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Fast and streak-free: How to clean your car windows easily from the inside


A clear view is a top priority when driving a car. With our tips, you can clean the inside of your car window correctly, quickly and without streaks.

A clear view is a top priority when driving a car. With our tips, you can clean the inside of your car window correctly, quickly and without streaks.

Everyone knows it, everyone hates it: dirty car windows. A clean windshield is not only more beautiful to look at, it is also important for traffic safety. When cleaning the car, however, it is often forgotten that the windshield should also be cleaned from the inside.

Stripes and streaks on the inner windshield not only reduce visibility, they increase the effect that the sun or headlights of oncoming cars dazzle you even more. For this reason, you should also regularly clean your car windows from the inside . We'll tell you what you need to consider.

How to clean car windows from the inside

The inside windows of cars can become dirty for a variety of reasons - dust, handprints, nicotine or the perspiration of plastic parts on the interior trim. Compared to cleaning the car windows from the outside, cleaning the inside is a bit more tedious. Because you have to make sure that the dashboard does not get wet.

As a precaution, place a towel over the fittings. Then you don't have to be afraid of unsightly water stains. In the first step, use a wet cloth for the inner panes to remove the coarse dirt.

Tip : Clean your car windows in the shade . Otherwise the panes dry too quickly due to direct sunlight and streaks appear.

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Then glass cleaner is used. Depending on the degree of soiling, you can use household cleaners or professional glass cleaners. Spray this on a soft cloth and clean the inside of the car window . You should not use dishwashing detergent, this creates droplets and does not clean the car windows properly.

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With wooden spoon and newspaper to clean windshield

You can easily remove the stubborn dirt in the corners by wrapping the cloth around a wooden spoon. If there was smoking in the car, you will likely need to repeat the process to remove the nicotine deposits .

You can do the finishing touches with some newspaper . Simply polish the disc with it until you hear a squeaking sound . Only then can you be sure that you have removed all residues of the cleaning agents and that you have a clear view of the street again.

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Clean the windshield while driving

Every driver knows the problem: the windshield fogs up while driving . There is not much time left for thorough cleaning . But so that you can see clearly again quickly, you should take a special cleaning sponge with you in the glove compartment. This is a normal sponge on one side and a chamois leather on the back .

Use the sponge to wipe the fogged-up car window from the inside and then clean the windshield with the chamois . If you don't have a sponge on hand, you can turn up the heating and open the windows. You will have the right perspective again in a short time.

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