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New Crown Pneumonia·Live Broadcast | Residents in the closed area of ​​Xin Po Gang begin to test and inspect by Civil Affairs Secretary Xu Yingwei


There were 16 new confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia in Hong Kong yesterday (22nd), bringing a total of 10,885 cases. The first batch of 1 million doses of Kexing vaccine arrived in Hong Kong last week. Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor led the Secretary to receive the first dose of vaccine in Hong Kong yesterday.

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Written by: Chen Jiayi, Huang Yongyu, Chung Yan, Zheng Cuibi, Li Enci, Zhu Haiqi, McKain, Ma Weijie, golden chess, Lao Minyi, Hu Jiaxin

2021-02-23 07:00

The last update date: 2021-02-23 22:18

There were 16 new confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia in Hong Kong yesterday (22nd), bringing a total of 10,885 cases.

The first batch of 1 million doses of Kexing vaccine arrived in Hong Kong last week. Chief Executive Carrie Lam led the Secretary to receive the first dose of vaccine in Hong Kong yesterday. Eligible citizens of the five categories can make appointments for registration starting today (23). There was a network crowd after the webpage was launched early in the morning. It takes about an hour to get in. There are 5 community vaccination centers that only provide Koxing vaccine. All vaccination periods on the first Friday (26th) were full within two hours. It is reported that 20,000 people have made appointments.

The second new crown vaccine is about to arrive in Hong Kong. According to news, the BioNTech vaccine will arrive in Hong Kong as soon as this Thursday.

[22:10] Residents of Jinqiao Building and Dongcheng Building in the "restricted area" of Jinrong Street, San Pogang, began testing. The Secretary of Civil Affairs Xu Yingwei, who was vaccinated with Kexing vaccine yesterday, visited the site.




Temporary Hospital | Dissatisfaction with the lack of free tickets and provision of meals Medical Bureau: Same as other hospitals

[21:48] The new crown pneumonia epidemic continues. The Hong Kong Infection Control Center (temporary hospital) of North Lantau Hospital will be opened this Friday (26th) to receive confirmed patients with stable conditions.

Some medical nurses complained to "Hong Kong 01" that the Hospital Authority would not provide free airport express tickets, and the shuttle bus would only have two stops. In a disguised form, the medical nurses had to bear the expensive transportation expenses themselves. The practice is the same as in AsiaWorld-Expo. They also criticized the Hospital Authority for refusing to provide meals and have not issued a change form for a long time, so that they do not know when they need to go to work.

The health care provider questioned that the number of confirmed patients has dropped significantly. The Hospital Authority still insists on opening the Hong Kong Infection Control Center at North Lantau Hospital, just to "show".

The Kowloon West Hospital Cluster stated that the meal arrangements are the same as those of North Lantau Hospital and other public hospitals. Staff can arrange meals by themselves, and staff can still order food from the Yabo restaurant. As for the shuttle bus service, it will be provided to staff in conjunction with the operation of the ward.

Kexing Vaccine|Elderly homes are waiting for the authorities to arrange vaccination for senior citizens: staff are also waiting and watching

[21:51] The first batch of Kexing vaccine ordered by Hong Kong arrived in Hong Kong last Friday (19th) afternoon. Fosun and the German pharmaceutical company BioNTech's Fubitai vaccine arrived at the end of this month, totaling 2 million doses.

Five groups can be given priority vaccination, such as medical staff, senior citizens aged 60 or above, nursing homes and employees with disabilities, and disciplined services.

The staff of several elderly homes who had experienced an outbreak earlier said that the authorities did not arrange for the residents to be vaccinated; some staff pointed out that the appointment system was congested or that the appointment was made after the network was smooth.

Chen Guoan, Director of Services of the Senior Citizens' Club, said that due to the different physical conditions of each employee, they will be allowed to choose their own vaccination unless the Social Welfare Department mandates that employees be vaccinated.

He also pointed out that some elderly family members and employees are still waiting.

In the evening, the government announced that the area will be closed again, covering the area of ​​Dongcheng Building and Jinqiao Building on Jinrong Street, San Po Kong.

