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Vouchers and activities at Zoom: This is how high-tech celebrates Rosh Hashanah - Walla! TECH


Not just high salaries and luxurious offices: high-tech companies are fighting for manpower, and as you might expect, employees enjoy not only day-to-day but also holidays. This year the situation is a little different, and we looked at how the companies celebrate the holiday

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Vouchers and activities at Zoom: This is how high-tech celebrates Rosh Hashanah

Not just high salaries and luxurious offices: high-tech companies are fighting for manpower, and as you might expect, employees enjoy not only day-to-day but also holidays.

This year the situation is a little different, and we looked at how the companies celebrate the holiday


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Friday, 18 September 2020, 06:47

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The terrible leak in the ZOOM conversation: the employee who revealed a little too much (Facebook / Piers Mummery.)

During the spread of the corona virus, maintaining social distance and working from home, it seems that most of the advantage of the high-tech companies that were inside the offices, has completely disappeared.

If the workers got used to a private chef, a full kitchen, rest areas, ironing services and more, then working from home devoured the cards.

However, it seems that most of the high-tech companies not only provided financial vouchers for the holiday, but also provided employees with extra activities from home.

These are the gifts given by high-tech companies in honor of Rosh Hashanah.

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Western Digital Company: A gift for employees that has become a contribution

Western Digital, a world leader in storage solutions and data infrastructure, employs approximately 1,200 workers in Kfar Saba, Omer and Tefen in Israel.

This year, the employees chose that one of the options as a holiday gift would be a direct financial contribution to the organization to give, to the Elam organization, or to the "considerate" project (collecting and distributing computers to students in the periphery).

Each employee who chose to donate, the company doubled the amount of the donation, and the result - more than 60% of the employees donated from the gift they received for the holiday, and together raised about 150,000 NIS. In addition, every year the company volunteers volunteer in packing thousands of food baskets. , The company transferred to the organization to give, a financial contribution for the benefit of food security of hard-working families and the elderly.

Marvel: A country-made package for small businesses

Marvel, a company that develops chips in the fields of communications, storage and computing, and employs about 600 employees in Israel out of about 5600 worldwide, decided to give employees a gift this year with added value in honor of Rosh Hashanah.

All employees of the company received a rich package in direct delivery to their home, which includes culinary and agricultural produce from the best local producers, in order to strengthen them in light of the corona crisis.

The packages contain a variety of quality products such as: boutique cheeses, olive oil, spreads, honey, pastries, local beers, nuts and more.

In addition, the company produced a calendar with illustrations of the children of the workers, who were known to be with them at home, during the remote work period.

CoinMama: A department for Bitcoin employees worth NIS 500

The fintech company from Ramat Gan is giving a special gift to its employees for Rosh Hashanah - a Bitcoin coin worth NIS 500.

At Passover last year, the workers received a similar gift and those who kept it and did not redeem it - doubled the value of the gift to NIS 1,000 because the price of bitcoin in the world rose more than 100% during this period.

Autodesk Company: Gift Tags and Virtual Escape Room

Autodesk: The American software giant Autodesk, which operates a development center in Israel, has chosen creative and formative activities in accordance with the period and work from home.

Company employees enjoyed a virtual escape room experience, doing so in randomly selected teams that allowed each employee to meet as many people outside of his team as possible (whom he meets more frequently).

Members of the winning group received an equal gift sent home.

In addition, and as every holiday, the company's employees received gift certificates in the amount of NIS 1,000.

Autodesk is a huge American company that develops software and provides solutions for a variety of different fields including engineering, design and construction, manufacturing, communications and entertainment.

It is a public international company, traded on the NASDAQ stock exchange with a turnover of $ 2.5 billion. It has dozens of different offices and about 8,000 employees scattered in various centers around the world.

Gift certificates and a virtual escape room (Photo: PR)

Carbyne company: notes worth 500 NIS

Carbyne gave its employees purchase vouchers in the amount of NIS 500 in order to encourage shopping in small businesses in Israel and allow online purchases without having to leave the house. In addition, each employee received a gift from Mored Winery in honor of the holiday, as part of the festive toast held at the company's offices and Zoom. Carbyne is the leader. Global in technological innovation in the field of public safety and emergency services.With the core services that the company provides such as accurate caller location, video chat and direct messaging a live contact is first established with the citizen which provides a quick snapshot and instant response which ultimately saves lives. A quarter of a billion citizens worldwide in strategic collaborations with Google, Cisco, Amazon and more.

