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[12.15] Hong Kong Island holds anti-violence rally


Anti-revision storms lasted more than half a year, triggering a series of police-civilian conflicts. A police supporter launched a "Rally Against Violence against Thugs" at Tamar Park at 1 pm today (15th). In addition, some social welfare circles plan to launch strikes from Tuesday to Thursday (17-19) to fight for the "five major demands". The social welfare circles will hold a "Social Welfare Strike. Let's Strike Together" at 3pm in Edinburgh Plaza, Central today. The strike rallied.

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Written by: Chen Shuxia, Xiao Xiao, Luo Jiaqing

2019-12-15 12:30

Last updated: 2019-12-15 17:27

Anti-revision storms lasted more than half a year, triggering a series of police-civilian conflicts. A police supporter launched a "Rally Against Violence against Thugs" at Tamar Park at 1 pm today (15th).

In addition, some social welfare circles plan to launch strikes from Tuesday to Thursday (17-19) to fight for the "five major demands". The social welfare circles will hold a "Social Welfare Strike. Let's Strike Together" at 3pm in Edinburgh Plaza, Central today. The strike rallied.

Strike rally in social welfare sector

[17:00] The staff at the scene brought a black cloth with the words "Social Welfare Strike" to the stage, and urged those present to stand in front of the black cloth to show their determination to strike. Hundreds of people stood in front of Heibu, shouting slogans "Social welfare strike, strike together", "Five major demands, one must be indispensable" and called on the industry to participate in the strike from Tuesday (17) to Thursday (19) .

[16:41] Sun Lisheng, the former director general of the Hong Kong Christian Service, quoted Song Zhongfan's "Yue Yang Lou Ji" as an encouragement to those present.

[16:20] The young band Boyz Reborn said that they have a long relationship with the social welfare community because the band grew up in the community center. They also sang the song "Eighteen That Year" and "You for Youth" at the scene to cheer the audience. Lead singer Ben pointed out that knowing many young people has sacrificed their future, and some have been charged with riots, hoping that adults can strike for young people.




[15:40] As of 3 pm, hundreds of people gathered at the social welfare gathering. Tan Tai, a user of social welfare service attending the rally, stated that she would definitely support the action of social welfare and believed that as a service user, she understood the strike of social workers. Mrs. Tan also called on fellow workers in the social welfare industry to "stay in the mountains, even if there is no firewood," and don't be too impulsive.

[15:27] Shao Jiazhen, a member of the Legislative Council, said that the strike was not a simple matter. This strike reminded him of the 2014 strike in the social welfare industry to support the occupation movement. Shao Jiazhen pointed out that the strike was a serious decision or it would affect the normal operation of the service, but he asked "what is normal?" He mentioned that a lump-sum funding system, even if the review was successful, could not be overturned. He emphasized that the strike is an uncooperative movement and an opportunity for cultural renewal.

[15:25] Social worker Chen Hongxiu said that the social welfare industry is not easy to strike, but I believe that a Hong Kong person with conscience will not want young people in the future to sacrifice for the future of Hong Kong. She believes that the strike is a means of connecting different people, emphasizing that many social welfare workers have been silently paying.

[14:56] The social welfare community today (15th) launched a strike rally in Edinburgh Square, Central. The official in charge of the conference stated that the event would begin at 3 pm, with dozens of people temporarily gathered at the scene.


Hong Kong Island Rally Against Violence

[16:45] Leo, the organizer of the rally, said in an interview with the media that although nothing happened in the past two weeks, he did not believe that the people in black would stop operations. He also said that the conference did not have the number of participants, but according to police statistics, I believe there are more than 10,000 people.

During the rally, a reporter was bumped by the participants. Leo responded that at the beginning of the rally, he had called on the public to restrain and respect the media. He believed that he had done his part.

[16:36] The conference led the audience to mourn for one minute for the dead cleaner, Robert, and salute the police, and then called on the assembly members to disperse peacefully through Admiralty and Wan Chai.

