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What to do when flying abroad with or without the dog? All the solutions - voila! Tourism


Dog owners have an important decision to make on the way to vacation: whether to take the dog on vacation or not. Here is everything you need to know for planning a vacation with or without the dog in Vala! tourism

What to do when flying abroad with or without the dog? All the solutions

Everyone is flying now and with the upcoming holidays, and after you have chosen whether to pack in a suitcase or a trolley, dog owners have another important decision: whether to take the dog on vacation or not.

Here is everything you need to know for planning a vacation with or without the dog.

Just don't abandon it on the way to the airport

Voila system!



Wednesday, August 10, 2022, 07:19 Updated: 07:53

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In the video: Veterinarian Setoit Cohen with tips that will help us know when to come for an examination (photo: Ido Shaham editing: Dafi Mkel)

Everyone fears lost luggage these days, but worse than that are dogs being forgotten or abandoned on the way to the airport.

The summer vacation is in full swing with this combination of holidays - they are a great combination for vacations for two, but with the increase in the number of flights, there is also an increase in the number of dog abandonments.

Recently, a dog was also left behind with luggage for 24 hours at the Toronto International Airport, and in Israel there are quite a few cases of families leaving their faithful pet on their way to vacation.

"Every year we see an increase in the abandonment of dogs towards the summer months and at the same time a decrease in the number of adoptions. This year we have reached full capacity. People go for a trip and give up their best friend. These are days of sadness and frustration. There is nothing sadder than seeing a dog or cat abandoned from a home to a kennel," she says Yael Arkin, CEO of Let Live Live. "Last year, there were about 65 adoptions of dogs in the months of July-August, and in July only 17 dogs were adopted at the shelter.

8 dogs that were adopted, returned to us this month in cages.

This is without referring to the 30 calls received every day at the association's hotline with requests from dog owners to abandon the animals.

Today we have almost 300 dogs and 200 cats waiting for a loving home.

We call on the public to come and take them out of the cage, especially the older dogs who have been waiting for a home for many years, and especially in view of the heavy heat wave that is hitting us and making life in the cage difficult for them."

Dr. Liat Morgan, founder and owner of the Yad4 website, a website that unites the non-profit organizations in Israel, also points to the trend, and according to her, on the Yad4 website, you can see a decrease of about 30% in visits to the website of people looking for dogs for adoption in the month of July and a similar trend in the months of July-August throughout year. "During this period, the demand for adoption is low and the kennels are full," she says. "The number of dogs that appear on the site, which represents the trend of dogs being abandoned in Israel, is 20-30 dogs each day, compared to 5-10 dogs in the months of April and May."

In order to help prevent The phenomenon of the abandonment of the most loyal friend, we asked Dr. Paul Salon, certified veterinarian and director of scientific relations at Royal Kenin Israel, to provide advice for planning a vacation with or without the dog.

On the one hand, a family trip with the dog can be a good experience for both parties, but on the other hand, it may turn out to be complex and sometimes unpleasant.

What is certain, whether it is a flight or a trip with the dog, you must plan and make preparations for his health and safety.

Even if you don't pack your dog on vacation, at least take care of him (Photo: ShutterStock)

Traveling by car on vacation

In Media and going on vacation in the family car together with the dog, one must take care of its safety during the trip using a special harness, which connects securely to the seat belt.

If it is a small dog or a puppy, just as we would take care of a toddler or a baby, we must take care of a carrier or a booster seat.

And there are even liquid-repellent covers if the trip is long.

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Stopping for refreshments

Dogs do not have sweat glands like humans, so they are more sensitive to heat, explains Dr. Salon. Therefore, even in the summer if the air conditioner does not work in the car, you must check that the dog does not overheat. You can see this when the dog sticks its tongue out more than usual or looks Exhausted. It is very important to stop to refresh and allow the dog to stretch and defecate.

If the air conditioner does not work in the car, check that the dog does not overheat (Photo: ShutterStock)

Even dogs have hot feet

When planning the schedule, it is recommended to take into account the peak heat hours and avoid walking during this time with dogs. Since they do not regulate their body heat through sweating and cannot wear a hat, it is advisable to walk with them in the early morning or late afternoon and try to be in shady places, so that to prevent heat stroke. It is important to remember that the sidewalks and roads can be hot and cause burns on the feet, which cause suffering and require veterinary care. Take advantage of every opportunity to drink, you can even pack a bowl or a plastic box and fill it with water from taps found in nature reserves.

If it has already drowned, no Forget that summer is the season of snakes and dogs have a tendency to run into thickets, where all kinds of snakes hide. It's a good idea to walk with a leash, and if there are signs of a snake bite, you should immediately take them to the vet and prevent them from moving.

Some airlines will not fly a dog suffering from health problems

If you have decided to take the dog abroad, although it does not need a passport, you must find out in advance what the destination country's requirements are regarding special documents and whether it is necessary to receive vaccinations. Therefore, it is a good idea to prepare several months in advance. Some countries put the dog in isolation for observation with Upon arrival at the destination, this isolation can last a few days or many months. The airlines also have procedures and regulations that must be followed regarding the four-legged friends. Not all airlines will fly an adult dog suffering from health problems, and not every dog ​​can be flown in the passenger cabin, but small dogs up to A certain weight and in a carrying bag that meets the company's conditions only. In any case, Dr. Salon points out, "you can consult with the treating veterinarian to get organized information regarding the transfer of a dog from country to country, and in addition there are companies that handle and advise on the matter."

Also, it may seem trivial, but don't forget before you book a hotel or Airbnb to find out in advance if you can bring dogs.

Not every dog ​​can be flown in the passenger cabin (Photo: ShutterStock)

they forgot me at home

Long trips can burden you and the dog, so if you decide to leave the dog at home, there are several possible solutions.

Here, too, you should prepare as soon as possible, get recommendations by word of mouth or from around the web, as the saying goes "There is nothing better than the sight of the eyes (and ears)", you should check the kennel or boarding house yourself.

Before you leave the dog, visit the place, don't be shy to ask and find out about the conditions and check the cleanliness and security yourself.

Remember, it's not for everyone, but the kennels and boarding houses can be great camps for dogs, especially if they have a friendly nature.

there's no place like home

For soloists among those walking on all fours, you can choose the solution of a dog sitter or a private boarding house.

Check who you are leaving the dog with, ask for recommendations, and it's even a good idea to get to know them in advance, a trip or a meeting, before you travel.

The dog sitter method can be with a reduced payment or no payment in exchange for accommodation and can be with full payment in the house of the supervisor according to the accepted market.

Don't forget to leave enough of the dog's regular food, or move the food with him, explain to the supervisor about his behavior especially if there are unusual things, sensitivities or health problems, leave a phone number for the vet and don't be shy to ask for photos and reports, the main thing is that you are satisfied with the choice and don't make it out of Last minute pressure.

A safe and reassuring solution is to entrust the dog to the loyal hands of friends, or family members whom you trust and already know the dog.

Still, make sure they have enough time to devote to it and are responsible enough to meet the task.

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