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[Immigration wave] Post-90s boss leads his own programming team to help Hong Kong people move to Canada


Canada recently launched a visa policy for Hong Kong people. Many Hong Kong people have one more choice for the next generation. They pay attention to immigration information and visit different immigration consultants, hoping to catch up with the "last shift" before the deadline of the relevant policy.

Canada has recently launched a visa policy for Hong Kong people. Many Hong Kong people have one more choice for the next generation, paying attention to immigration information and visiting different immigration consultants, hoping to catch the "last train" before the deadline for the relevant policies.

There are many immigration companies in the market, how to choose?

How can a rising star win in adversity?

The two post-90s bosses started to take over the Hong Kong branch of the immigration company a few years ago. Unexpectedly, this is not the first time the two have become bosses.

The University of Hong Kong graduate Ye Jinxuan Oscar is the founder of a former science park technology innovation company, which is also one of the approved suppliers of government technology voucher.

Knowing the market sensation, Oscar and his good friend Shiyan Fergus saw the increasing demand for programming and writing business plans required by the Canadian Federal Entrepreneurship Immigration Program (SUV for short). They decided to move from logistics to front-line positions and lead their own programming team. Taking into account the company's management and business development, he became the director of Huanao Immigration Hong Kong branch.

Successfully rebounded from the trough and achieved great results

Many people think that the work of company directors is bound to be easy. They only need to make major decisions and approve the administrative work of their subordinates. Unexpectedly, Oscar and Fergus have also experienced a period of low ebb.

"Hong Kong's business is self-financing, and we need to be responsible for the decisions we make. In the early stage of the company's operations, due to the quarterly performance failure, the Canadian head office executives were once "stunned" for three times, questioning our management ability and It requires monthly performance reports," Oscar said.

When the company's performance was unsatisfactory, the two were also discouraged for a while, and even doubted whether the immigration industry was suitable for them.

"My father thinks this industry is "smart and has no prospects," and he even suggested that I should "leave the market" as soon as possible and return to the family business." Fergus added.

Fortunately, friends around them continued to encourage them. The two reviewed the management strategy in due course. In the next quarter, they successfully increased their performance by 300% and moved to a new office building one year earlier than expected.

Oscar and Fergus will give lectures on different immigration plans every week

The secret of successful "sucking customers"

Oscar and Fergus will give lectures on different immigration plans every week, free of charge, including recent hot talk "Lifeboat Program", "Canada Federal Entrepreneurship Immigration Program (SUV)" and "Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program (AIPP)" to increase Opportunities to reach young customers in the market.

"We focus on SUVs that have relatively low application thresholds and are suitable for personal business development in Canada. In the early days of the launch of the plan, only two people registered for the seminar, which made the morale of the entire company very low." Fergus continued.

The two led a professional team to immediately review the marketing strategy at the time, and successfully absorbed the younger generation who wanted to "transfer", including the newcomers who just graduated from university, and those born in the 70s and 80s who were worried about the future of Hong Kong. In 3 years, the number of consultations exceeded 50,000 people successfully assisted more than 100 families immigrating to Canada.

On June 8, the Canadian Federal Ministry of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship released two new measures for the "Lifeboat Project."

"Huanao Immigration" launched 4 free seminars in two weeks. Among them, there were two seminars on "Lifeboat Project" with more than 100 people at the Sheraton Hotel on June 25. At present, more than 50 people attend the seminars every week.

In addition to the "Lifeboat Program", the Canadian Federal Entrepreneurship Immigration Program (SUV) is another popular project and the company's main immigration program. More than 80% of existing customers choose SUVs to move to Canada.

The biggest advantage is that the applicant can stay in Hong Kong to continue working throughout the entire process without having to travel to Canada in person, and the applicant does not need to have any business or management experience requirements in Hong Kong.

According to Oscar, the whole family can obtain a work permit (Work Permit) within 4 months at the fastest, and within 12 to 18 months at the fastest, the whole family can obtain permanent resident status in Canada. Study or work in Canada.

"To be honest, many customers first asked us because the price of the lifeboat plan was affordable, but in the end they would choose other plans because we would recommend suitable plans to them based on their backgrounds and requirements. Some plans with higher service fees are not correct. The cost is lower for the customer," Fergus explained.

Helping Hong Kong people to achieve milestones still not forgetting their original intentions


Immigration consultants are a beautiful industry. Perhaps out of every 100 consultants, only 5 will sign a contract. Immigration is one of the biggest decisions in life. It is not always possible for everyone to make a decision within two or three days. Choose us as a consultant." Oscar said with a smile.

In the face of fierce competition in the industry, Oscar and Fergus are more hands-on in everything.

From consultation and evaluation to finally helping clients obtain PR (permanent residence), the two and their own professional team provide clients with one-stop immigrant visa services, school and job matching, landing and settlement services (including real estate and medical insurance) for help. In the shortest possible time, customers can meet the Canadian visa standards at the most affordable price, fulfill their immigration dreams, and start a new life in Canada with peace of mind.

Recently, many Hong Kong people have been actively consulting, and there are more and more customers.

Oscar and Fergus continue to stick to their original enthusiasm. From consultation to obtaining permanent residence for each case, they and their professional team provide customers with one-stop immigration visa services, so that customers can reach Canada in the shortest time and at the most favorable price. The standard of the visa program, the next milestone in life.

"We hope that the people of Hong Kong will continue to maintain their perseverance and perseverance. After many years, the descendants of Hong Kong people will still be able to shine in different fields." Fergus continued.

In the short term, Huanao Immigration plans to expand its business to other popular destinations for Hong Kong people, including the United Kingdom and Australia, to provide a series of immigrant visas, overseas property purchases and further studies.

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