The singer triumphed at the halfway point of his successful world tour with two dates at the Crypto Arena in the Californian city. In California, 40% of the population is Latino, but on Wednesday, the entire Crypto Arena, in the heart of Los Angeles, was Mexican.

The secret of his success for decades has been and continues to be his music, his voice, his lyrics. For years, he has remained secretive, closed in on his private life, he does not grant interviews or talk to the press. And so on in the hour and a half of the concert, where he doesn't stop for a moment, and he only takes a short break shortly after halfway, to disappear for a couple of minutes and change his suit. But it works for the audience. Screams and applause rain down, which last for minutes at the end. And the overflowing energy that, unexpectedly, he has recovered to give his all on stage. He doesn't even say hello. Not a "Good night, Los Angeles!", not a "see you soon!". Luis Miguel is in top form; his energy is indomitable; he doesn't stop moving, jumping, smiling, playing with his musicians. Luis Miguel starts with three backup singers and a band of a dozen members, then grows with another dozen string instruments. The first part of the concert brings the Los Angeles public to their feet, while in the second, non-stop, it seems calmer. That's also when the most surprising moment of the night arrives, with its two duets. With crooner workmanship, Luis Miguel is the contemporary Latin dandy. He does not take off his smile or his suit, always carrying the microphone in one hand and the flask in the other. Few wrinkles, fibrous figure, perfect teeth, impeccable quiff, he does not need to present himself or be presented. As a novelty and surprise, a drone flies over the stage throughout the concert, and he knows how to take advantage of the little toy and grabs it, smiles at it.