(Photo by Li Zetong)

Closed area detection | After the 28th, the government raided the government to close the Golden Bridge Building and Dongcheng Building in San Po Kong

[20:30] The government announced and cited the "Prevention and Control of Diseases (Compulsory Testing for Certain Persons) Regulations" (Chapter 599J), and announced restrictions and testing, starting at 8:30 pm and restricting it to San Po Kong. Restricted area"-namely, Jinqiao Building, No. 6-24A Jinrong Street, San Pogang, No. 1-33 He Jinrong Street, and Dongcheng Building, No. 5-7 Yanqing Street. Insiders must stay in their premises and accept compulsory The inspection will not leave their premises until all the identified persons in the area have completed the inspection and the relevant test results have been roughly determined. The government’s goal is to complete this operation at about 7 am tomorrow (24th). Achieve the goal of "to fight the epidemic with one heart, and "clear" the community."

A government spokesperson said that due to the recent confirmed cases in the Golden Bridge Building and the older buildings of the above two buildings, the situation of subdivided units (subdivided houses) is common. After assessment, the risk of infection in relevant areas is likely to be higher. Announce restrictions and detections.

At the same time as the announcement, police officers arrived at the scene to start an enclosure operation.

At 7 o'clock in the evening, all shops on Jinrong Street were closed, including congee restaurants and hot pot restaurants.

Some units of the Jinqiao Building were lit, and there were still several people entering and leaving the building. Some people said they were visiting friends when they left the building.

In the past 14 days, only one person in the Jinqiao Building was diagnosed, which is a case of unknown origin announced by the Department of Health today.

Member of the Wong Tai Sin District Council, Kwok Sau-ying, believes that the closure of the area has disturbed the residents. There are 60 to 70 households in the building, mainly the elderly.

She pointed out that there are many people in nearby restaurants that are still open at about 4 this afternoon. After that, they closed early after receiving news of the closure. One of the porridge shops closed at around 5 o'clock.

She quoted the restaurant operators feeling helpless when they closed the area for testing, saying that "Neighborhoods will be shocked, but there is no addiction to eating scared."

▼See the details of the scheduled vaccination and side effects of Kexing and BioNTech in 3 pictures▼

Kwun Tong public entertainment venue failed to properly display safe travel and fined to suspend business for 14 days and was charged with operating without a license

【18:53】Restaurants can resume dine-in evening meals from last Thursday (18th), but must comply with new epidemic prevention measures.

The Food and Environmental Hygiene Department announced on the 19th and 20th that it will initiate prosecution procedures against one person in charge of catering operations in Sham Shui Po District and Mong Kok District, alleging that they have not adopted relevant regulations or restrictions to prohibit night markets for three and seven days respectively. At most two people can sit at the same table.

The FEHD also initiated prosecution proceedings against a person in charge of a public entertainment venue in Kwun Tong who was suspected of violating the provisions of the Regulations on the 18th of this month, alleging that he had not complied with the temperature measurement and properly displayed "Travel with peace of mind" The QR code of the premises shall be closed for 14 days from the next day.

As the person in charge of the public entertainment venue is suspected of operating a public entertainment venue without a license, the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department has also initiated prosecution procedures against the relevant person under the "Places of Public Entertainment Ordinance" (Chapter 172).

The FEHD then inspected the premises in the Kwun Tong district again on the 19th and found that the person concerned had not closed the premises in accordance with the Regulations, so the prosecution proceeded again against the person in charge of the premises in accordance with the Regulations.

Travel with peace of mind|Dismantling data of the top sci-tech office in many places: Bermuda and other actual zero downloads

[18:25] Starting from last Thursday (18th), citizens must use "Travel with peace of mind" or register information before entering restaurants and designated places. The number of downloads of "Travel with peace of mind" has increased sharply, reaching 2.69 million times, an increase in one week. About four times.

Yesterday, data on the number of downloads of "Travel with peace of mind" circulated on the Internet, questioning the number of downloads or storing "moisture."

The Office of the Government Chief Information Officer issued a post today stating that for the convenience of people visiting Hong Kong for business travel from other places, "Travel with Peace" can be downloaded from app stores in different regions.

The OGCIO also quoted data from the App Store, stating that among the nearly 2.69 million downloads, Hong Kong accounted for more than 2.61 million downloads, and another 40,000 downloads came from the Mainland, and some of the online downloads ranked first. , The number of downloads is 0.

[17:00] Zhang Zhujun mentioned that most of the confirmed cases are still genetically arranged and belong to the fourth wave of virus strains, but admitted that there are a small number of other virus strains, but the details need to be analyzed by the Hong Kong University team.

