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Kong Fanyi said he reviewed more than 300 cases of abnormal vaccination, 90 cases of vaccine-related most serious facial paralysis


The new crown vaccination plan is in full swing. Yesterday (18th) entered the 113th day, more than 50,000 people were vaccinated, of which 35,700 received the first shot, a six-day high. New crown vaccine clinical event assessment expert

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Written by: Ouyang Dehao

2021-06-19 09:40

Last update date: 2021-06-19 09:56

The new crown vaccination plan is in full swing. Yesterday (18th) entered the 113th day, more than 50,000 people were vaccinated, of which 35,700 received the first shot, a six-day high.

The new crown vaccine clinical event evaluation expert committee co-convened Kong Fanyi, who said today (19th) at the "Political and Economic Saturday" of the Business Taiwan Festival,

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Kong Fanyi said that the committee has reviewed more than 300 abnormal cases after vaccination, and found that 30% of the cases were related to the vaccine, or did not rule out the connection, accounting for about 90 cases, the rate is about 90 per 1 million vaccinators. The most serious adverse events involved Bell's facial paralysis, and the others were relatively minor cases.

So far, 3 abnormal cases have been approved by the Vaccine Protection Fund totaling RMB 450,000.

Kong Fanyi pointed out that the three cases were all related to Kexing vaccine, including women in their 30s with severe acute allergies, and the remaining two men and women in their 50s, involving common allergies and severe facial paralysis.

He pointed out that Kexing vaccine is indeed related to facial paralysis, but 90% of patients with facial paralysis can fully recover, and only a small group of people will have long-term facial paralysis.

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Kong Xu pointed out that among the more than 300 abnormal cases, the proportion of severe cases is very small, mainly facial paralysis and Gibb's syndrome.

He used vaccines such as Streptococcus pneumoniae as an example, referring to 1.3 people per 1 million people with acute severe allergies. If calculated based on this ratio, it is similar to the data of other countries and regions and other vaccines.

He believes that only 3 cases of severe allergies occurred in 3 million doses, which is a low rate and similar to other seasonal flu vaccines.

Severe allergies can be detected immediately in the clinic. During the observation period of 15 minutes to 30 minutes, people who see shortness of breath, shock, etc. can be treated immediately, such as the application of heart-relief needles, etc., which can be controlled and can be treated after admission Rehabilitation, if necessary, will be referred to the case clinic for screening. If it is not suitable for the second dose, it can be transferred to a different platform vaccine.

As for the three compensation cases approved by the Hong Kong Government so far, all of them involve KX.

He revealed that the intention of the expert committee is to announce death or serious cases within 14 days after the injection every week, especially the myocarditis cases involving young people. The briefing of the case will be published through the news, covering the age, gender, which vaccine to receive, clinical diagnosis, And the preliminary assessment of the expert committee.

He believes that the announcement will be made once a week, with sufficient transparency.

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