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Not just a vaccine for Corona: Israeli lifesaving startups | Israel today


While all over the world are looking for a vaccine for the Chinese virus, Israeli companies are trying to find cures for other dangerous diseases | Developments and innovation

While all over the world are looking for a vaccine for the Chinese virus, Israeli companies are trying to find cures for other dangerous diseases • Here's what you need to know - and maybe make history

  • Vaccination Race // Photo: AFP

Pharmaceutical companies and scientists around the world, including Israelis, are trying to find a vaccine or cure for the corona virus (COVID-19) that is spreading at a dizzying rate worldwide. But with all due respect to the Chinese virus, there are far more dangerous and common illnesses in the world that require finding a cure for them - such as Alzheimer's, cancer, osteoporosis, diabetes, and the list goes on.

The breakthrough of an Israeli company in the treatment of these diseases will significantly improve the lives of patients and will bring real Israeli pride. Which is why we thought of exposing you to a number of Israeli companies that are in the field and promoting it.

Conduct osteoporosis

Get acquainted with Zebra Medical Vision startup, a developer of artificial intelligence-based medical imaging technology, to help predict early osteoporosis (low bone density and calcium escape). It is a disease that is the most common cause of old age fractures, which significantly increase the risk of mortality and morbidity.

About 20% of patients with a hip fracture will not survive the first year after the fracture and about 20-60% will suffer from a permanent disability, according to the data. Today in Israel there is a problem of identifying the disease and according to the Ministry of Health about 80% of patients are at risk of osteoporosis mortality because they are not receiving treatment.

In the United States, the disease is referred to as the "silent killer," and it causes two million annual deaths. On this issue, Zebra Medical Vision, together with Clalit, are in the process of developing an innovative system that will address the early predictability of fracture risk for all general practitioners. And its patients. 

Early detection of cancer cells

An example of another life-saving Israeli solution under development is the Nanox startup, which will enable, among other things, early detection of cancer cells. The company is working on a historic change to the use of x-rays to replace the x-ray machine invented over a century ago - an instant artificial intelligence based solution.

As we know, a medical scan can enable early detection and save lives, but the problem is that its cost and operation do not allow it to be used by most of the world's population: about one-third of the world's population has no access to any other medical site or scan, and the remaining one-third? You have to wait between weeks and months.

Nanox is currently collaborating with Hadassah Hospital on a protocol that is expected to be released at the end of the year alongside machine manufacturing - which together will enable more effective treatment, early and accurate detection of disease, increase in the number of machines in the market and saving lives and cancer patients in particular, by providing the x-machines. ray anywhere in the world.

Slow down Alzheimer's disease 

At AZTherapies founded by Harvard University professor David, if it had not been, they are developing a drug that will slow the development of Alzheimer's in about 10 years. The company aims to stop the early stages of the disease, as early detection allows preventive / early treatment.

The company is currently in the midst of a medical experiment that will succeed in approving an accelerated FDA development pathway. According to Professor, "Would it not be great if the Corona vaccine were developed in Israel - but correct Alzheimer's treatment? Changing the treatment for one of the most afflicting diseases in the medical world that hurts the majority of the population at one time or another."

Take care of juvenile diabetes properly

The Israeli startup, DreaMed Diabetes, which is already collaborating with Schneider Hospital, has developed customized solutions, via the smartphone, AI-based and cloud services for the treatment and insulin balance of type 1 diabetes (juvenile diabetes), which is the fourth cause of death in the world. 

The information analysis allows the software to provide an optimal insulin therapy program and maintain the patient's routine. Behind the company a proven success, after developing the world's first artificial pancreas, a product that was finally sold to the giant medical device Medtronic.

Source: israelhayom

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