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Road Test: Mitsubishi ASX - Walla! vehicle


The Mitsubishi ASX has finally won a significant facelift - the up-to-date and sparkling redesign, the engine and gearbox have been enhanced and the entry price is quite attractive, starting at NIS 136,000 ....

Road Test: Mitsubishi ASX

The Mitsubishi ASX has finally won a significant facelift - the up-to-date and sparkling design, the engine and gearbox have been enhanced and the entry price is quite attractive, starting at NIS 136,000. Is that enough to compete in the surrounding Jipon Sea?

Aggressive appearance under the influence of the successful Outlander

Road test: Renewed Mitsubishi ASX (Photo: Rami Gilboa, Rami Gilboa)

There were years when Mitsubishi dominated the Israeli car market, but no more; The classic family disappeared from the catalog, from Pajero we said goodbye to tears, and the supply of road cars was reduced to the basic Atraze and Spice Star. Tryton is about to get a massive refresh, but he doesn't care about the urban customers, the salesman of any car importer.

The Mitsubishi Sales Area is in the impressive crossover gallery it currently offers; By introducing ASX, Mitsubishi can offer a crossover at any price, ranging from NIS 136,000 to ASX Intense, via Eclipse-Cross, and up to NIS 200,000 to Outlander 4X4. The sales pitch I repeated back and forth in the showroom was: "Are you giving a family jeep at the price of Corolla or Octavia, won't you?" So we took the ASX test at a premium finish, NIS 148,000, and set out to check out what's new behind the glittering front.

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Updated Mitsubishi ASX in Israel: Starting at NIS 136,000

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The side silhouette betrays the advanced age of the ASX. But he still looked visceral

Road test: Renewed Mitsubishi ASX (Photo: Rami Gilboa, Rami Gilboa)

find the differences

The ASX was born in 2007 but the facelift manages to blur its advancing age, to no avail. The proportions of the chassis have not changed, but compared to 'facing each other', it can be seen that the bow has become more square and solid, with the family stamp of powerful chandeliers in the Outlander style. The liquid-bulbous appearance of the previous model is sharpened and assigned, giving the ASX a fresh and striking appearance. The design is a little too shabby for my taste, but it will appeal to many customers - certainly with a relatively high roof, which is immediately associated with the coveted leisure vehicle category.

The backside is carved and up-to-date, with no personality

Road test: Renewed Mitsubishi ASX (Photo: Rami Gilboa, Rami Gilboa)

I have trouble swallowing the square fog lamps on the front, an LED assembly that has four bright 'chocolate cubes' - there is a slight exaggeration here, and the square mirror does not fit with the plethora of slanted lines that dominate the front. I would also give up the simulated air recliner in the shape of a black triangle; It does not contribute in any way to the design of the ASX. The ASX buttocks have been stiffened and raised, including proper lighting units and (or more correctly, black outlets). In the rear, it looks just fine, much better than the outgoing curves. A relatively large wheelbase places the ASX wheels in the corners of the vehicle, reinforcing its visceral appearance with 18-inch rims and 55-inch tires.

I didn't fall in love with the square fog lamps, and the triple air recliner. Nice 18-inch rims

Road test: Renewed Mitsubishi ASX (Photo: Rami Gilboa, Rami Gilboa)

The family room

The Mitsubishi ASX can be defined as a 'compact' crossover because it is about a dozen inches short of family competitors from Korea, for example. But surprisingly, the ASX offers the same wheelbase as the Hyundai Tucson, 267-inch coders promise great interior space. While the wheelbase gives a large front and rear knee spacing, the size of a classic family crossover. The seating is relatively high and the seats are quite comfortable, though not ergonomic. The 'Premium' model combines leather-like upholstery and black fabric with nice red stitching. The trunk is not very large, 393 liters (up to 1,193 in the rear seats folding).

