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Coronavirus: what food supplies should people bunker?


Is There a Coronavirus Epidemic? What foods should people bunker in the worst case? The government gives tips!

Is There a Coronavirus Epidemic? What foods should people bunker in the worst case? The government gives tips!

  • The corona virus is spreading more and more in Europe, and there are also cases in Germany.
  • In order to prepare for a possible pandemic, people are now creating food stocks.
  • In an emergency, you should note certain things about "hamster purchases".

Dortmund - The corona virus is back in Germany . In Baden-Württemberg and North Rhine-Westphalia there are two other confirmed cases after the cases in Bavaria. The new pathogen Sars-CoV-2 continues to spread. And people are preparing to buy hamsters, as RUHR24 * reports.

Coronavirus: people in northern Italy make hamster purchases

In Italy, the country with the most infected people across Europe, many people panic. After more than 300 coronavirus infections (as of February 26) were confirmed there, the streets in some regions are dead, events have been canceled and schools and public institutions are closed.

At the same time, many supermarkets are almost empty - citizens make hamster purchases and start hoarding tons of food at home. In the meantime, in some supermarkets there are hardly any noodles or other foods that last a long time. In Germany there are also the first people to bunker food . But how useful is that?

just wanted to get 2x Redbull then something in front of me ... # COVID19 #coronavirus

- Suuud (@xyz_Suuud) February 26, 2020

Food stocks in the event of disasters of all kinds - not just corona virus

Experts from the Federal Office for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief recommend which food supplies you should have at home in the event of a disaster . The tips do not apply specifically to an outbreak of the corona virus , but are applicable to emergency situations of all kinds. This primarily includes natural disasters such as hurricanes, avalanches or floods.

For optimal care, the federal government recommends a supply of ten days. The most important thing is that enough liquid is bunkered. Why? Because a person can get by without food for three weeks, but only a maximum of four days without liquid.

Food supplies - general tips for buying hamsters

We therefore recommend the following general guidelines, which people who plan food stocks should follow (source: Federal Office for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief)

  • About 14 liters of liquid per person per week (two liters per day)
  • Suitable drinks are mineral water, fruit juices, drinks that can be stored for longer.
  • No experiments. Be sure to buy food that would be eaten under normal circumstances. Don't just take something with you just because it lasts a long time.
  • Be prepared for a possible power failure and hoard food that can "survive" without cooling.
  • Pay attention to the best before date. Food that does not have one should be marked with the date of purchase.
  • Food should be kept cool, dry and dark. In addition, airtight packaging is recommended.
  • Newly bought supplies belong to the back of the shelf. Always consume older foods first.
  • Frozen food is also part of the emergency stock. They can be easily used in the event of a power failure. Be sure to remember: Do not freeze food that has been thawed again!
  • Be prepared in the event of a power or gas failure. There are many alternatives in the trade such as camping stoves etc.
  • When storing food, also think of special foods - for example for diabetics, allergy sufferers or babies.
  • The same applies to pets. They also want to eat and drink something in the event of a disaster.

As you can see, buying food supplies is not a thing that should be taken care of. Especially for people who have never made hamster purchases before, the list above can be a welcome help. But which foods should be stored at all?

The #Corona virus has obviously also arrived at Coop @ home. The supplier apologizes: "Due to delivery bottlenecks, an above-average number of products are currently not available. We apologize for the inconvenience."

- Belinda Capobianco (@bebebianco) February 26, 2020

Disaster Food Supplies: These foods should be purchased

Very important: You should ensure the daily required calories and nutrients. You can easily achieve this with the tips of the federal government, which have put together a kind of food plan for ten days (and per person):

  • 20 liters of liquid (see above)
  • Cereals, cereal products, potatoes, rice, pasta: 3.5 kilograms
  • Vegetables and legumes: 4 kg
  • Fruit and nuts: 2.5 kg
  • Milk and milk products: 2.6 kg
  • Fish, meat and eggs: 1.5 kg
  • Fats and oils: 0.357 kg
  • Other (sugar, sweetener, honey, jam, chocolate, flour, finished products etc.): at will

Of course, this list is only a recommendation from the federal government. Personal preferences, diets and allergies are not taken into account. So if you prefer to eat something other than the foods mentioned, you can do this. In any case, the daily calorie and nutrient intake should be taken into account.

Even during the new news about the #coronavirus, you should always stay cool in #Geilenkirchen!

- Wilhelm (@Geilenkirchen) February 26, 2020

Coronavirus in Germany: Robert Koch Institute has a specific goal

Meanwhile, the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) currently intends to delay a wave of illnesses so far that the coronavirus and the current flu wave do not coincide. Such a scenario could become a worst case scenario, especially for older people or those with poor immune systems.

Many people therefore increasingly use disinfectants and face masks to protect themselves against the corona virus. But the measures are only of limited use. This action by a man from Tyrol also led to curious comments on social networks.

A spokeswoman for the DB Regio NRW informed the German press agency on Wednesday morning that the company was in a "constant exchange" with the authorities. Possible measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus could include restricting local traffic.

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Source: merkur

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