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Guyana plagued by heavy flooding


The overseas department is facing pluviometry never seen in thirty years, when it is in phase 2 of the coronavirus and in epidemic rise of dengue.

Rough bad weather has been going on for several days in Guyana, causing multiple disasters and requiring the sending of equipment and food to a remote commune, said Monday, May 4, the prefect of Guyana, Marc del Grande. In Saint-Laurent du Maroni, " 139 people were evacuated and 99 of them agreed to be accommodated in a gymnasium " since Sunday evening, after the flooding of several neighborhoods, he explained during the 'a press point. French Guiana, which has entered the rainy season, has been " vigilant " for heavy rains and high tides for several days. Another intense episode is expected within 48 hours, authorities said.

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The rainfall recorded in Guyana over the past 3 weeks is equivalent to two years of rain in Morbihan. Unheard of for " thirty years, " said the prefect. The municipality of Camopi-Trois Sauts, located on the border with Brazil and one to three days distant from the coast by motorized canoe, is particularly affected. " 80% " of the thousand inhabitants of Camopi have their homes flooded, according to the estimate of the former mayor of the town, René Monerville contacted by AFP.

People are building a new tarpaulin camp to shelter. Some have lost all their belongings, ”said Jérémie Mata, a Camopi resident contacted by AFP on Monday. For " four days " the river, which crosses the town, is in flood, according to this resident, who deplores the risk of shortage because of the impossibility of going as usual " to hunting, to fishing ", and harvest. Some " are in the dark and light by candle ", because of the momentary loss of family generators and the scarcity of " fuel ". " Two tonnes of water ", " 30 kg of medical equipment ", clothes, shotgun cartridges, hooks, fuel and gas should be brought to Camopi-Trois Sauts by air and canoes within 36 hours -72h, according to the prefecture.

Elsewhere, the phenomenon has caused power cuts and several road damage, with no casualties.

In Saint-Laurent, near Suriname, surprised by the rising waters, some had to leave their neighborhood " by swimming ", according to the Guyane radio and television channel La 1ère. In Kourou, some people post their paddleboarding on the streets on social networks. " After the start of the year with a very shortfall in rain (-54%), the trend in Guyana is moving towards excess rain ", notes the latest forecast regional bulletin from Météo France.

Guyana is currently in phase 2 of coronavirus (133 confirmed cases, 1 death) and under an epidemic rise in dengue fever, with " 17 hospitalizations " in the 1st quarter, according to the latest bulletin from Public Health France.

Source: lefigaro

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