters at wholesale stores from 800 square meters.

In general there is the possibility of a mask requirement completely in city centers.

Universities and adult education centers should switch completely to distance events.

2:05 p.m.:


- As decided nationwide yesterday, there is now also a contact restriction in Bavaria, which is new: More than five people from two households are no longer allowed.

2:05 p.m

.: "We therefore remain on the team with caution and caution," says Söder, speaking of a "historic cabinet meeting".

And the result: lengthen, deepen.

“All businesses that have been closed so far will also remain closed.” In this context, Söder again refers to the assistance for entrepreneurs and self-employed, which will also be extended.

2:01 p.m

.: Söder begins with a description of the situation.

“The intensive care beds are being used to capacity,” stated the Prime Minister.

Although the numbers are stagnating, they remain at a high level.

The partial lockdown is a partial success.

But the death toll is increasing.

2 p.m .:

The press conference started on time.

1:50 p.m.:

The cabinet is still in session.

Prime Minister Markus Söder will shortly appear in front of the press and presumably announce stricter rules for Bavaria than decided yesterday with the Prime Minister and Chancellor Merkel.

These are the disputed points:

Video: Listen to the whole press conference with Markus Söder

  • Ski areas:

    Austria wants to open for the Christmas holidays.

    Söder and Merkel would like a closure until at least August 10th - is Söder going it alone for the Bavarian ski areas?

    The forced closure is controversial even in the Bavarian cabinet.

    Economics Minister Hubert Aiwanger

    from the Free Voters would also like to open it.

  • Meetings on Christmas and New Year's Eve: The

    federal states have agreed that from Christmas to New Year's Eve a maximum of ten people may meet privately - regardless of how many households.

    Söder has already made it clear that this is going too far for him.

  • Hotspot rules

    : Yesterday, the states could only agree on an optional rule for stricter restrictions if the 200 cases mark was broken on a 7-day average per 100,000 inhabitants.

    It is quite possible that Söder will turn it into a target regulation for Bavaria today.

Update from November 26th, 12.12 p.m

.: The Bavarian

cabinet has been


on yesterday's extension and tightening of the partial lockdown

since eleven


The implementation for the Free State should be decided.

Then Prime Minister Markus Söder will inform about the results of the meeting at a press conference.

Health Minister Melanie Huml, Education Minister Michael Piazolo and Economics Minister Hubert Aiwanger will also be there.


press conference

you can follow here at 14 o'clock in the live ticker.

We in Bavaria will get the implementation under way today ...

- Markus Söder (@Markus_Soeder) November 26, 2020

Partial lockdown extended: “Not quite that clear enough to me yet” - Will Söder announce stricter regulations for Bavaria?

First report from November 26th, 6:05 am

: Munich - On Wednesday (November 25th) the big Corona * summit took place in Berlin.

For hours, the advised

state leaders

with Chancellor Angela Merkel on the future * Anti-Corona * policy.

The Chancellor then shared the results of the meeting with

Bavaria's Prime Minister

Markus Söder * and

Berlin's Governing Mayor Michael Müller.

Legally, the whole thing now has to be implemented primarily by the federal states - and Bavaria wants to do that quickly.

Corona summit with Chancellor Merkel: Söder-Kabinett decides today to implement the measures for Bavaria

At the Corona summit, the federal and state governments agreed on an

extension and tightening of

the Corona * restrictions.

You can find an overview here.

The Bavarian cabinet wants to decide on the concrete implementation for the Free State on Thursday (November 26th).

Among other things, the

partial lockdown,

which is initially limited to the end of the month,

with the

closure of restaurants and leisure facilities of

all kinds, is to be extended until December 20.

In addition, the cabinet wants to decide how exactly it should go on in schools.

The Prime Minister agreed with

Chancellor Merkel

on Wednesday on a strategy for extreme


: According to this, "school-specific" measures such as alternating or hybrid lessons are to be introduced if the regional mark of 200 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants is exceeded within seven days * - but loudly Decision paper only from class 8, with the exception of the final classes.

After Merkel's Corona summit: will Söder announce stricter regulations for Bavaria?

It cannot be ruled out that Bavaria will


somewhat stricter




Markus Söder

said on Wednesday evening about the joint federal-state paper: "In some places that is not quite as clear enough for me." The states could also deviate from the common line on other points.

It was decided to relax the contact restrictions at least over Christmas, but "at the longest" until January 1st.

So it is conceivable that Bavaria or other countries will



to stricter

contact restrictions

for New Year's Eve


Extend and deepen: Caution and caution remain the joint strategy of the federal and state governments.

The situation remains very serious.

We have a mild lockdown, so it takes a little longer.

There is more economic aid than anywhere else in Europe.

- Markus Söder (@Markus_Soeder) November 25, 2020

The Bavarian cabinet meets at eleven o'clock.

Prime Minister Söder will be providing information on the results of the meeting together with Health Minister Melanie Huml, Economics Minister Hubert Aiwanger and Education Minister Michael Piazolo.


press conference

you can follow live on this ticker.

(kam / dpa) * is part of the nationwide Ippen digital editorial network.

You can always read all the news from Bavaria with us.

List of rubric lists: © Odd Andersen / dpa / dpa-Bildfunk

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