The 98th Lechgau Traditional Costume Festival this year in Landsberg is also intended to counteract the Bavaria-wide trend. Planning is in full swing and invitations have been sent to 35 traditional costume clubs.

Compensation for the bands has been abolished. Markus Burmberger from the “Fuchsbergler” Stoffen traditional costume association was awarded the Silver District Medal of Honor. The “Heimat- und Trachtenbote” (HTB), the traditional newspaper, will probably be discontinued at the end of the year. After 97 years, theHTB is now no longer being made to relieve the burden on the clubs that organize a local festival. The minutes of applause that followed gave the impression that the delegates present were also very touched and perhaps shed a tear or two. The local newspapers in the Weilheim-Schongau district are represented on Instagram under “merkur_wm_sog”. All news and stories can also be found on the Schongauer Nachrichten page.