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Install anti-theft nuts on my rims


Essential to prevent theft, anti-theft nuts for car rims and wheels are attracting more and more motorists. Enjoy

Have you just purchased new ultramodern aluminum rims? Are you afraid of arousing lust, to the point that malicious individuals might try to steal it from you? Are you used to letting your car sleep outside and you live in a neighborhood that is not necessarily exemplary in terms of the fight against insecurity? Providing protection against theft of rims and wheels,

anti-theft nuts

are now a must-have item for many car owners. With just a few turns of the screw, they secure your wheels and avoid unpleasant surprises when you wake up or come back from a long weekend.

With our selection of anti-theft nuts for car rims and wheels, a few clicks are all it takes to avoid the worry of rim theft in the middle of the night or during the day.

Our selection directs you to products favored by a majority of motorists, with direct links to e-commerce players such as Amazon or eBay.

From your living room, your bedroom, your office, order your anti-theft nuts very easily online before installing them.

You can also take advantage of our valuable advice on choosing, installing and using anti-theft nuts for your car rims and wheels.

Our selection :

  • Mc Gard 26.002 SU protection bolts  

  • Anti-theft nuts Febi-Bilstein 27056

  • Carpoint 0520502 taper lock nuts

  • Mc Gard 27.204 SUB protection bolts

  • Sumex BZA2528 DD anti-theft screw

  • How to use an anti-theft nut on your rims?

    The use of an anti-theft nut

    Using anti-theft nuts on rims is fairly straightforward.

    Proof of this simplicity, it is not necessary to have great skills in auto mechanics and / or DIY to successfully install rim and wheel lock nuts.

    Most of the time, the operation boils down to:

    • remove the original nuts;

    • fit the anti-theft nuts, first by manually screwing the nuts, then using the appropriate wrench supplied with your anti-theft nuts.

    To prevent the theft of your rims and / or wheels, anti-theft nuts for wheels, rims and tires are designed to be fitted and removed with a specific wrench.

    Very often, the imprint of anti-theft nuts takes on a particular shape such as a flower, a star, etc.

    The objective of this optional, but very useful car part, is simple: to prevent any malicious individual from unscrewing the nuts using a conventional wrench.

    Good advice for using anti-theft nuts on rims

    Are you the first time to buy anti-theft nuts for rims, tires and wheels online? For optimal use of this security device, remember to keep carefully and in a safe place the key that allows you to install and remove the anti-theft nuts (in a toolbox for example). Depending on the manufacturer, it is more or less easy to obtain a replacement key if it is lost. To avoid making the request for a replacement key even more complex, be sure to also note the references of the product purchased. When installing the anti-theft rim nuts, proceed gently, always positioning the key in the axis of the nut impressions. By adopting the wrong posture or operating with excessive force, you riskdamage the impressions of the anti-theft nuts. Imprints thus damaged will be much more difficult to maneuver for the assembly or disassembly of the anti-theft nuts.

    What are the criteria for choosing anti-theft nuts?

    The two main things to consider when choosing lock nuts are length and thread. For a question of compatibility, it is indeed essential to choose anti-theft nuts of the same length and with the same thread as the original nuts of your rims or wheels. The seat of the anti-theft nuts must also correspond to the seat of your original nuts (there are models with a flat, conical or even spherical seat). On e-commerce sites like the ones featured in our selection above, it's usually quite easy to check the compatibility of the lock nuts with your vehicle model. Most manufacturers of anti-theft rim nuts specify the vehicles compatible with their products. When this is not the case,the characteristics of anti-theft nuts (length, thread, seat, etc.) often give an idea of ​​the compatibility before validating the purchase of anti-theft nuts.

    How to remove an anti-theft nut?

    This is done as simply as removing any nut. Equipped with the appropriate key (the one that allowed you to install the anti-theft nuts), all you have to do is unscrew the anti-theft nuts gradually until you can remove them manually. It is generally in this context that motorists realize the importance of keeping the key to the lock nuts in a safe and easy to find place. However, there is no need to panic if you cannot find this famous key when you decide to remove the anti-theft nuts from your rims and wheels. When the request to replace the key does not succeed, solutions exist to overcome anti-theft nuts without the appropriate key (or anti-theft nuts with a very damaged imprint). However, the operation is much more complex.It requires suitable material (set of sockets, mallet, etc.) and is not without risk for the rims of your car.

    Where can I buy anti-theft nuts for my car rims?

    Today you have the option of buying anti-theft nuts for your car rims online, from a specialist dealer or, sometimes, in a supermarket.

    Find your anti-theft nuts on the Internet

    With a substantial catalog of products referenced online, e-commerce players such as Amazon or eBay are privileged partners for the purchase of anti-theft nuts. By choosing to buy online, you are sure to find THE product that meets your expectations. Very often, these products are also offered at the best price. The other advantage is that you don't have to travel. From anywhere (your living room, your bedroom, your vacation home, your seat on the train, etc.), a few clicks are enough to receive your anti-theft nuts. In a number of cases, home delivery is free. This saves you money on a possible return trip to a shop selling auto parts and accessories.

    Find your anti-theft nuts in a specialized store

    For motorists reluctant to shop online, specialty shops are an attractive alternative.

    Often, you will benefit from personalized advice, as long as you have such a store with knowledgeable sellers near you.

    Find your anti-theft nuts in supermarkets

    Finally, it should be noted that some retail chains offer anti-theft nuts in supermarkets or hypermarkets.

    The choice is much more limited, however, and there is no guarantee that you will find anti-theft rim nuts that are compatible with your vehicle model.

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