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Sounding stories for children: those who do not want to read must hear!


A well-orchestrated radio play takes the imagination on trips. Our author Agnes Sonntag recommends three listening experiences for children - readings with music and a current bestseller that shortens every drive.

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In the past, my parents liked to push me over to Aunt Ingeborg over the weekend, so they could hit the plaster alone. Unfortunately, my cousins ​​rarely wanted to play with me. Then I squatted in front of the turntable and heard scary radio plays with Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn or the stories of the castle ghost Hui Buh. Lying on the carpet, forgetting everything around me. That was wonderful. I wish this experience to all children.

Radio plays come from a time when all the world was still on the radio. Accordingly elaborate and demanding they were produced. In Swedish, one also aptly speaks of "radioteater", because it really is their own productions for which novels are rewritten. Accompanied by music, actors breathe life into the characters, and the noise maker makes everything sound real. Today, not many radio plays are produced, but old radio productions are available from audiobook publishers. There are even remnants of European radio plays with the legendary actor Hans Paetsch, whose voice was a soundwonder.

Musical readings like "Peter and the wolf" I find interesting, pearls are also available under normal audiobooks. Then, when an actor or an actress alone on the mic with their voice conjure, are loud and quiet, fearful and courageous. Great!

Here are my current top three in the category "Listen to it!":

  • "Kannawoniwasein - Sometimes you just have to" - the radio play

This radio drama is a fun, realistic adventure story full of surprising twists that really set me in a good mood.

Two normal children are the main characters - well, who is normal? The two of course have their own characteristics. Jola has a big mouthpiece (incredibly great played by Toni Lorentz) and Finn is more of a shy type. The two meet on their trip a bunch of adults, good and stupid, oblique figures - just like in real life. Some stand in their way, others think it's good. Like Frau Schaumlöffel at Drive-in, who gives them food. You can almost hear that she has a heart for children.

What's going on here? Finn, ten years old, travels by train to his mother in Berlin alone and is stolen by a lousy rocker. The conductor does not believe him and hands him over to police somewhere in Brandenburg. Jola shows up, a true Berlin brat. Jola is fully aware of everything and persuades Finn to make his own way down to the "Tzitti". As well as that Jola can even drive a tractor, they make faster progress - until they land in the ditch and are pulled out again by two naked Danes with a "Släppetau".

Best listening: On a slow car ride is fun in the shack.

Recommended age : from 8 years

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29.07.2019, 10:05 clock
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Martin Muser, Judith Lorentz (director)
Kannawoniwasein - Radio plays 1: Kannawoniwasein - Sometimes you just have to spin - The radio play: 2 CDs




EUR 9.79

about 100 minutes

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  • "Adventure Classical - Vivaldi"

The violinist Cosima Breidenstein has managed to tell the moving life story of the composer Antonio Vivaldi and at the same time send us on a trip to Venice. To my surprise, by the way, I understood the magic of the lagoon city, the role played by music and carnival, and how many pieces this composer still surrounds us today.

This production is for the whole family. Here everyone can experience music, marvel at life a few hundred years ago and learn about music history.

What's going on here? When an earthquake shook Venice on 4 March 1678, a small boy was born - more dead than alive. Fortunately, he comes to power, becomes a musician and gives his music to humanity. His name is Antonio Vivaldi.

The stages of his life are accompanied atmospherically by passages from the "Four Seasons" and train a little the sense of classical music. Vivaldi's life was stony, and after his death, his compositions were first forgotten. Nice that the biography does not end with it, but also tells the fantastic story of his rediscovery.

Best Listening Time: If you want to be quiet.

Recommended age : from 6 years

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29.07.2019, 10:19 clock
No guarantee


Cosima Breitenstein
Adventure Classical: Vivaldi


Argon Sauerland Audio


EUR 8.00

70 minutes

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  • "Titanic, 24 hours to the end"

Even when I see the cover of this audiobook, I get goose bumps. The music composed especially for this story carries me directly onto the ship. Sometimes dreamy sounds, sometimes happy Irish folk music, to which the passengers dance. The actor Rainer Strecker reads about this. With his voice he makes sure that you can follow the story well and the characters get their own characters. The role of the twelve-year-old narrator is taken from him.

It is a fictional story in which Stephen Davies has oriented himself to the historical facts. Everyone knows how it ends. I find the publishing recommendation of 8 years a bit too young, but you can switch off, if it is too exciting or sad. In any case, the story is also suitable for older children.

What's going on here? Twelve-year-old Jimmy is aboard the Titanic to emigrate with his family to America. Enthusiastically, he tells of life on board the huge ship. Quickly he makes friends with two other children, explores the ship with them and gets to know the life in the different classes. Then the disaster happens, dramatic scenes take place, but Jimmy knows himself well on board. He can save himself and his family as well as some other people. Such an end must be allowed for a children's story.

Best Listening Time: Certainly not before falling asleep

Recommended age : from 8 years

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29.07.2019, 10:36 clock
No guarantee


Stephen Davies
Titanic - 24 hours to the end: Unabridged reading with music with Rainer Strecker (2 CDs)


The audio publisher


EUR 6.09

1 hour, 44 minutes

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Product information is purely editorial and independent. The so-called affiliate links above, we usually receive a commission from the dealer when buying. More information here.

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