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Which Halloween costume to choose for your baby?


For Halloween this year, the whole family is dressing up! Parents and children, everyone will be entitled to their own costume. We don't forget

Do you love to party and dress up?

Then Halloween is definitely one of your favorite holidays.

Increasingly popular in France, this celebration brings together a large number of followers each year.

If you want you and your family to participate, consider all the members by also buying a Halloween costume for your baby.

Your little one will be entitled to his costume specially designed and designed for him.

As for adults or slightly older children, there are many possibilities.

Costumes can be fun and cute, but you can also find costumes from more horror-related worlds without being scary.

Take a look at the selection below and choose your baby's costume for a successful Halloween.

Our selection :

  • Costume with bow tie

  • Mr. Jack's Weird Christmas Costume

  • Little witch costume

  • Pumpkin and leaf romper

  • Little Dracula costume

  • bat costume

  • Bat Skeleton Costume

  • Franky costume

  • Demon costume with bow tie

    • Disguise yourself



    Combine comfort and aesthetics with this demon costume for babies.

    It is loose to let baby move and has a hood for an even cozier side.

    This one is adorned with horns to recall the demon side.

    There is also a bow tie for a chic touch.

    The costume is equipped with three buttons for easy putting on and taking off

    • Comfort

    • Hood

    • Bright color

    • Bow tie

    • Easy to put on

    Mr. Jack's Weird Christmas Costume

    • Amazon



    If you like the world of Tim Burton films, this Halloween costume inspired by Lamuusaa's Nightmare before Christmas is made for you.

    This is a pretty dress with tulle.

    It is very affordable and the three snaps make it easy to put on.

    If the back is very worked, this dress is sleeveless, which is not ideal at the end of October for a baby.

    • Price

    • Tulle

    • 3 presses

    • nice back

    • Without sleeves

    Little witch costume

    • Disguise yourself



    • Rakuten



    This year, dress up your little princess with a costume that perfectly respects the Halloween color code with this black and orange "witch" model.

    It consists of a jumpsuit and a pointed hat.

    A small tutu-style skirt is also present.

    A pretty lacing decorates the top of the jumpsuit.

    However, we regret that this costume is made of polyester, a material in which we sweat.

    • Hat included

    • Tutu

    • The cage

    • Color code

    • Polyester

    Pumpkin and leaf romper

    • Amazon



    This year on October 31, your child will be disguised as a pumpkin thanks to this romper from the De Feuilles brand.

    It is made of cotton and stretch to offer maximum comfort and breathability to your child.

    The fabric is soft and therefore pleasant for young children.

    This suit is machine washable.

    Too bad the seams aren't stronger.

    • Cotton and stretch

    • Comfort

    • Machine washable

    • Solid seams

    Little Dracula costume

    • Disguise yourself



    • Rakuten



    As elegant as it is frightening, your baby will leave no one indifferent in this little Dracula costume.

    The costume comes in the form of a jumpsuit and cape, like the Count from the horror books.

    The jumpsuit is decorated with small floral patterns and other details.

    We regret that the disguise is only available from 6 months.

    If your child is younger, there will be no size.

    • jumpsuit and cape

    • Flower patterns

    • Details

    • From 6 months only

    bat costume

    • Disguise yourself



    • Cdiscount



    • Amazon



    For Halloween, your baby will turn into a bat thanks to this very cute costume.

    It has a very aesthetic velvet effect and its purple and orange colors are bright and cheerful.

    Putting on is easy thanks to the velcros and press studs and the costume has reinforcements at the feet.

    However, the costume is not machine washable.

    • Velvet effect

    • Colors

    • Easy threading

    • Foot reinforcements

    • Hand washing

    Bat Skeleton Costume

    • Disguise yourself



    • Cdiscount



    Struggling to choose just one costume for your baby for Halloween this year?

    Then opt for this bat skeleton costume, a very successful two in one.

    This double costume flaunts a design that works perfectly.

    It consists of a matching jumpsuit and hat.

    However, it is 100% polyester, a low quality and not very breathable material.

    • Dual Suit

    • Design

    • jumpsuit and hat

    • Polyester

    Franky costume

    • Disguise yourself



    Bring Frankenstein's monster back to life for an evening by choosing this Francky costume for your baby.

    The colors are bright and vibrant and the suit has plenty of detail.

    However, be careful with the hood, it may not be very comfortable for your child.

    This costume cannot be machine washed, which complicates its maintenance.

    • Bright colors

    • Details

    • Balaclava comfort

    • Hand washing

    Choosing the right Halloween costume for your baby

    Do you have a baby at home and you want to dress it up this year for Halloween?

    The good news is that you have a large number of options since there are many manufacturers in the field.

    But if you want to make the right choice, it is important to take into account a few criteria.

    For starters, you need to pay attention to the size of the Halloween baby costume you buy.

    Indeed, babies grow quickly, keep this in mind if you decide to buy a costume in advance.

    It will be necessary to anticipate and evaluate the growth of the young child to make the right choice.

    If you buy the costume just before the party, check carefully if the sizes are reliable.

    Some references can cut small or large, it is better to find out to avoid unpleasant surprises on D-Day.

    In addition to the size, you must be interested in the accessories.

    They are almost essential for disguises and it is the details that make the difference.

    However, it is important to check that they are going to be suitable for a baby.

    Pay attention to their shape and make sure that they are not sharp, to prevent your young child from hurting himself.

    They must also be adapted to the age of the baby so that he cannot swallow them, for example, and almost choke.

    A young child doesn't stay in place very much.

    Babies move all the time and therefore need clothes that are comfortable and follow the movements of their bodies.

    The same goes for Halloween costumes.

    Bet on a loose model that will not squeeze your baby.

    He must be able to continue to walk on all fours or turn around as he is used to.

    If not, he might get upset and you won't have a good Halloween night.

    Finally, learn about the materials.

    Babies' skin is fragile, so it is better to avoid synthetic materials and prefer cotton.

    It will be breathable and comfortable for your baby.

    There will be less risk of allergies.

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