As for the confirmed cases involving the N501Y variant virus strain, imported cases are still the main ones.

However, it is worth noting that more than half of the imported cases are asymptomatic. Individuals may have symptoms after admission, which is similar to ordinary local cases.

Zhang Zhujun also pointed out that although the government has promoted the "Travel with peace of mind" app, it must be noted that the program is not used for "case tracking" but for "risk exposure", that is, to let the public know that they have appeared on the same scene with a confirmed person.

Even if you receive the program notification, it does not mean you have become a close contact, but you are urged to pay attention to your body to be tested.

▼Registration process of vaccination reservation system▼




Kexing Vaccine|Available for 16-hour appointments, 70,000 people registered

[16:50] The government announced that as of 4 pm today, all appointments for this period from February 26 to March 11 have been full. There are about 70,000 citizens who have made appointments for the first and first doses of vaccination online. Two doses of vaccine.

[16:40] He Wanxia pointed out that 23 more people have been discharged from the hospital for recovery in the past 24 hours as of 9 am. There are still 230 people in hospital, 17 are in critical condition, 12 are in serious condition, and 201 are in stable condition.

She added that a family member of a patient in Grantham Hospital has been initially diagnosed, and three of the patients in the same room who cannot wear masks have been classified as close contacts and must be isolated.

New crown pneumonia | 12 more confirmed cases today, 3 cases of sourceless Tsuen Wan volcanic cookers diagnosed with more than 10 people quarantined

[16:30] Zhang Zhujun, director of the Infectious Diseases Division of the Center for Health Protection, Department of Health, and He Wanxia, ​​Chief Administrative Manager (Patient Safety and Risk Management) of the Hospital Authority, attended the press conference on the epidemic to explain the latest situation.

Zhang Zhujun said that as of this morning, there were 12 new confirmed cases in Hong Kong, with case numbers #10886 to 10897.

There is one imported case. The patient arrived in Hong Kong from the Philippines on CX906 on February 10 and was found to have a variant N501Y virus strain. Case #10844 was tested earlier with a variant virus and arrived in Hong Kong from Pakistan via Dubai. Hong Kong has accumulated 40 cases of variant viruses.

Among the local cases, there are 3 cases without source, including a kitchen chef who burned a volcano in Tsuen Wan, and more than 10 colleagues required quarantine.

There is one more case at Caritas Leyi School. There are 10 people in the group.

New crown pneumonia | Part-time clerk of Imperial Cake Shop was first diagnosed and asked for medical treatment twice and had to be admitted to ICU

As of this afternoon, there are still more than 10 initial positive cases. Among them, the sourceless case included an employee of the Imperial Bakery who was unwell and went to the Wells Hospital for medical treatment on February 15 and was diagnosed.

Another 22-year-old man worked in a flower shop in Mong Kok Flower Market. He has been initially diagnosed and worked from February 2 to February 13. He lives in a tenement house in Fuk Wah Street, Cheung Sha Wan.

Another 63-year-old man is a part-time worker who will help a restaurant in Budai'o to drive customers to and from the Hang Hau MTR station. The last day to work is February 20.

A family member of a patient at Grantham Hospital has also been initially diagnosed. Since he had often visited his family in the hospital in the past, the patient must be classified as a close contact.

Mandatory Testing Building|4 new buildings are added to the list, including Wenyuan Building at Ferry Point, Huanhai·East Coast Building 1C




New Crown Vaccine | Dismantling the number of vaccinations quickly full, the government says it has not used up, Zhengyan increases the amount of injections

Kexing Vaccine|Injection by staff in hospitals and nursing homes hopes that community vaccination will reduce infection and relax family visit

▼On February 23, people in the five priority groups took the lead to get vaccinated at the Central Library’s vaccination center▼




Kexing Vaccine|An error in the appointment system allows 110 people to be vaccinated early today: a windfall

[15:04] Hong Kong began to vaccinate against the new crown pneumonia, and most members of the SAR government took the lead yesterday (23rd) to receive the vaccine from the Mainland.

The vaccination plan started this Friday. Today, it was originally only open to medical care, crew members, etc., but a system error allowed the elderly to be vaccinated earlier. Some citizens described it as "a windfall", and some elderly people said that they were Chinese and wanted to support domestic medicine. Xing vaccine.

After inspecting the scene, Director of the Civil Service Bureau Nie Dequan said that even if the system went wrong, the people present allowed the scheduled elders and two accompanying persons to be vaccinated, about 110 people.

