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Father finds son and friend dead: Then there was a tragic confusion - the cause of death apparently known


The police near Augsburg are concerned with a puzzling case. Parents found their 16-year-old son and boyfriend dead. Now the cause of death is apparently known.

The police near Augsburg are concerned with a puzzling case. Parents found their 16-year-old son and boyfriend dead. Now the cause of death is apparently known.

  • Two young people were found dead in Nordendorf near Augsburg * .
  • The parents had found their 16-year-old son and friend .
  • The circumstances are puzzling - the police are not expecting the autopsy to produce rapid results (see update from June 15, 11:34 am)

Update from 12 o'clock: According to initial knowledge, the young people found dead in Nordendorf (Augsburg district) died of drugs. pre-drug test during the autopsy was positive, as the Kripo announced. "During the criminal investigation, narcotics could also be  found, which belong to the amphetamine category," said police spokesman Michael Jakob. He didn't say where exactly the amphetamines were discovered. The further laboratory tests should now clarify whether the  amphetamines led  to the death of the two young people. The detective also wants to determine the origin of the drugs, which is why it remains very reluctant to provide information about the case.

Amphetamines are synthetic drugs that are also known as “speed”. Similar to the related ecstasy, they have a euphoric effect, but can also cause serious health problems, for example on the heart. Experts warn of amphetamines because they are often mixed with other substances in the capsules or tablets. "These mixtures can lead to extreme circulatory stress , acute anxiety, poisoning and allergic reactions," explains the German center for addiction issues.

Nordendorf (Augsburg): Father finds son and friend dead - cause of death apparently known

Update from 10.57 a.m .: According to previous knowledge, the two young people found dead in Nordendorf near Augsburg have died from  drugs . As the Kripo announced on Tuesday, a  pre-drug test during the autopsy showed evidence of  drug use  . "A chemical-toxicological report was commissioned for the exact determination of the intoxicants consumed, which according to current knowledge led to the death of the two adolescents," said police spokesman Michael Jakob from the Augsburg police headquarters.

Investigators rule out a violent crime and suicide. Officials came across amphetamines during the investigation . These are synthetic drugs that are also known as “speed” . The further laboratory tests should now clarify whether the amphetamines led to the death of the two young people.

Two dead teenagers were found in Nordendorf near Augsburg - after that there was probably a tragic confusion

Update of June 16, 10:25 a.m .: Investigators are still concerned about the death of two young people in Nordendorf near Augsburg . Attorney Matthias Nickolai confirmed the Bild newspaper that testimonies give the end of the evening, and media such as mobile phones checked and telecommunications providers are queried to search for any deleted data. "We try to get the most accurate possible reconstruction of the events of the evening until the bodies are found with each mosaic stone."

According to information from the newspaper, there was a tragic confusion. The father apparently did not immediately recognize his son's dead friend, so the police first turned up in another family. When a helicopter was already in the air looking for the supposedly missing boy, the misunderstanding cleared up. "The correct identity has been clarified," Chief Prosecutor Nickolai only told the Bild newspaper

First suspicions after the mysterious death of two young people in Nordendorf near Augsburg

Update from June 15, 2020, 5:30 p.m .: There is still uncertainty about what is happening in Nordendorf near Augsburg. Although the results of the autopsy of the two teenagers are still pending, according to the picture , there are initial assumptions about the death of the two teenagers. Accordingly, evidence of the consumption of "MDA or Pep (Speed)" should have been found at the scene .

As the sheet further reports, one of the two teenagers is said to have texted a friend on the night of his death. The alleged content: "Help ... dead". According to the picture , the teenager was said to have been outside the house at the time, but returned to the house shortly thereafter.

As picture further reported the lifeless teenager hour to have been discovered later by the father of his friend in the bathroom in the bathtub.

