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Conflans attack: "A controversy led to a serious terrorist act", judge Laurent Nunez


The national coordinator of intelligence and the fight against terrorism, Laurent Nunez, analyzes the genesis of the attack which cost the

According to Laurent Nuñez, national coordinator of intelligence and the fight against terrorism with the President of the Republic, the assassination of history and geography professor Samuel Paty is the symbol of a new milestone that has been reached.

With this attack which targets a new symbol, the school, have we reached a new level?


Yes, for three reasons.

First, because the attack targeted a professor who was only exercising his freedom to teach and explaining freedom of expression to students, cardinal values ​​in the French Republic.

It reminds me terribly of the Magnanville attack, where again the victims were targeted because of their quality

(Editor's note: Jean-Baptiste Salvaing and Jessica Schneider, two police officers, were killed at their home in 2016)


Then we are there in the very essence of the terrorist act with a clear desire to disturb public order through terror, as demonstrated by the act of beheading and the macabre staging of the murder with the publication of a photo.

Finally, there is the instrumentalization of the incident around the course given by the victim by a parent of a student who, for controversial and political purposes, by making videos and posting them on social networks, seeks to promote Islamist separatism which challenges the freedom of education and expression.

Was the perpetrator of the attack influenced by this controversy?

The judicial investigation will tell if there are any links between the author and the actors of the controversy.

But in any event, this ongoing controversy led to a serious terrorist act, so there is a link, albeit indirect, and this is also where the scenario of this attack is new.

This should strengthen our determination to fight against Islamist separatism and to resolutely pursue the actions carried out, as the President of the Republic recalled.

The videos published by the student's parent are a good illustration of this separatism which leads to the division of society, spoils living together, contravenes republican principles.

We see with this drama that it can lead to absolute horror.

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Conflans attack: "A teacher has the right to show these cartoons"

According to our information, the territorial intelligence had issued a note on the incident at the college of Conflans-Sainte-Honorine.

Was there an underestimation of the threat?

Indeed, the intelligence services were aware of this controversy around the teachings of the victim.

As recalled by the Minister of National Education, the principal of the college had set up a mediation, had brought in teams "values ​​of the Republic", met the parents of the student and things were significantly calmed down. .

The controversy was no longer maintained by a single parent.

Abdullak Anzarov was unknown to the services.

Is this again the scenario feared by the authorities?

Yes, because we are at the heart of the endogenous terrorist threat.

As in the last six attacks in France, we are dealing with an individual unknown for his radicalization, who takes action in a very short time in response to the propaganda calls of terrorist organizations or to react to the cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad , as was already the case in the rue Appert affair

(Editor's note: near the former premises of Charlie Hebdo, where a man attacked two people with a machete on September 25)


These terrorists have no connection with known people in the area or elsewhere, which usually makes it possible to detect violent actions.

It is the demonstration that the fight against separatism goes beyond the sole action of the intelligence services and must involve all the services of the State, the local authorities ...

What weight does the Chechen community represent in the French jihad?

This community, under radicalization, is the object of all the attentions of the intelligence services.

Some of its members have left for the Iraqi-Syrian zone, from France but also from other countries.

It had the precedent of the attack committed near the Opera in Paris by an individual of Chechen origin, in 2016. There were also plans for foiled attacks involving members of this community, such as the case Baur-Merabet in Marseille (Bouches-du-Rhône) during the 2017 presidential election. A certain number of individuals of Chechen origin are followed, but this was not the case with regard to the assailant of Conflans.

Source: leparis

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