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CSU Odelzhausen wants at least six seats


The CSU Odelzhausen presented its election campaign program - and in doing so distinguished itself from the Odelzhausen Citizens' Community (BGO).

The CSU Odelzhausen presented its election campaign program - and in doing so distinguished itself from the Odelzhausen Citizens' Community (BGO).

Odelzhausen - The CSU Odelzhausen presented its election campaign program - and in doing so differentiated itself from the community of citizens of Odelzhausen (BGO). The views differ, especially as far as the expansion of the industrial area on the other side of the motorway is concerned. "It is presumptuous for Roderich Zauscher to take the liberty of determining how far reasonable commercial development can go," explained CSU top candidate Johann Heitmair.

Zauscher, councilor for the BGO and district chairman of the federal nature conservation, is campaigning against the expansion. Heitmair asked to wait until the investigations first, and referred to a municipal council decision. In the summer the majority of the committee approved a possible expansion.

The CSU also thinks this makes sense, since a larger commercial area brings more trade tax and the demand for space is high. "If there is commercial space on the highway, it is better than anywhere in the pampas," said Kiemer. All legal and technical components would be observed. It would also ensure that a possible S-Bahn route is kept clear. "We will not leave the environment out," says Kiemer.

In general, the CSU wanted to work for "moderate growth" in the community. Due to the high demand for building land and apartments, further "needs-based building land designations" make sense. The building land model must be taken into account.

Another focus of the program is the center design. The CSU also supports the demolition of the former Gasthaus Zur Sonne and the construction of a new building there. "But, like the BGO, it is the wrong way to say that the town hall should not be relocated," said Heitmair. He was personally responsible for moving the town hall to the center of the town. "But we have to wait and see what comes out of citizen participation before we decide," he emphasized.

The CSU wants to support the wishes of citizens such as an economy, a butcher shop and parking spaces. However, the local association is skeptical about apartments in the new building. Kiemer: "It is difficult to combine it with an inn, but we are also open here."

The electoral program also includes the construction of a shooting range. So far, the Odelzhauser shooters have been shooting in the Zur Sonne inn. "We have to find a new home for them," said Kiemer. He spoke in favor of a "needs-based promotion of club life". "The local fire brigades and the clubs in the smaller districts should not be neglected." The wishes of the districts should be heard. However, a prerequisite for all projects is that they are "affordable and representable".

Another point in the election program is an expansion of the gym. Due to the growing needs of schools and associations, the CSU could imagine a new building. “We would have to choose the location according to the needs and the financial possibilities,” said Kiemer. "It would be particularly nice if you could bring the schools, the sports club and the shooters together."

The Odelzhauser CSU wants to reach at least 30 percent in the local elections. Kiemer: "Six councilors are the minimum, nine or more is our wish."

All information and news about the 2020 local elections in the Dachau district can always be found on our large topic page.

Source: merkur

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