Father finds son (16) and friend (15) dead: autopsy to clarify the cause of death 

Update from 3:56 p.m .: Two friends, 15 and 16 years old, spend the night together on the last weekend of the holiday , the next morning the parents of one youth both find them dead. The younger student should graduate from the middle school in Meitingen this year. The tragic events on Monday, the first day of school after Pentecost holidays , were a big topic there. "Most of the students already knew," said Rector Peter Reithmeir.

For the classmates of the 15-year-old, the exams had been postponed. These were not reasonable, immediately after the young people lost a friend, Reithmeir further explained. In the next few days, a condolence book will be laid out at the middle school. The late 16-year-old was also at school before, but had already graduated.

Nordendorf / Augsburg: Investigators do not expect rapid autopsy results after the death of two young people

Update of June 15, 11:34 am : After the mysterious death of two young people in the Augsburg district, the investigators do not expect the autopsy to produce any rapid results. The corpses were examined by forensic doctors on Monday , but the necessary chemical-toxicological analyzes took even longer. Police spokesman Michael Jakob said on Monday. "The final result of the autopsy will take time," it said. It is therefore not yet possible to say when a specific statement on the cause of death is possible.

On suspicions that the adolescents may have experimented with drugs, Jakob said that this was being investigated. "We would be badly advised to participate in speculation - even if you cover the parents," he emphasized.

Nordendorf: autopsy to clarify cause of death - police statement expected

Update from June 14, 9:35 a.m .: It is still unclear how the tragedy that happened in Augsburg early Saturday morning (June 13) is still unclear. A father found his son (16) and his friend (15), who had stayed with him, dead in the family home.

The police rule out both suicide and a violent crime. Now an autopsy should clarify the exact cause of death of the two adolescents and thus possibly also the background to the drama. However, Bayerischer Rundfunk reports that the investigators want to provide information on the mysterious deaths on Monday at the earliest. The officials did not comment on the rumor that drug abuse could have caused the deaths of the young people.

Two teenagers dead in Nordendorf / Augsburg: father finds son and boyfriend lifeless

Update from June 13, 7:59 p.m .: In the tranquil village of Nordendorf in Swabia, a father found his dead son and his friend in the parents' house on Saturday morning. The police then apparently went on a great search for traces: "The whole street was full of police, the officials went to all the properties at the same time and were looking for someone", said an eyewitness to the picture. According to the report, the witness was shown a photo of a teenager who was apparently searched for in the morning.

Friends of the dead youth reported to the paper, however, that the police had been looking for one of the dead. The newspaper concludes that the 15-year-old was not discovered immediately after the father found his own dead 16-year-old son in the house.

Rumors of drug abuse are said to be spreading in the village.

Nordendorf: dead boys near Augsburg: parents find son (16) and friend (15) dead

First report from June 13th:

Nordendorf - Parents had to make a terrible discovery on Saturday morning in Swabia: Around 7 a.m., the  parents found  their 16-year-old son and his 15-year-old friend dead in the house, according to the report by the Schwaben Nord police headquarters on Saturday. Accordingly, there is no evidence of a violent crime or suicide. 

Nordendorf: Mysterious case near Augsburg: young person stays with a friend - parents find both dead

According to the police report stayed the 15-year-old in the house of his friend in the north village in the district of Augsburg. In the morning, the parents found the lifeless adolescents and called the emergency services. The emergency services could no longer help the two teenagers. 

Nordendorf: Dead young people near Augsburg: intensive search by police helicopter  

According to information from the Augsburger Allgemeine, an intensive search with the help of a police helicopter took place in the morning . Apparently it had not been clarified whether more young people were involved.

Kripo makes no statement about the circumstances of death

The criminal investigation department is investigating the circumstances of death. Initially, the investigators did not want to provide any information about what might have killed the young people. "No further information on the matter can currently be given," says the police report.

The cause of death of the adolescents must now be determined through an autopsy.

A deadly family argument also shocked the Augsburg population a few weeks ago.

You can always read all the news from Augsburg and the region as well as from all of Bavaria.

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