As of 11:45 in the morning, 60,000 people have made appointments for injections.

Gathering Restriction Order | The two-person gathering limit has been implemented for nearly three months, and the government announced that it will be relaxed to four from early Wednesday morning

[14:45] According to the news, the executive meeting passed a relaxation of the gathering order to 4 people, which will be implemented from midnight.

The government also announced in the afternoon that the gathering restriction order will be relaxed from 0:00 tomorrow (24th), and the limit on gatherings in public places will be relaxed from 2 to 4 people.

Vaccination|News: Civil servants can get injections during office hours. Union: Specific centers should be arranged

[13:55] Today, the first day of appointments for the new crown vaccine is opened. Civil servants and government contract workers who maintain essential public services are also in the priority group.

It is understood that the Civil Service Bureau sent e-mail arrangements to various departments, stating that vaccination is very important to fight the epidemic, and civil servants are allowed to be vaccinated during office hours.

Leung Choi-ting, director-general of the Federation of Civil Service Unions, pointed out that most civil servants are still waiting to see if they are vaccinated.

However, he believes that the effect of allowing vaccination during office hours is limited. It is recommended that if it can be arranged in a specific vaccination center or at a specific time, it will be better for civil servants to receive vaccination during non-office hours.

Vaccination|The current registrant at Sham Shui Po Post Office has only one counter to serve the elderly and wait for two hours

[13:53] Today (23rd) for the new crown vaccination, the first day of opening online appointments, citizens in need can find staff assistance at the post office or housing estate office.

Before 9 o'clock this morning, several citizens lined up outside the Yuen Chau Street Post Office in Sham Shui Po. When the post office opened, there were as many as 20 people, but only one counter provided assistance.

The reporter saw at the scene that it took about half an hour to process the registration of each citizen, and the waiting time was up to 2 hours. This caused some people in the queue to be upset, and some citizens gave up the queue; and the successful registration of citizens will take as long as March Vaccination can only take 3 days.

Vaccination | 01 The actual online system can log in to 19 vaccination stations after only a half-minute turn

[12:47] The first batch of 1 million doses of Kexing vaccine arrived in Hong Kong earlier. The Hong Kong government will open appointments for the new crown vaccination plan starting early this (23rd) morning. Priority group citizens can register online, as soon as this Friday Vaccination is available from (26th).

"Hong Kong 01" reporters simultaneously measured and waited for 1.5 hours to successfully enter the system. As of 12 noon, 19 of the 23 community vaccination centers and general outpatient clinics available for injection were full, and there are still places available. "There are only 4 community vaccination centers left, which are located at Kowloon Bay Stadium, Kwan Chung Stadium, Yuanhe Road Stadium and Tianhui Road Stadium. However, there are not many dates available. The earliest is the 4th of next month. Among them, Tianhui The community vaccination center of Lu Gymnasium has the largest number of appointments.

[12:28] Nie Dequan, director of the Civil Service Bureau, visited the community vaccination center of the Central Library this morning.

After the inspection, he said that as of noon today, about 60,000 citizens have registered online to make vaccination appointments. It is expected that they will occupy the 5 open vaccination centers in the next few weeks.

He pointed out that 5 vaccination centers can handle 2,500 appointments per day.

Nie Dequan also pointed out that the Fosun/BioNTech vaccine is expected to arrive later this week.

Vaccination | News: The first 1 million doses of BioNTech vaccine arrive in Hong Kong as soon as Thursday and depart from Germany

[11:28] The Hong Kong government purchased COVID-19 vaccines from different pharmaceutical companies, including mRNA vaccines from BioNTech/Fosun on the mainland. According to reports, the first 1 million doses of vaccines will arrive in Hong Kong as soon as this Thursday (25th).

Earlier, the company revealed that the vaccine for Hong Kong will be produced in Germany and will be shipped to Hong Kong from Mainz and Marburg.

Travel with peace of mind|Privacy Commissioner Zhong Liling: No source code, no GPS, no tracking function

[11:18] The government reopened restaurants for dinner in the restaurant last Thursday (18th), but citizens must use "Travel with peace of mind" or register their personal information before entering the restaurant.

Personal Data Privacy Commissioner Chung Lai Ling stated on the TV and Taiwan program "Millenniums" today that according to international standards, travel with peace of mind uses a less privacy-intrusive mode, which means that the program has no tracking function and does not need to provide personal data when downloading.