The dashboard is basic-looking, but it is durable and richly equipped. The saddle-leather seats are cozy

Road test: Renewed Mitsubishi ASX (Photo: Rami Gilboa, Rami Gilboa)

Despite the satisfying internal dimensions, there is no sense of sitting in a modern vehicle here; The dashboard and corrugated materials are unimpressive in comparison to what is offered today by competitors, the proportion of the height of the seats and the windows is a bit strange. You will receive compensation for this most up-to-date feeling in the accessory department. There's a smart key, an 8-inch multimedia system that receives voice commands in Hebrew, a high-quality sound system and high connectivity, climate control, heated front seats, a panoramic sunroof and, most importantly, seven airbags. You don't feel 'robbed' and in the end, for many drivers, the accessory is just as important as the engine performance.

The atmospheric engine is not weak, but it must look for the horses up the rpm

Road test: Renewed Mitsubishi ASX (Photo: Rami Gilboa, Rami Gilboa)

Minimal improvements to the motorcycle department

Mitsubishi keeps the latest turbocharged engines for the Eclipse Cross, and on the ASX you get an enhanced version of the Camo 2.0-liter engine; In the ASX bow, it produces 150 hp, which only works at a high rpm of 6,000. The torque is satisfied with 19.9kg arriving very late, 4,200 rpm. In the world of high-torque turbocharged engines, these data are quite medium, and they have difficulty driving the ASX at a high rate. Drive with ease and have a nice time, with a continuous gearbox that doesn't bother too much.

Road test: Renewed Mitsubishi ASX (Photo: Rami Gilboa, Rami Gilboa)

Try launching the ASX for fast driving or overtaking steep, and the world will flip over you - the rpm needle will weigh 5,000 or more, the decibels needle will take off in tight districts too, the ASX doesn't like challenging driving - but so do most of its customers, who will feel The curiosity level is especially challenging during challenging rounds. At the curiosity level, we note 'steering wheel' with strong acceleration, a phenomenon we already thought has disappeared. For a relaxed family cruise, the gear-chalk engine receives a "sufficient" grade. Fuel, which makes sense to us.Out of the city and calm driving it was very easy to get out of the ASX 12-14 miles per liter, totally not bad for a family crossover.

The ASX safety specification is impressive, but not perfect in terms of 2019; There is autonomous braking up to 80 km / h, but no active lane is maintained. You will receive a warning of deviation from a lane, cross-country traffic, and vehicle identification in a dead area.

Road test: Renewed Mitsubishi ASX (Photo: Rami Gilboa, Rami Gilboa)

Comfort and behavior

Would I like to host the salesman who said to me, "Are you giving a family jeep for the price of Corolla or Octavia, don't you take it?" ... So it is that in the showroom or Highway 6, crossovers have a fair chance of competing in good road cars, but Very quickly the inherent limitations of all crossovers are rising. The ASX suspensions are also rigid with respect to competing crossovers, tire noise and wind penetrating the passenger compartment; It is conjectured that part of the feeling is due to the advanced age of the basic platform. If you are looking for refinement, comfort and dynamic performance - go to the family wing, in the opposite direction to the market trend in recent years.

A renewable star

It took Mitsubishi a long time to refresh the ASX, but the result is satisfactory. ASX is not an innovative, exciting or exciting crossover, but it does offer the desired dimensions and pose, at a pretty attractive opening price. The ASX is well-equipped and well-finished and has most, though not all, of the safety systems. For non-meticulous clients on matters of refinement and technological advancement, ASX is an accessible and attractive step, midway between the gray family and the great crossover club.

Road test: Renewed Mitsubishi ASX (Photo: Rami Gilboa, Rami Gilboa)

How to upgrade your vehicle How to upgrade your vehicle

From now on, a loan of up to NIS 100,000 for each purpose and the customers of all banks is the same

For a loan

On the technical side: Mitsubishi ASX Premium

Engine: 2.0 liter atmospheric gasoline, 1,998 cc
Power / rpm (kW): 150 / 6,000
Torque / rpm (kg): 19.9 / 4,200
Gearbox: Continuous automatic
Propulsion: Front

Length (cm): 436.5
Width (cm): 181.0
Height (cm): 164.0
Wheelbase (cm): 267.0
Ventral spacing (cm): 19
Tires: 225 / 55R18
Self Weight (kg): 1,405
Trunk volume (liters): 393 / 1,193

Toyota C-HR, Kia Nero

Price: NIS 147,900

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