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Mattarella: 'Italy find trust again, give space to young people'


'The future is already here,' he said in his end-of-year speech stressing the need for a 'culture of responsibility as a' garrison of the Republic '. In his words also a reference to young people and an invitation to look at us as foreign countries that see in the Belpaese a synonym of 'wisdom, genius, harmony, humanity'. And again an invitation to reduce the gap between north and south and to facilitate the creation of new families (ANSA)

National cohesion, a culture of responsibility and pride for our country which must be looked at "at the bottom, a bit as they see us from abroad" with our identity "synonymous with wisdom, genius, harmony, humanity". This is the message of the head of state in the end of year speech to the Italians.

"The end of the year - the head of state began - is a demanding decade, marked by a long economic crisis and by changes as fast as they are impetuous. In this time many things have changed around us, in our life and in society. Yes it is an opportunity to think - together - of tomorrow. To broaden the horizon of our reflections; without neglecting the present and its problems, but realizing that the future has already begun ", he added.

"Italy - he said - is trusting. That same trust with which we look, from the outside, towards our country must induce us to have more of it in ourselves , to give shape to the hope of a better future". It is necessary "to trust - it is his appeal - and to actively engage in the common interest . We have great resources. Humanity, ingenuity, business skills. All this produces important experiences, good practices of great importance".

" It is a virtue to be cultivated together, that of civism, respect for the needs of others , respect for public affairs. It limits aggression, arrogance, meanness, lacerations of the rules of coexistence".

From Parmitano to Emanuele Crestini, the mayor of Rocca di Papa died while rescuing the employees of the town hall. There are many examples of Italians that the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella wanted to remember in his end of year message.

"It is important - Mattarella said - to develop a culture of responsibility that affects everyone : from political formations, to individual citizens, to businesses, to intermediate formations. The culture of responsibility constitutes the strongest defense of freedom and defense of principles, on which the Republic is founded. This common feeling of society - when it expresses itself - is reflected in the institutions to constantly infuse an authentic republican spirit ".

In this key, a warning from the head of state also goes to those who use social media. " Civic sense and sense of measure - underlines Mattarella - must also belong to those who attend social networks, an opportunity to broaden knowledge, to be able to dialogue with many to express their ideas and listen, with attention and respect, to those of others. Sometimes it changes as a tool to denigrate, even deforming the facts. Often resorting to fictitious profiles of non-existent subjects to alter the exchange of opinions, to generate alarms, to take advantage of the spread of false news ".

The President of the Republic invites everyone to believe in young people. " Trust must be transmitted to young people, to whom responsibility is often asked, but to whom we must at the same time entrust responsibility . The new generations feel better than adults that only with a wider observation capacity can we understand and face the global dimension and the reality of an increasingly interdependent world ".

Young people who, before others, were able to understand how that of the climate was a crucial issue.

"The new generations - highlighted Mattarella - have" a clear perception that climate change is a very serious issue that does not tolerate further delays in dealing with it. Environmental choices are not only an indispensable defense of nature in the interest of future generations but also represent an important opportunity for development, job creation, connection between scientific research and industry ".

"We encourage the formation of new families," asked Mattarella. We must put trust in Italian families. The greatest weight of social imbalances lies on them. They faced the toughest moments, overcoming them. Often with sacrifice. "

Mattarella: "The North-South divide holds back the whole country"

The head of state made an appeal to reduce the gap between the north and south which "slows down the whole country". The president highlighted that "the work that is missing for many, first of all" that "strong inequalities" exist and recalled "some serious corporate crises" underlining "the need to relaunch our production system".

"But we have ample opportunities - he underlined - to face and solve these problems . And also to play an incisive role in our Europe and in the entire international community".


No comment on the words of Mattarella from the League but Matteo Salvini in the evening makes his own greeting speech to the Italians on Facebook. In which he spares no attacks on the executive and says he is ready "with God's help to take the country by the hand".

Source: ansa

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