A man stabbed his partner to death in front of his 4-year-old daughter. The woman had just asked for help to leave town of Lucio V.

López, northwest of Rosario. After the murder he attempted suicide, but failed and was taken to a hospital. Justice will define the day and time to make an accusation, says the San Lorenzo prosecutor Leandro Lucente. The case is being investigated by a criminalistics office, local media report.. The victim went to the Commune to ask for a refund because her husband had psychological problems and they were not completely well, says Mónica Aran, communal president of the town. "After five minutes, or ten, they had already killed her," said one witness to the event during a tribute held by neighbors to Ask for justice. "Something like this has never happened here," lamented a neighbor at the demonstration. "At twelve noon, and inFront of the four- year-old girl," another woman was shocked, surprised by the brutality.