In an earlier interview, Secretary for Innovation and Technology Xue Yongheng said that he refused to disclose the source code of the program due to copyright issues.

Liling Chung pointed out that when reviewing the privacy issues of the program, it is mainly based on the terms of application and privacy policy. It does not consider information technology. However, there is a technical level to request more information from the Office of the Chief Information Officer for the information technology department of the Office to review. The developer has a third-party privacy impact assessment report.

▼From the seventh day of the New Year's Day on February 18th, you must travel with peace of mind for dinner in the city ▼




New crown vaccine|Xue Yongheng: 30,000 people who make an appointment and forget to get the second shot will be reminded by SMS

[09:05] Citizens belonging to the 5 priority groups can make an appointment for the new crown vaccination from today (23rd), and get vaccinated as soon as Friday (26th).

In an interview with Hong Kong and Taiwan's "Millennium", the Secretary for Innovation and Technology Xue Yonghengjin said that as of 7:30 am to 8:00 am, nearly 30,000 people have successfully booked vaccinations.

He pointed out that in the early days of the website's opening, there were "tens of thousands" of appointments to enter the system, which exceeded the capacity of the system and caused "traffic jams".

The Director of the Bureau of Innovation and Technology Xue Yongheng pointed out that as of now, 30,000 people have successfully booked vaccinations.

(Profile picture)

My sister is critically ill and cannot return to Hong Kong. Lung cancer patients have no medicine.

[07:30] The new crown pneumonia epidemic has repeated, and a variant virus broke out in the UK at the end of last year. The Hong Kong government has also announced to follow the ban on passenger flights in Germany, France and other places. So far (23rd) the ban has been issued Effective for two months.

As a result, thousands of Hong Kong people stayed in the UK, returned home for reunion indefinitely, and spent the cold Chinese New Year in a foreign land.

A Hong Kong citizen who came to the UK to work on a working holiday visa learned at the beginning of the month that her younger sister was admitted to the hospital due to a rare disease. She is now receiving treatment in the intensive care unit. She urgently needs to return to Hong Kong to visit relatives.

She made inquiries with the Immigration Department and the Department of Health many times, but was turned away by the Hong Kong government. She could only transit through Dubai. However, she was worried every day that the Hong Kong government would suddenly "close the gate" to Dubai and denounce the Hong Kong government's enthusiasm for Hong Kong people The situation was sitting on the sidelines and even advised her not to return to Hong Kong during this critical period. She urged the Hong Kong government to send a chartered flight to take the stranded Hong Kong residents home and provide appropriate assistance.

Ms. Wen (middle) learned in the Whatsapp group that some Hong Kong people who were stranded in the UK were also "crossing the cold river" in Dubai before returning to Hong Kong. She lamented that with the Hong Kong government standing by and watching, Hong Kong people can only exchange news and support each other.

The picture shows Miss Wen and Hong Kong residents who are stranded in the UK met in Dubai.

(Provided by interviewee)

New Crown Vaccine | Want to get an injection as soon as possible?

One article to check the number of vaccination rooms and vaccine styles in each center

[02:22] The new crown vaccination plan started this week, and the online appointment system began to operate at 0:00 am today (23rd).

The government issued a statement early in the morning to announce the latest information on the medical service arrangements of the new crown vaccination plan, including information on the types of vaccines provided by each of the 29 vaccination centers, locations, the number of vaccination rooms, and partner medical institutions.

In addition to the vaccination centers, the 18 general outpatient clinics under the Hospital Authority will also provide Kexing vaccines. The public can make appointments for two doses of vaccines through the government online appointment system. General outpatient clinics that provide vaccination services The list is as follows:

New Crown Vaccine | The appointment system is activated in the early morning of the network traffic jam, and the Kexing vaccine can be vaccinated as soon as this morning

[00:07] The new crown vaccination plan started this week, and the appointment system will be open for appointments from 0:00 am today (23rd).

5 categories of people can be given priority, and can be vaccinated from 4 ways, including vaccination centers, private clinics, general outpatient clinics and hospitals. The injection will start as soon as Friday (26th).

The reservation system for the new crown virus vaccination plan started to be activated at 0:00 in the morning. However, there was a "network traffic jam" and it was impossible to access the webpage. It was impossible to log in for more than 10 minutes.

