If your car squeaks when you steer, that's usually not a good sign. But there are numerous possible causes.

One of the most common causes of squeaking is the brakes. The squeaking noise may also indicate a low steering fluid level. Then the power steering no longer works properly, and the steering becomes stiff. In addition to a squeak, you can often hear a howl when the steering wheel is turned. This problem can be caused by damage or a leak in the power steering pump. This can then no longer build up enough pressure to support power steering. The wheel bearing is also among the suspects. If this component is worn or even damaged, it will produce a squeaking or grinding noise when you turn the wheel. You can find even more exciting car topics in the free newsletter from our partner 24auto, 24auto.com. Back to Mail Online home. Return to the page you came from... ARTICLE The squeak when steering is the result of uneven friction between the brake pads and the brake disc, for example.