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Security in place of Barracks: London attack devoured pre-election cards - Walla! news


Johnson promises to toughen the prison sentences for those convicted of terrorism after a prisoner is released for murdering two people. However, in the lab and in the family of one of those killed, he is furious at the politicization he is making ...

Security instead of Barracks: The London bombing attacked the cards before the election

Johnson promises to toughen the prison sentences for those convicted of terrorism after a prisoner is released for murdering two people. However, in the lab and in the family of one of those killed, he is furious at the politicization he is making for the tragedy: "Not for revenge." The attack neglected the occupation of the union, less than two weeks into the elections

Security instead of Barracks: The London bombing attacked the cards before the election

Photo: Reuters, Edit: Amit Simcha

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson's rivals accuse him of exploiting the London bombing for political purposes in preparation for the elections that will take place in less than two weeks. This is after he said yesterday that he had ordered the security services to intensify the supervision of early-release terrorist operatives in light of the fact that the terrorist who murdered two people on London Bridge on Friday was released before serving his full sentence.

The Conservative leader has revealed that security officials are tracking 74 convicted terrorists, who are being punished, as is Osama Khan. "They are watching closely to ensure there is no threat," Johnson told the BBC. "We've done many things, as you can imagine, in the last 48 hours."

As part of the re-examination of those convicted of terrorism, a 34-year-old man was arrested "on suspicion of planning terrorist acts."

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Stabber attack in UK: Two civilians were murdered on London Bridge; London assailant praises bystanders who seized terrorist: "Breathtaking heroism" from terrorist attack in UK: ISIS has taken responsibility for the London Bridge attack button that could save your life in the event of a promoted heart event

Johnson visits the London Bridge bombing scene Saturday (Photo: Reuters)

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson visits London's attack scene on November 30, 2019 (Photo: Reuters)

Media outlets in the kingdom reported that the detainee was linked to a terrorist on the London Bridge and was sent to prison with him in 2012 following the planning of a terrorist attack on the London Stock Exchange. However, police said at this time there was no information indicating a connection to Friday's attack.

Khan, 28, was shot dead by police carrying a fake explosive belt after stabbing two people to death near a courtroom that hosted a conference of released prisoners. Three more people were injured. Yesterday, police released the names of the victims: 25-year-old Jack Merritt of Cambridge, Eastern England, and 23-year-old Saskia Jones of Workwickshire.

Johnson accused the previous Labor government of amending the 2008 law that allowed early prisoners to be released, promising to introduce a minimum of 14 years in prison if left in office after the Dec. 12 election. He published an article detailing his new position in the Daily Mail newspaper, entitled: "Give Me a Major and Keep You from Terrorism."

Johnson's comments drew criticism from his rivals, and even from Merritt's family, who said he was killed while "doing what he liked." While Johnson vowed to toughen the punishments for convicted terrorists, Merritt's family said their son "believed in redemption and rehabilitation, not revenge" and that "he always took the weak side."

A statement said: "We know that Jack would not want this horrific and only incident to serve as a pretext for the government to impose even more draconian penalties on prisoners, or for longer prison terms." Merritt was the coordinator of the Cambridge University Crime Institute, which hosted the same conference on Friday to mark five years in launching his rehabilitation program. Khan, who took part in the initiative during his imprisonment, attended the event armed with two knives and stabbed five people there.

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London attack: The terrorist was released from prison a year ago after being convicted of terrorist offenses

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The takeover of the London Bridge terrorist last Friday

People and police are taking over the attacker on the London Bridge in the UK, who stabbed several people and shot while a man was taking his knife. November 29, 2019. (Photo: official website)

Passers-by prevented greater killings, with one using a whale's nose and another with a fire extinguisher to stop it. At the same place, eight people were murdered, and 48 more were injured, in the attack by the Islamic State (ISIS) two years ago. ISIS also took responsibility for the latest stabbing attack, which also happened shortly before parliamentary elections, in which conservatives - then led by Theresa Mae - lost the majority in parliament after Labor accused them of cutting police forces on the streets.

In 2012, the terrorist Khan was sentenced to at least eight years in prison, in light of his membership in the al-Qaeda network, which planned attacks on the London Stock Exchange and synagogues, and his desire to undergo terror training in Pakistan. However, a year later, an appeals court eased his sentence, and he was released on probation a year ago. Police believe Khan, a citizen of the state, acted alone.

A rally in memory of victims of the London Bridge attack today (Photo: Reuters)

A rally in memory of the victims of the London Bridge attack, December 2, 2019. (Photo: Reuters)

Jack's father, David, said the family didn't need "idiotic reactions." He said the problem was not a lenient policy, but "the destruction of the probation service, which should be monitored after prisoners are released, and the rehabilitation services."

The Labor party, also narrowing the gap in conservative polls, said they had been in power for nearly a decade, during which they did not tighten the penalties for terrorist offenses. Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn said he thinks "we need to look at how our prisons work and especially what happens to them (the prisoners) after they are released from prison."

However, according to a Yogov poll, the public disagrees with Johnson's level of security around security issues, but an overwhelming majority in Corbyn's leadership, known for his pacifist positions, around the issue.

The concern over security issues has pushed aside, at least in recent days, the concern with Barakzit, which in fact led to the advance of elections, as well as the issue of the health system. Conservatives hope to paint their rivals as weak against crime and terrorism, but in 2017 that didn't help them.

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