Soloto: 500 NIS voucher or gift selection

New Year high-tech company Soluto allows employees to choose between vouchers for the amount of NIS 500, with accessories for upgrading work from home, such as headphones Airpods pro blocking noise, representation, computer, camera and mouse advanced computer, pad-mail and more.

Soluto helps millions of customers around The world enjoys the technology around them in a simple and fast way.Soloto's service provides full and comprehensive support for everything users need - from assistance with any technical malfunction, through interfacing with other technological devices at home, providing personal recommendations, to replacing the technological device when needed.

Gett: Voucher worth 500 NIS

Gett, the leading platform in smart transportation solutions for businesses, presented its employees with a NIS 500 voucher for the golden badge and the buyme gift platform as part of which they can choose from a variety of gifts and experiences offered on the site and support Israeli businesses. For a time when each team celebrated the holiday separately in Zoom, and the New Year celebration planned for next week was postponed after the

closure.Gett was the first to launch an on-demand business transportation product right from its inception.Today the company provides business services to tens of thousands of customers worldwide using an advanced technology platform .

SafeBreach: BuyMe voucher and special cooking kit

SafeBreach, a cyber security startup that allows any organization to understand how protected it is from hacker attacks by automated and continuous simulations of cyber attacks, does not let distance stop employees from feeling close.

On Rosh Hashanah, a toast is planned for all of the company's employees in the open, subject to the guidelines of the Ministry of Health.

Every year the company holds a holiday cooking challenge, where each employee shares a picture of the result obtained with his twist so this year the company sent employees and their families a special kit that includes a jar with all the ingredients for making honey cookies.

In addition, each employee will receive a Buyme voucher that he will be able to redeem according to his needs.

BuyMe voucher and special cooking kit (Photo: PR)

Philips Israel: Choice of gifts and honey cake from a bakery

At Philips Israel, a world leader in healthcare technologies, employees received a grant in early September to help them adapt to their home work environment.

Also, for the holiday season, a dedicated gift selection site has been set up, which included a choice from a variety of vouchers such as textiles, housewares, gadgets, electronic equipment and restaurants.

Employees were also given the opportunity to donate the gift they received and give it as a donation to the community.

In addition, all employees received before the holiday a delivery of a jar of honey and honey cake from a bakery.

Choice of gifts and honey cake from a bread bakery (Photo: PR)

Foresight: Vouchers for field activities and challah "Yaldods"

At Cyber ​​Foresight, a leader in securing the Enterprise of Things, holiday gifts have also moved online, and in the spirit of committed social distance, a dedicated gift site has been built for employees in collaboration with BUYME.

Among the options offered to employees - vouchers for a variety of restaurants, vouchers for spas, field trips or vouchers for fashion chains and more.

In addition, Foresight's HR department purchased pastries and challah at the Yaldods bakery from the Neve Hanna children's home in Kiryat Gat, a project whose income is intended to promote children and youth.

Vouchers for field activities and "Yaldods" apply (Photo: PR)

SciPlay: Money voucher and special holiday packages

The international social gaming company SciPlay, which has been moving from home to work since March, is careful to maintain the social aspect and the organizational culture that characterizes the company even from a distance, by holding a variety of events online.

In addition, employees will receive special holiday packages of a unique social project aimed at providing a livelihood for businesses in the country, and overcoming this challenging period.

All the packages consist of products made in Israel by small and large suppliers who were severely damaged by the corona (farmers, shops, bakeries, etc.).

The project's mission set also consists of people who have been economically affected by the corona - including messengers from entertainment industry figures such as producers, actors, singers and more.

The packages include wines, cakes, homemade breads, special spreads and other good and tasty things.

Following the economic crisis, at SciPlay - they set themselves the goal of helping small businesses and various non-profit organizations as much as possible, in order to help them overcome the difficult period.

In addition, employees will receive a digital gift voucher for a very wide range of stores and experiences, which includes a special category tailored to the situation called "to the house".