The reporter finally successfully logged into the homepage about half an hour later and filled in the information, only to discover that he could go to the first dose of vaccine at 8 am as early as this morning. Although the government required the second dose to be injected on the 28th day, it turned out to be possible to choose after the 28th day. Vaccination on any day.

As of 2 a.m. today, the three Vaccine Kexing Vaccination Centers have full appointments on the first day of Friday.

▼2.22 Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor led the Secretary to receive Kexing vaccine▼




▼2.22 Some members of the Executive Council receive Kexing vaccine▼




▼2.22 Some members of the Legislative Council receive Kexing vaccine▼




Mandatory Inspection Building|Adding 7 Buildings, Zemin Building, Zefeng Garden, North Point Wai Man Building, Second Force Inspection

[00:00] On Monday (22nd), there were 16 new confirmed cases in Hong Kong, 4 of which were of unknown origin.

The government gazetted the compulsory inspection notice in the evening, and included seven buildings in the compulsory inspection, including Block D1 of Kornhill Garden and Zemin Building, Zefeng Garden, Tuen Mun.

Both Zemin Building in Zefeng Garden and Wai Man Building in North Point were included in mandatory testing for the second time.

Anyone who has stayed at the above locations for more than 2 hours from the 9th to the 22nd of this month needs to be tested on or before Wednesday (24th).

Yesterday's overview: New crown pneumonia·2.22 | 16 more confirmed cases, 4 cases of unknown origin, 7 buildings to be tested

New Crown Vaccine | 3 pictures can be booked from Tuesday to see 3 vaccines, vaccination centers and side effects

The Department of Health will monitor the abnormal reaction of the new crown vaccine to reveal the latest data on the side effects of BioNTech

16 additional confirmed cases, 4 cases of unknown origin, 76-year-old man's onset of the onset of the onset of compulsory testing on the 15th

Diagnosed restaurant building|Adding a 53-year-old patient from 16 restaurants to Australia Dairy Company from 3 to 9 places

[00:00] The fourth wave of the new crown pneumonia epidemic continued, with 16 new confirmed cases on Monday (22nd), 4 of which were no source cases.

The Center for Health Protection updated the whereabouts of patients at night, adding 16 restaurants.

Last Thursday (18th), the government allowed restaurants to resume dinner at 10 o'clock. Among them, 11 visits were from the same day. It is unknown whether they had dinner.

One of the male patients had visited nine places within three days from last Thursday (18th), including a visit to Jordan Australia Dairy Company.

In addition, in the list of residential buildings, Kwun Tong Yee On Centre and On Tin Estate, On Jian Building, each added one non-source case.

The number of downloads for travel with peace of mind is ranked first in many overseas places: 97% of the 2.69 million downloads are from Hong Kong

Travel with peace of mind | Developer Chuangqisi: Did not mention that the open source bureau will have new suggestions

Travel Bubble|Yao Sirong: I hope to start after the epidemic is controlled, "urgent or urgent, the most important thing is to be safe"

Chen Zhaoshi avoids talking about the rise of 20 cases of herd immunity: does not reflect the relaxation of the seventh day

▼Kexing, BioNTech/Fosun, AstraZeneca vaccine protection rate and side effects▼




TSA ceases operations│Education Bureau: In view of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the 2021 territory-wide system assessment will be suspended repeatedly

Resumption of classes|Relying on workers to collect samples of new crown pneumonia

Class resumption│Education Bureau updated guidelines. Teachers and students who are subject must hold a negative certificate before returning to school

▼Tin Shui Wai Lutheran Ximen Yingcai School half-day face-to-face teaching ▼




▼The first day of class resumption at the affiliated school of Fujian Middle School▼




▼List of Vaccination Locations for Kexing, BioNTech/Fosun Vaccine in Hong Kong, Kowloon and New Territories▼

▼The first weekend of relaxing social distancing measures on February 20▼




New Crown Vaccine | Want to get an injection as soon as possible?

One article to check the number of vaccination rooms and vaccine styles in each center

Mandatory Inspection Building|Adding 7 Buildings, Zemin Building, Zefeng Garden, North Point Wai Man Building, Second Force Inspection

Diagnosed restaurant building|Adding a 53-year-old patient from 16 restaurants to Australia Dairy Company from 3 to 9 places

New Crown Vaccine | The appointment system was activated and the blockade once showed that suspicious information was wrong this morning


New crown pneumonia 01 Video I am home

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