[15:30] Shirley, a citizen who had asked the Chief Executive Lin Zheng Yue'e to set up an independent investigation committee during a community dialogue, said that he was bottomed out afterwards, worried about his personal safety, and fortunately was protected by the company. He had a few days off during the vacation, and went to the Mainland to play. I went to the mainland and actually felt safe. "At that time, during the National Day, the national flag flew and" Hong Kong had no situation. "She hoped that Hong Kong people should not accept any violence and that society would reduce hatred.

Shifang You, member of the Loyalty Corps, Gundam Bin, the Voice of Love Hong Kong, and Kate, the owner of the Silver Dragon Cafe and Tea House, wearing a coat of "I Love Hong Kong", also stood on the platform against violence and expressed gratitude to the police for law enforcement.

[13:36] Mr. Chen, the citizen, shared the story of the attack on the West Rail Station on September 1 at Tianshuiwei. He said that at 11:00 pm on the same day, he withdrew through the West Rail Station and encountered a large number of protesters abusive the police. Then he shouted "Police cheering on". Unexpectedly, he was misunderstood as a member of the police. The demonstrators spit and kicked him, and were escorted off the scene. He bluntly asserted that he exercised his citizenship rightly and did not fear to show that he was Chinese.

Another Mr. Yin who spoke on stage shared that during the earlier participation in the national anthem flash event, he met masked demonstrators in Amoy Gardens, fearing that his personal safety would be threatened. Six people besieged, "But I have no regrets." He also threatened, "If you're private, you'll have to be like this. You can investigate it first."

Another Cecilia who had been attacked claimed that, on Saturday, November, when the road passed near PolyU, someone encountered a brick, and then joined the helper. A man in black suddenly scolded him, scolding him for "disrupting the site" and having a brick on his head. During the throw, she needed to sew five stitches afterwards. She bluntly angered and could not care, but thought that the other party must be punished by law.

One hour into the rally, the participants had filled Tamar Park.

The organizer, Leo, interrupted the speech and asked whether the reporter of "Hong Kong 01" was present, saying that he had been interviewed earlier, but found that the theme of the rally was distorted as "five major demands" after reporting the street, and criticized the media. It would be unprofessional to misbehave, and people present booed.

However, after reviewing the entire related report, "Hong Kong 01" never described that the rally theme was related to the "five major appeals", but only pointed out that there was a socialist and socialist strike strike conference in Edinburgh Place, Central, which included the "five major appeals". The allegations are wrong and out of context.



[13:05] The rally officially started, and more than a thousand people gathered in Tamar Park. The promoter Leo said that the rally was a voice for Hong Kong people and also represented a Chinese compatriot who could not participate. He said that Hong Kong people can live as usual, thanks to the police's strict law enforcement, "Zhong can go to work safely and normally, thank the police." The audience cheered and responded, waving the flag.

He said that in order to make Hong Kong progress, instead of using violence to change the world, we must use peace and tolerance. "Fists are used to beat people." He also said that he hopes that Hong Kong people can promote China to the world's number one economy. Emphasizing that one country, two systems is a step towards democracy, "I want to make one country, two systems a reality forever in Hong Kong."

He also reminded the assemblers to follow the order. In case of conflict or provocation, "Don't speak swearing, don't ditch." A number of riot police guarded outside Tamar Park. Many rallies came to invite photos and shake hands, and there were also middle-aged people. The lady made a gesture of "heart beating", the police officer smiled, and raised her fingers to respond.

[12:25] About half an hour before the start of the rally, dozens of citizens gathered in Tamar Park. Mandarin speakers also arrived. Citizens and the national flag were excited to take a picture.

[12:20] Leo, the initiator of the complaint of violent assembly, saw that many demonstrators in the society have used the concept of violent venting, but this is not the mode of peaceful coexistence that Hong Kong people want. Many citizens who have opposite opinions have also been attacked. He himself He was also attacked by the demonstrators at the airport on August 9, and was quickly raised to the bottom. "It is a white horror to the citizens of our place." He hoped that he could make a noise through the rally and stir up anyway. He also said that he did not think that the police had used excessive force, and this time he also wished to express his gratitude.

[12:10] About 10 special police officers wearing riot gear and seconded by the Correctional Services Department are on alert at the scene.

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