Bezeq Online: Voucher worth hundreds of shekels or gifts to choose from

Bezeq Online, one of the leading players in the call center market in Israel, with 2,700 employees, decided this year to pamper its employees with a holiday gift of their choice worth hundreds of shekels.

Employees will be able to choose from a variety of gifts presented to them on an external site, including technological gadgets, such as UNOMAS 'L5 sports bracelet and Pure Cinema's DVR-41 car camera, alongside more traditional gifts such as housewares and appliances from the top leading brands Saltem, Sauter , Vardinon and more.

In addition, the company will hold a toast-raising event in the best tradition, in the presence of the company's management and employees.

headstart: Buying vouchers that support small businesses

In the spirit of the period and the work for it, the Headstart Group works daily for the independent market and small businesses.

The Dastart Group's holiday gift to its employees consists entirely of support for Israeli businesses and young independent entrepreneurship.

A combination of shopping vouchers that support small businesses, along with "Ilai's Drawer", an independent creative project by 8-year-old Ilai.

In addition to them - headstart giftcard, which allows the choice of support between projects and various goals on the group's sites, all connect directly between entrepreneurs, self-employed and small business owners and their community.

The technology company, which has developed an application for checking medical indices using the non-contact smartphone camera, gives the company employees coupons of NIS 400, along with small gifts for the house on the eve of the holiday. The gifts were purchased from self-employed businesses to support small businesses during this challenging period.

At DayTwo, a company that develops a personalized nutrition app, support small businesses with the holiday gift.

The gift included a personalized cup designed by a cartoonist, who illustrated a personal profile picture for each employee on the cup.

Pastries and honey cake purchased from a small bakery were added to the gift.

The gifts were personally distributed by the company's human resources team to the homes of the employees who currently work from their homes.

In addition, employees received Buyme coupons.

At Tipalti, they decided to send new furniture to the workers' homes and equipment that helps with a comfortable work environment.

When working from the office, employees use a comfortable work environment of customized tables and chairs and accessories.

But returning to work from home pushes many employees to have no choice but to compromise on work corners they create in their home that are not dedicated to it.

Therefore, my caregivers want to provide the same experience during this period, and send furniture to employees' homes from a catalog compiled by the company that allows you to choose between different types of professional desks, chairs, computer screens and related equipment such as headphones, keyboards, mice, footstools, connectors and splitters.

You can try out the various furniture models in the company's offices before ordering. All orders are made from Israeli businesses, although most of the items can also be found at a discounted price at overseas trading sites, to support local businesses during this period. In addition to equipment, I announced an additional NIS 100 per employee. , To participate in the ownership of the home Internet which these days is also used for work purposes.

At Verifon: a voucher worth 550 NIS

In honor of Rosh Hashanah, Verifon will present NIS 550 vouchers that can be redeemed in a wide variety of chains and marketing networks. Verifon provides payment and clearing solutions that create a smart retail environment, and operates payment terminals in a large variety of businesses throughout the country.

Imperva: A financial voucher or electrical goods

At Imperva, employees were given the option to choose a holiday gift from several options.

The options available to them were: a gift card, electrical products such as a digital vacuum cleaner, a state-of-the-art mixer, a premium wireless headset, a sound projector, or alternatively a luxury bedding set, a pot set, a plate set, a baby monitor, a state-of-the-art screwdriver set and an espresso machine.

In addition, each employee will receive a personal set for the holiday celebration at home.

Lusha: Vouchers worth 600 NIS

Lusha, which develops software products in the field of data in order to improve the marketing, sales and recruitment processes in companies (B2B), will hold two toast levels for the company's 90 employees who work in capsules in two different rounds.

The company will hold a stand-up show by Shahar Hasson in which all of the company's employees will participate in Zoom, along with 16 of the employees who will attend the show itself in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Health.

During the show, all employees will receive family pizzas for their home.

In addition, Losha will give employees a gift card worth NIS 600.

Controllap: Characters worth 550 NIS

The control company, which offers software for monitoring, managing and analyzing IT systems, decided to give employees a holiday gift as early as the end of August, so that with its help the families can prepare for the holidays.

The company gave the option to choose between the Buyme card and the gold note for a total of 550 NIS. In addition, according to the guidelines, it is planned to raise a glass in capsules in different rooms in the office while zooming, distributing honey cakes to employees and turning the office into a mini nursery. Home for the holiday.

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